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  1. potterstreet


    fuji's website says they are moving to haddonfield, which thrills us to bits because we live within walking distance, but i keep checking on the space (in the rear of the haddonfield mini-mall) and nothing appears to be happening. last week someone else told me they were going to collingswood. anyone got any definitive scoop?
  2. ella, the festival you are asking about is called scoppio del carro (explosion of the cart) and is held every easter sunday in the piazza del duomo. here's a link to a page which will give you a bit of history, but if you put "scoppio del caro" or "explosion of the cart" into google, a ton of results will pop up. having learned about it in an italian class i took, i have always wanted to see it but never have been in florence for easter. i hope you enjoy it.
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