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  1. There's a thai place on bayard, like a block away from the Chinatown Ice Cream factory. There's also one on Mosco street called Bangkok Center Grocery ( http://www.thai-grocery.com/ )
  2. Haha, that sounds really cool. I haven't seen it done before. Sneaky indeed!
  3. I think I'd need to elaborate much more to get even a tiny bit of my point of view across. Sorry I sidetracked the thread so much. I hope you all don't get me see me in a bad light after this though. I don't view my goals as being immature, but hey - who does? I'll let you know in 10 years. I do appreciate the point both Cheryl and Christopher are trying to hammer into my head though. But before I leave this thread and cause any more harm, allow me this in my defense: 90+ isn't a measure of my percentile grade, and nor do I think a numerical grade is a measure of intelligence; just how well a person played their cards in academics. I would've thought you'd be nice enough to allow me two spelling mistakes though.
  4. I don't understand what you mean by "I'm not sure if that's done anymore". Are you saying no one goes to a community college? Or transfers from community college to a 4 year university? If that's what you're saying, you're 110% incorrect. I only know of a few people personally that went to an "Ivy league" school. The rest of the population go to state schools and sometimes start at a community college. If you're aconsidering a private college like Harvard or Yale, then no, a community college is not for you and maybe even the culinary world. Look, the culinary world is not what they make it seem on TV. It's not glamorous, easy and most likely will not make you rich. If you have that preconceived notion it's like that, then go to Yale, Harvard or whatever private school you would like to attend and stay away from a career in culinary arts. If you're willing to sweat in a hot kitchen and run around like a mad person, then culinary maybe your career. You made a statement about you didn't work yourself to the bone to get into a state college, much less a community college. You actually think going to a culinary school is equivalent to going to a private/Ivy league school? Don't fool yourself. Most of the culinary schools give you a certificate of completion or a AOS, which neither one does you any good in the non-culinary world. I'm sorry if you think I'm being harsh, but most people that are just coming out of high school have no idea of what's going on, except what they see on TV. Most people cannot work their butt off to make crackers, much less work their butt off period. I have seen a ton of people come and go in this business and I'm just trying to give a picture thru my eyes. So please do yourself a favor and don't be so closed minded. Well boys and girls, that's enough of my opinion. Everyone has to choose what's good for them, whether it be a $40-50 culinary education, a community college or for some that are more privileged than others, a Harvard or Yale. Bottom line is that you get out whatever you put into it. ← Woah, hold on there. Perhaps I didn't phrase it the right way. At least from the process in my school's college office and councilor, there is no transferring from community college to a private one. I definitely don't equivocate going to culinary school to going to a private school, but whatever steps I take for my education, I want to have the best possible. If that's pompous and elistist of me, fine. I don't work my ass off for my 90+ average to go to school in a community college with people that just half-assed their way through high school. Half of the quality of education you recieve will depend on who you're learning with - trust me on this. I've stated before: The pastry arts is something I'm looking into after college. I know how tough it is in the culinary field - no, ANY field. But frankly, this is for my own personal gain, not for whatever monetary reward I may or may not recieve. One aspect of me that must people don't seem to understand is the reasoning why I want to go to college. Sure, it's great to get a job and higher wages, but I just want to learn. I'd stay in college 10 years if I could, just so I could learn whatever I wanted to. I don't do anything solely for a paycheck, it's for myself - not my bank account. And you're right. You get from an education what you put into it. I have school and homework till 2AM at night two or three days a week, and wake up 7 in the morning. I want my fair share.
  5. Ohh, I'm glad I caught this thread. I'm looking foward to more pictures post seasoning. Actually, my parents are in the market for a new wok. We have a 14" cast iron cantonese wok with the tiny metal handles. We're thinking of upgrading to a 16 incher. We don't do the pow action, so there would be no loss between carbon steel and cast iron. The most important thing is the wok hei. Which imparts more? Cast Iron or Carbon Steel? Upkeep isn't really important when the wok is used two, sometimes three times daily. The carbon steel wok does look a lot more rounded. A wok shovel wouldn't work so well, eh?
  6. I guess "Jr. College" is a little out dated, maybe I should have said community college. Which are 2 year schools where you can go for your freshman and sophmore years of college. ← Community College? I'm not sure that's done any more. Typically, we apply for either a 2 or 4-year college, end of story. I'm not sure that we can only spend two years in community college and the rest in a 4 year college short of a transfer. I can't think of any private college even considering applicants like that though. Hehe, I don't think I would have worked myself to the bone to get into a state college, much less a community college. The French Pastry School looks really solid. Does anyone know similar schools in the NYC area?
  7. This is an interesting thread. I'm doing research into Colleges right now (Junior in HS) and I'm contemplating pastry arts as something after college. My life goal is to be a IT Pro/Graphic Artist/Pastry Chef in my resume. I don't know what A 'Jr. College' is. Can you elaborate? I can see a lot of debt in my future.
  8. The boiled dumplings are in fact called jiaozi. I'm not sure about the steamed ones, I actually doubt it, since I've haven't even heard of a phrase used to described steamed dumplings in general.
  9. hzrt, I have gone back to lurking, but I have to say this: I love you.
  10. I must be really sleepy, because I think I see instant ramen next to the chicken. I have not seen so many different dishes on one dining table before. Oh my God. The seventh moon isn't celebrated - at least not in my family. However, the mid-autumn festival is met with similar enthusiam as your huge feast (though maybe half as elaborate, if I'm lucky).
  11. Hey Tepee, can you show a pic of the mould you used for those ping pei beauties? I've only found the big wooden ones (and poorly made, too).
  12. Sure. That would be RM 50.0 (a piece), plus shipping and handling. I am Tepee Bakery's sole import agent in the USA. What is the real meaning of "Bing Pei" (iced skin)? Is it that they are extra thin? Or just anti-traditional in color and flavor? ← I'm not too sure on the naming myself. I think the first Bing Pei mooncakes I've seen were white - could that be it?
  13. You may find this of interest: http://www.food-allergens.de/symposium-3-3...n-abstract.html ← It's asking me for money!
  14. Brown and Yellow Bean Paste? I've never heard of these before, much less used them in cooking. A quick Google Image Search gives me blobs of stuff. As for fish, at home, we use LKK Black Bean Garlic Sauce.
  15. Wow, I had not known that Ocean Port changed its name. I had been going every other week, but I have yet to go this month. I remember when Ocean Port was less crowded, and more food came out fresh because the kitchens did not expect too many people. The portions have shrunk, and dim sum doesn't taste as good when you can't relax and talk. For the last few weeks, my family has been trying out dim sum places in Flushing. I find East Buffet good, but only because of their expanded selection from Ocean Palace/World Tong. Has anyone been to Gala Palace? There are a lot of unique Hong Kong styled foodstuffs there as well, not to mention the HUGE pots of boiling water they carry around (according to my father, these pots were used a while ago in HK and he had not seen one for years). The dim sum is just awesome there. Much better than East Buffet (which has terrible har gow, by the way).
  16. TP, does it mean "Da truth" ← "Word!"per Urbandictionary ="I agree." can be used to express agreement and approval in several ways. 1. a: "Man, that song rocks." b: "word!" 2. a: "I'm not gonna take crap from him anymore." b: "Word!" ← Can you believe it took me two years in High School to figure out that out? I might nuke a chunk for part of breakfast tomorrow. I'll see if I explode.
  17. I've got two types of mooncakes in my freezer - lotus paste with egg yolks and a mixed nut one, I think. They're sitting in their original tins. The next Mid-Autumn Festival is only a few months away. I should NOT have gotten so many last year. "Word!"
  18. Oh wow, I just remembered about the seven or so moon cakes still in the freezer. Are they safe to eat?
  19. No watermelon for me. I like the taste of really good watermelon, but my throat gets really irritated from it. It passes in an hour, but it's almost painful. I think it's some kind of allergic reaction. Is this my only food allergy? Watermelon of all things.
  20. Yimay pretty much got it on the head, I think.
  21. As long as it isn't the signature Windows flag. Tux would be awesome though.
  22. My high school actually implemented the mealpay system last year. This was before the purchase records were viewable, though. It didn't last very long, I'll tell you that. We have a new electronic system in place that uses our ID cards and barcodes. I actually don't use the thing though - I'm always at the school library anyway. I bring stuff from home to eat in class anyway. You'd be surprised how lenient teachers are. I stay away from the packaged sweets, chips, and nice stuff though. It's usually some fruit, granola, or a pastry/anything I've baked. It's pretty scary how my age group depends on sweets for sustenence, though. Soda and ice tea is guzzled like water, and honeybuns are the breakfast, lunch, and snack of choice. They all manage to look a lot healthier and built than my pale self though. :/
  23. Oh, wow. No one in my family knows how to make joong. As for my grandmother - she prefers needle and thread over a wok and shovel. I do love joong though (even though its murder on my digestive tract). I'll definitely be looking foward to everyone's joong.
  24. Oh wow, it looks like you're trying to put the bakeries out of business there, Tepee. The tarts look great.
  25. I just checked Florence Lin's Complete Book of Breads. The oil dough is indeed made from lard. Wei Chuan does seem to have messed up a translation. I guess because yau can be interchanged between liquid and solid fat?
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