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  1. Think of pumpkins just like you would chilies and tomatoes... Those are also New World foods, yet most people heavily associate them with Italian, Indian, and other non-New World cuisines. 1492 was a long, long time ago! In reverse, bananas/plantains, I believe, are native to Austral-Asia, yet are now absolutely part of New World cuisines. ETA: There is a interesting book on this very subject, America's First Cuisines, by Sophoe Coe. I am sure there are others, but I have read this one and it's fascinating. Judy
  2. I always check eggs, opening the carton and twirling each egg to make sure nothing sticks. I smell and touch produce, look carefully at meats and cheeses, and ask about bread. But I don't destroy anything in packaging... The only truly questionable thing I do (I think) is taste grapes. My Mom taught me to do that, having bought some as a luxury when she was a young and somewhat strapped housewife... and they were sour, and expensive, and she cried.
  3. I grew up enjoying floats made with Coke and chocolate ice cream, usually Breyer's. I still love it. I tried a root beer float for the first time when I was 30, at the Phelp's, NY, Sauerkraut Festival. Not a big fan of root beer, but my then-new husband asked me to try it. Yeah, whatever. I'll stick with Coke and chocolate!
  4. I use a recipe from BBQ Dinosaur, a BBQ (or so they think) place here in Rochester, NY. It's wonderful... however, I haven't been here long enough to know exactly the rules for posting a recipe that is not mine... If you can find it online, it's called Honey Hush Cornbread.
  5. Yes, he does, although I cook 98% of the time since I am home and I also love it, whereas he simply likes it. He doesn't make all the ethnic foods I do, but that's not a goal for him. He makes great breakfasts of all kinds (although when we have French toast, that's my arena), including the best pancakes ever. He also makes good general meals. He is not afraid to experiment, which I admire. Lately he has gotten an interest in baking, mainly because he adores soft pretzels... so he has been working out various recipes and techniques, etc. Oh, and he even does dishes... He makes a mean margarita, too, but I guess that's not quite cooking
  6. Yes, Boog, I get Menu from Wegmans, and I agree that they have neat ideas for food and presentation. I have been telling all of my friends and relatives back in DC to try their new store in Sterling, VA (they're opening a second in Fairfax soon, too). I also understand they are in talks with folks in Montgomery County, MD; unfortunately things did not work out for a store in the Baltimore area.
  7. I like all kinds of sandwiches, so it's hard for me to say what my faves are. But here are a few: 1. I love pastrami. It's not something I eat often, but when I do, it's just simple pastrami on rye. I don't condiments, just pastrami and rye. The rye may have seeds... 2. I love a good reuben... deliciously messy. I would never eat Russian dressing on a salad, but I guess it's just fine on a sandwich. 3. Tuna fish salad, made with real mayo, good tuna, carrot, onion, celery, a little finely shredded red cabbage, and a drop of lemon juice. I don't care what kind of bread. I sometimes like some potato chips on the sandwich, too, and possibly some hot peppers. Especially when I was pregnant... Those are three that come to mind...
  8. JumpinJude

    Dinner! 2004

    I am making idlis and sambar for the first time tonight. I already made the idlis, and I am getting ready to make the sambar now...
  9. I am a left-to-rightie, as well, but my entire in-law family eat it around-and-around style. They think I am weird. I know they are!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion on the idli makers. I think I have something that would fit snugly, but I'd have to bring the holder itself home with me to be sure. The guy that runs my Indian grocery is wonderful, and I bet he would let me. OK, now, what about grinders? Are they truly necessary as some say, or can you really use a food processer like, for instance, Julie Sahni's books suggest.
  11. The one that comes to mind instantly is the turkey carcass that Mom had been saving for soup. The dog managed to open the fridge (yes, he really did), and hide the carcass in the cushions of her sofa. It did not get terribly yuck, but it had potential. Oh, and another one about this dog (who really is a honey)... This is Passover a few years back, and Mom had placed the gefilte fish on the table, not remembering (how??!!) that the dog was quite capable - and willing - to get on the table to get items of interest. Iron Mike must have eaten 3 - 4 pieces of gefilte fish. I spent the entire seder in the bathtub with him washing him - can you say colon cleanse? - from the mess the fish made of his system. Then there is last night where I went to make some yams, and discovered that I had extra yams that had moved their way under the kitchen stool in the pantry and remained hidden from me for weeks now. Strangely, only one of four yams had turned into liquid yech, but needless to say all four had to go! It was disgusting.
  12. Just three that I own, but I am constantly borrowing from the library (and have them loaned in from other branches). This thread is chock full of good info for me, since I'd like to augment my collection!
  13. I have not counted recently. I know it's more than 50, but it's less than 100. The, of course, there are all the recipes I have collected on my PC... Now I feel compelled to count...
  14. That sounds like my cup of tea! Do you know the name and if they are available in the US? I like lop cheung broiled and will eat them all by themselves. I also love them broiled and cut into pieces and put in a Thai salad. My husband commenst on the sweetness every time, but still enjoys them, especially in the salad.
  15. I just purchased two ounces from the CMC Company in Avalon, NJ, and then my friend ordered an ounce when I told her about it. They said they had a dwindling supply, but had no problems shipping to me in NY! Maybe the restrictions are just on new supplies? Maybe they still have some...
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