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  1. loove pocky, almond crushed ones are my new favorites. got my friends hooked on 'em too. used to only get the strawberry or choc. pocky @ jollibee store in bergenfield nj but since relocated down to central jersey. found almond crushed pocky at this asian mart in princeton.
  2. Recently downloaded several podcasts not only from egfoodcast but also from the Restuarant Guys; Mark Pascal & Francis Schott. so far have downloaded interviews from ruhlman, arian daguin, and jean luc le du.
  3. are challengers obligated to wear chef jackets regardless they are a chef?? didn't see rachel ray wear one when they showed a clip of the upcoming episode on one of the entertaiment shows on either channels 2 or 4.
  4. ramsay/rocco vs. bourdain ripert....rocco would be crying for his mama the first five minutes into the show. now if it is ramsay/rulhman(maybe??) vs. bourdain/ripert
  5. threw the chef jacket idea out the window and got a apron, the long skirt-looking kind and a toque. figured it'd be easier and cheaper. thanks for the input.
  6. my friend is having a murdery mystery dinner party for her birthday. i've been assigned to dress up as a chef. where can i get a pretty inexpensive chef jacket in the bergen county area?? i tried chef central on rt. 17 but their selections are limited.
  7. get there early, before 12 because that's when the lines starting getting big. i went last year. the jacques torres demo fills up quickly...wish i can go this year...
  8. Phatlouie07

    Dim Sum

    88 Palace on 88 E. Broadway. their pork and peanut filled dumplings are great.
  9. "elsie you've touch my heart"-from tonight's episode. was what he said just for show?..if not..he's an abusive, sappy, bullying twat.
  10. what the heck was autmn talking about the berries and cows?? funny when katie used "i kicked it up a notch". michael, even though the prize is being in one of todd's restaurants, who would you have picked between sarah and katie if the final say was mostly up to you??
  11. i hope sara wins. katsuji is one arrogant jerk. how can you think that your palate is better than people who have been in the buisness a lot longer than he has been. he didn't even taste his food, a cardinal sin in any restaurant kitchen. kinda disrespectful in his input, his dishes needed seasoning because you, todd, and ming were "seniors" and "seniors" need more seasoning in order to taste their food?? glad he's out.
  12. i hope katie gets her stuff back on track. what about autumn, doe she stand the chance to be the last one standing?
  13. chicken butt from costco rotisserie chicken, roast pig feet, and green tea ice cream. thought not all at the same time.
  14. I hope you're not suggesting i put that gel crap in my hair like my metrosexual co-judges. And yes I think that at this stage all these cooks could work at an excellent restaurant. ← gel crap? no way. just something different, yet not like your metrosexual co-judges. bit off topic..but surfin' the net the other day...found a pic of tony back in '73...his hair was a bit howard stern-esque. how do you post a picture on gullet??
  15. Kerry Simon? Todd English?..weren't they iron chefs before??
  16. i like tony's input about chef keller, the rabbit story, and why he stores his fish in a certain way. hmm..i was hopin' eric ripert was interviewed to give his input on chef keller..he did say that Per Se was the best restaurant in the world etc.
  17. when seeing the judges minus a guest judge, critiquing the contestants..they seemed like a buncha softies..michael you need a new 'do. ..after the series air..is there going to be a dvd or vhs featuring all episodes??
  18. caught the episode with Chef Michelle Bernstein. liked the show a lot, load better than hearing Gordon Ramsay cuss every five seconds. with the contestants, i like the girl katie best, seems cool so far. hey michael, who do you think from the remaining contestants, has the chops to work in a very reputable kitchen??
  19. i've been to a minado chain in jersey a few times. favorite is the made to order handrolls. dinner hours are decent, though their oysters on the half-shell sucks. they douse the bivalves with this sweet stuff i can't even taste the oysters.
  20. here in jersey, i get fresh lychee from the local filipino oriental store. there was one time when i bought fresh lychee in chinatown, those tended to be a bit more sour than sweet. try lychee flavored ramune(carbonated soda drink), very good stuff.
  21. went to les sans culottes west in midtown recently. veg. and meat appetizers were good, this was prix fixe thing. main course duck a l'orange, duck ok which was ruined by the sweet orange marmalade-like sauce. what i thought was really odd was that they served rice in a french bistro. dessert, creme brulee, was ok.
  22. BLT Fish was awarded three stars just two weeks ago. ← cool.
  23. blargh..lately i've been seeing only one or two star reviews. seriously, does frank bruni intend to tell the world that nyc is putting out one or star restaurants??..i was hoping for The Modern to get a three star review..
  24. this is a bit off the subject, but what was the gala dinner like? was it better than last year's gala dinner? feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  25. love the pictures and the bar looks cool. the weird dude i think is ted allen, the food&wine guy, from the s how, queer eye for the straight guy.
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