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  1. We had the winter luncheon here last week. It was amazing and good value. The restaurant was packed for a Monday. We had two courses and a pudding for 24 GBP. The portions were good sized and we were happy we didn't go for the full meal deal, although the pastas looked great. I have loved my River Cafe Cookbook since my friend brought it back for me 12 years ago. Its not a pretentious place, just straightforward excellent cooking. My puntarelle rivaled anything I had eaten in Rome. Can't wait to go back - maybe this spring.
  2. Pharamond near Les Halles is where my father in law used to go to get his fill.
  3. The GA is pretty much the best thing in town, but its been a few years since I ate in DUT. My TH says Amelias is good for Mexican and milkshakes, but remember this is Alaska, so you can still smoke in bars. She is there every year and also gave her thumbs up for The Grand Aleutian. I would also stock up at the grocery store. I believe it will be within walking distance, if not there are cabs a plenty near the bars.
  4. Another data point: As academics, my partner's parents would visit France at least once a year. Her father was a big gourmand and her mother was a patient soul. She let him pick and choose where they ate, but she had one request of him -- he could eat only three stars a day. Either lunch and dinner or dinner, as long as the sum total stars remained at three or lower. We still abide by this policy. Honestly, I don't have the luxury of long trips to France, so we're lucky if we can get two really amazing meals in a three day trip. We'll be in Paris for four days starting on the 27th and so far only have violin d'ingres booked. I think we may do one more one star, who knows. lala
  5. I'm in Philadelphia in September for a half marathon and other than Morimotos for dinner, I have told my friend that I cannot leave Philadelphia without a trip to capogiro and elvez. Yum. I have found no equal in the US either. lalala
  6. As a gardener, I would be much happier, if you knocked on my door and asked me for a pinch or a cutting rather than doing it yourself. That is bad garden juju. I am laden with tomatoes, but no ripe ones yet. We have five different kinds of summer squash this year as well. I'm now trying to figure out what to do about winter planting. Usually we go fallow, but maybe this year I'll be adventurous. lalala
  7. That is so sad. A new shopping center/office park thing has the makings of the same thing here in Ravenna (Northcut landing). However, we have a faux artisanal pizza place (Pizzeria Fondi) moving in and a Rooster's Espresso, which I guess is local. It also has a smoothie place, a fake bake and a nail place. What else does Seattle need? Sigh.
  8. Probably due to the hot weather from last week. Don't worry, you'll have plenty before too long.
  9. You are welcome to my raspberry plants. I end up pulling up at least 100 plants a year. They are notorious self sowers. As or figs weeping, I'm not sure of the aesthetics of it. We have an espaliered one and I'm not too crazy about its look either. You could do it, but since they are so good at rooting from branches, you could have quite a little fig farm. lalala
  10. Fava beans - its probably too hot. I am picking raspberries daily, up to a quart a day. I am overwhelmed by berries. This is not a bad problem, but I am still patiently waiting for my first zuchinnis.... I also found my first red grape tomato on the plants we did not wall of water. funny that.
  11. I stopped by Monde on Friday before heading to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. I bought a few bars and the only one I have sampled is the lemon polenta, which was swoonful - lemony, hint of marc and very interesting on the palate. We ate it during the festival, helped pass the time between shows. The best part is that I think I can duplicate the concept at home. I asked to take a picture of the zotter display and was told no. Okay, glad I asked first. Hot weather and chocolate do not mix, but the bars seem to have survived. Apparently monde's own bars, fair trade organic ones on the right hand side as you walk in are also sold to Trader Joes. Will check it out on my way home from work today. I brought TH a ice cream bar with blueberries on it to eat on the way to Jericho beach. She seemed to think it was pretty tasty. lalala
  12. PFI has all butter puff pastry for much less and unfolded. Rocky ← Very cool. I'll have to go check it out. Are they open on Sundays? lalala
  13. In the 80 plus times I have have entered the US from all different places, I have never brought back meat products. I don't know what Canadian import standards are, but the US will not allow the importation of sausage and I'm thinking pates as well. I came home day before yesterday and I brought home some smoked sea salt, some more sea salt with herbes de provence, chocolates from many different chocolatiers, matcha madeleines, macarons, tea from kusmi and some cheese (allowable). I stopped by daRosa to see if I could pick up some Ferber jams, but since they now serve lunch, I would have had to reach over someone eating to get to them, so try and have him go early in the day. Magazines are nice as well, but with the euro at 1.32 to the US dollar, I read what I could at my hotel and finished my book on the plane. Oh, if you can get your lovely husband to stop by Sadaharu Aoki with a sturdy container he can bring you back some of their lovely eclairs. Yum. Bonne Anniversaire. lalala
  14. Not as good as homemade, but my parents like it.
  15. Delaurenti's has all butter puff pastry in the freezer section for 2.69 a lb. Folded, but easily unfolded and used. Cocao nibs can be purchased at dilletante on Broadway and maybe even at the factory store. I haven't been in a safeway in years, the one by us (U. Village) still sucks. lalala
  16. I had a great lunch on Monday. My partner, TH, had been there with her father in 1995 and found it quite stuffy. She was very happy with our room, which may or may not have been the American Room. We were the only Americans in there. She had the 140 Euro menu and I had the 70 euro. With a half bottle of wine, water, two apertifs it came to something like 320 euros. We were both quite full when we went back to our hotel to change out of dress clothes and back into the poste, macarons and monoprix clothes. I will list the menu when I get home. We skipped dinner that night, wine in the afternoon does not agree with us. As for it being a two star/one star experience, I have very limited experience and I thought it was very nice, not rushed service and I appreciated not being hovered over. I did lose a bet with TH, I thought I would see at least one person in jeans. I had to buy her another box of chocolates, this time from Jean-Charles Rochoux. lala
  17. I have luncheon reservations for monday, february 26 (my birthday)! Whoo hooo. Must remember to call and reconfirm. My TH went with her father and one of his dear friends in 1995 for dinner. Her father was celebrating his latest book and she said it wasn't the best 3 star meal she had eaten, but still it was impressive. I have only eaten at one other 3 star and am looking very forward to my meal. lala
  18. Dilletante has cocao nibs for way cheaper than Peets or Theo.
  19. Dear FoodMuse, You are reading all the right things (ha) and asking all the right questions. Regarding coffee and portability - sadly, no. Or not really. The lady in my work cantine (cafeteria) will put a plastic top over my little espresso sip if I "need" it. As will the places found in the Metro. But it's not the norm to walk down Paris streets while sipping something. That goes double for mobile food. This, believe it or not, was hard for me to get used to. Gripping an mp3 player in the same position will help you to keep your balance as you adapt to the new reality. And besides, the coffee here (search this forum) is generally quite bad. The practice of taking it with you would be akin, perhaps, to not finishing your business in the bathroom. Okay, I'm kidding! (no I'm not) ← What about all those starbucks that are starting to pop up all over Paris? The amount of starbucks detritus that I'm seeing around Odeon and near Opera makes me think that a porter may make coffee at picnics a possibility. lalala
  20. I just made a fig raspberry tart, sort of like one I had 15 years ago at chez panisse upstairs... Puff pastry, macerated figs (i used cointreau and a bit of sugar), macerated raspberries and a bit of egg wash. Bake until browned on the puff pastry. It is supposed to be served with lavender honey ice cream, but it was just dandy on its own. Sorry its not a chocolate or white chocolate dessert, but the figs right now are sooo good. lalala
  21. We're in SLC for three nights next month. We don't really drink, but we're looking for good food options. Incidently, we booked the romance package at the sheraton for 20 bucks less a night than the standard room rate. Includes a bottle of wine, go figure. lalala
  22. Two of my paste varieties are also affected. Not a good thing to see. lala
  23. Try the lemon tarts at Pasta and Co. They are lovely and the recipe is in one of the cookbooks. When I get home, I'll try and remember to post it. Sugar makes a nice small tart with lavender on the top. They are available at the West Seattle market. lala
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