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  1. hi folks, I was in Germany recently and had a bread i loved but could not find the name of. It was always a part of the hotel breakfast in the form of a roll. It had what looked like pistachios and/or pumpkin seeds in it. I saw this same bread all over Germany and unto the Czech Republic. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone here has done a vacation that consisted of cooking classes. I have been wanting to go on one for a while. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. pardon the stupid question, but how does one use those?
  4. this is the one i use Yield: 3 Ib 14 oz Butter 16 oz Powdered sugar 10 oz Eggs 3 Salt 2 tsp Vanilla 1 tblsp Almond flour 4 oz Pastry flow 1 lb 11 oz 1, Using the paddle attachment mix butter until creamy, add powdered sugar, combine well. 2. Add eggs gradually; add salt, vanilla and almond flour. 3. Add flour in one step, mix on low speed until combined. 4. Chill the dough for several hours or over night i just use 4 oz of almonds and pulse it with the powdered sugar to make the almond flour
  5. the place i work buys all of our beans and extracts from them (saffron.com). they have been very reliable as long as i have used them (~1 year)
  6. haha yeah when we made a jean claude reference to chef eddy, you got a roll of the eyes and in accented english he would say something along the lines of "he's a big queen"
  7. one change i've made that (i think) has made a difference. is i let the brulee sit for a while before i move it. if i can get them on a speed rack and let them sit for a bit, the curd seems to be more solid. but then again, i may be crazy
  8. i have that book. i was one of eddy's students too. great teacher. i ordered it in a barnes and noble for ~$45. not sure why it was so cheap. try that route if you want the book.
  9. it is a great start thanks for the info found out today that without telling anyone, our supplier sent us large eggs instead of the xl we usually get. so that was part of the issue.
  10. having an issue with my final product when i make creme brulee. it is just not set. obviously i am not cooking it long enough. the chef can make them just fine. but alas, it seems i am brulee impaired. i was wondering if there is an internal temp that i should shoot for. the whole jiggle the pan thing is just not working for me. any help would be much appreciated.
  11. try letting the dough rise on parchment on an upside down sheet tray. when you put it in the oven, just slide it off the back of the tray. works for me when i do chibatta
  12. Jennifer, thank you for the "day in the life". makes me feel better about my job. also makes me want to document the first year at my first job too :)
  13. it started in the walkin. fire dudes say it was electrical. the rest of the damage was smoke and water. some damage was done to the roof from the fire itself, but most of the roof damage was from the firemen putting holes in it. from looking at what the fire dept did, i think that would be a fun job, getting to tear all that shit up. they tore the ice machine all to hell cause it was in the way. the insurance co has a team there today to guesstimate the time needed to do repairs. i'm guessing a couple of months. luckily there are a few new places opening in town.
  14. good news. the insurance is set up so that the owners can continue to pay us for a while. so suddenly thinks are less stressful. here are some pictures. bandwidth warning fire pictures
  15. got a call this morning that the restaurant caught fire this morning. the only thing that burned was the walk in. but there is smoke/water damage all over the kitchen. dammit, i suppose it's off to get a job to hold me over.
  16. well i did get a new toy in the kitchen today. remodeling the kitchen at our new house. these just got put in this morning
  17. pavailler deck oven, rondo sheeter, proofer/retarder, kemper mixer. i'm sure there is more
  18. tres leches. super easy to make and people love it.
  19. the one thing that comes to mind for me is profiteroles ( or eclairs). bake off the choux a week or so ahead and freeze. assemble a night or two beforehand
  20. in school we used some sort of red powder as decor for several recipes. i think it was powdered raspberry. does this ring a bell with anyone? i want to use it at work for valentine's day
  21. here's mine. i am fresh out of school, still very wet behind the ears. and still very unsure of myself, my skills, etc. the owner is a good guy but <deep breath> he wants me to make new things but won't let me give any to the waitstaff so they know what it tastes like. i never see him. i am in at 6 and gone at 4. he comes in for dinner service. when i call him to ask questions, he gives the the most cursory of responses. friday i made a sponge cake layered with chocolate mousse, covered with ganache. i had made it before, but this time i let chips form in the mousse to change up the texture (i thought the first one was good but too smooth, it just needed some more texture) i stop by last night to see how it is going, he tells me "that cake sucked. i'll let you throw it away." i know it's his place and he is the boss, but there has got to be someone, somewhere without the personaltiy of a rhino with a toothache. i want to like this guy, but i sometimes think i should go back into I.T.
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