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  1. The lobster is served in its shell, whacked into pieces. Probably steamed. The noodles underneath are served dressed with a sweet & sour sauce that is light in flavor and consistency and beautifully balanced. I'm not sure what you mean by typical sweet & sour pork, etc. The sauce here is not sickly sweet, thick, and bright orangey-pink, which is what I grew up eating in the suburbs, but not sure what your experience has been. Hope this helps.
  2. I would definitely second the salt & pepper squid. So good! Also, this is off the menu, but it's marvelous: Lobster with sweet & sour noodles. One of my favorite dishes there. I would give it a go and ask if they will make it for you.
  3. Thanks for all the pics from The Food Tutor tasting menu class! How did you have time to stop and take pictures? I'm amazed. For the gyoza, do you make the wrappers yourself? Is it a hot water dough, similar to a potsticker wrapper? Also, do you roll out each wrapper individually or use one of those presses? And, if you do make the wrappers from scratch, what stage are they at when you bring them to the client? Do they roll them out, etc? Lots of questions, sorry. It's just that I'm salivating over the gyoza. Thanks!
  4. Wow! Absolutely Stunning and Inspiring. Thank you so much for posting this. Count me in as someone who hopes to see more of your projects!
  5. I will never again put anything under the broiler to brown while reading this very topic. Oh, the irony! And all that beautiful cheese, charred beyond recognition. But I'm still eating it.
  6. AnnieD


    I recently made Nigella Lawson's Champagne Risotto ( a glug for the chef, a glug for the pot, and so on). Used leeks as the aromatic. Wonderful, piquant Champagne flavor.
  7. Gifted Gourmet: OH! Thank you, thank you, thank you! A much better alternative to my awkward "take a bite of chocolate, slurp a bit of wine" habit I have now. I'm not a huge Jack Daniel's fan, but those Boozy BonBons just might start me down that path... I bet gin would be good, too. Or citrus-infused vodka. Is that going too far?
  8. I have to second (or is it third) the caramel vote, but I think I'd also like a dark, dark chocolate filled with some sort of full-bodied red wine. If anyone knows of any purveyors of such a treat...
  9. AnnieD

    Dinner! 2004

    Pizza frites. That's it. I had every intention of a nice salad -- buttermilk-marinated chicken over some cold greens with roasted tomatoes and goat cheese, but I was babysitting my nieces and never got around to it. But there was something very satisfying about having just little rectangles of fried dough for dinner. Then I ate some semi-sweet chocolate around 10:00 PM.
  10. AnnieD

    Dinner! 2004

    Hello, all. This is my very first post. (I've been a lurker for far too long.) Hathor - It's 10:30 AM here, and all I can think about is preparing your dinner from last night! I haven't even had breakfast yet! Last night, I made pasta with chicken, oven-baked prosciutto, and bocconcini. My good friend had three helpings, and he claims to "not be a big eater." (Yes, I'm still friends with him despite that.) My only problem was I didn't like how the bocconcini melted together. I think I should add them right before serving next time. Any suggestions?
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