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  1. You are going to have a terrific time filming this show! Chris Lilly (the host) and John Markus (producer) are top-notch. My dad judged one of the episodes last year. The National Barbecue News forum is a great group of helpful people. There are some forum members in the NYC area so perhaps you could get some personal assistance. There are also a number of barbecue teams in the area. You could check on the New England Barbecue Society and perhaps get some local names of people who might want to be on your team. Another option is to look for people who are already in Nevada or California. Good luck! Amy Mills Tunnicliffe
  2. Hey, Chris! Yes, going to Vegas did work out quite nicely! Did you end up getting an MIM contest going in L.A.? We are getting ready to head to Memphis in a few weeks. Always a fun time. If you're ever in Vegas be sure to stop by!
  3. Thanks, Neil! Please do give us a try. If you'll let me know in advance I can arrange a special tour. FYI, though, I won't be on the boards for a few days as I'm headed out of town in just a few minutes.
  4. That's okay! It's confusing... In Las Vegas our restuarants are Memphis Championship Barbecue--three locations--and in Southern Illinois (the mothership) we have two 17th Street Bar & Grill locations.
  5. There were other Southwest nominees as well! Cookbook--Food of the Americas category Peace, Love, and Barbecue Mike Mills and Amy Mills Tunnicliffe (that's me!) (We have 3 restaurants in Las Vegas) Newspaper writing on spirits, wine, or beer Stephen Lemons Phoenix New Times “Behind the Green 4/7/05
  6. I'd say the Midwest was well-recognized! There are more nominees in the other categories as well. Books Food of the Americas category—two of three are Midwesterners! Mexican Everyday Rick Bayless with Deann Groen Bayless Peace, Love, and Barbecue Mike Mills and Amy Mills Tunnicliffe (That's me! We have restaurants in M'boro and Marion, IL) Journalism Mark Caro Chicago Tribune "Liver and Let Live" Newspaper food section with under 300,000 circ St. Louis Post-Dispatch Judith Evans Newspaper food section with over 300,000 Carol Mighton Haddix Chicago Tribune Television food segment ABC 7 news at 11:00 (a.m.) Host: Steve Dolinsky Network: WLS-TV (ABC), Chicago, N.W. Indiana, S.W. Michigan, S.E. Wisconsin Producer: Badriyyah Waheed CBS 2 News, Chicago Host: Vince Gerasole Network: WBBM edited to add one more (didn't read down the page far enough! Television Food Show: National The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter: Giradet Host: Charlie Trotter Network: PBS (American Public Television) Producers: Melanie Kosaka and Robert Bates
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