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  1. Looking for the best Brioche recipe. Thank you!
  2. Which company offers the best? Driedoppel, Pregel, Braun, Gustosia, etc...
  3. would like to use it for cupcakes actually. Anyone? Tried and True. Not wanting a bread, but more of a moist cake consistency. The one I have is made with oil. I think mine is good, BUT, is there a better one.
  4. can I mix butter cake batters and chocolate(oil) cake batters and hold them in the refrigerator overnight for bake-off the next day? how will they bake?
  5. IMBC----so beautiful, but such a hassle to make. Swiss---does anyone have a good formula, a big batch formula. I am really getting tired of the sugar syrup stuff. I just tried, just for the sake of trying her Swiss recipe (Toba's) Too buttery, not good.
  6. Ahhhh....yes,I remember that statement from her. Overbaking maybe it. I have been experiencing hot spots on the ends or edges., and then some of the other cupcakes are not done. The Vanilla butter cupcakes seem to peel off more, but strangely....when I add coconut, or other spices to the vanilla batter..those don't peel off. Tomorrow...testing time....I will try to take one shelf out, and try to not overbake. Yeah, sometimes even with 5 shelves, I have to wait till those bake, so, I can load just a few more pans in, from the same batch. I leave them on the side, with no problem.....no room in the cooler. Overbaking== I am relying on the touch method, rather than the toothpick method. Touch till it springs back. Perhaps, I need to take them out on a slighter spring back. Thanks Jeanne for your input.
  7. Okay....what causes this? What is the reason for the paper liners peeling off the cupcakes? I have never had this problem before. Lately, yes. Only to the butter cakes, not the oil based chocolates. I've heard..... humidity,overbaking,overmixing, left too long in the pans(sweating)...what else could be the cause? I also use to bake with one less shelf in my convection commercial oven, now I use all 5 shelves, so, when I load the oven and fully utilize the oven with cupcake pans, the cupcakes tend to not rise like they would if I stagger the pans, and not have any pan above. Make sense? More air circulation........you would figure the convection would make for an even bake....confused. Don't know if that is the cause o the Cupcake liners peeling off, which was my original question. Just having some problems lately. HELP!!!!!
  8. Great responses. thanks. I will probably stick to the choc/cream only version. yes, less complicating. Tatse betta with butta though.
  9. Okay--I am re-heating the ganache for dipping, and it seems to separate alot these days...hmmmmm. Never had this problem before. Re-heating--over a bowl of med. hot water--not scorching hot. Seems to lose it's shine. I have immersion blended, processed it to get a better emulsion...........seems to work okay. But, still not shiney like the first initial batch. Recipe is with butter,and corn syrup--butter at room temp. What's going on?
  10. I just made some the other day using....heavy cream. What's the taste difference using condensed milk or evaporated milk?
  11. Is their another way to prepare this 7-minute icing/frosting other than using the bain marie method and a hand held mixer? Sorry, not part of my repertoire......so darn humbug to prepare.
  12. Maybe I should've mentioned what to sprinkle on chocolate? Since it's the craze now, thought I'd join in.
  13. Which name brand is a decent one to buy?
  14. I've only used the standard ganache to frost my cupcakes. I think it is too strong for the kids tastebuds. Looking for a fudge frosting w/ powdered sugar. I don't know...haven't come across an outstanding one yet. Okay something so simple....But, I've tried so many....and experimenting w/ chocolate can be $$$$. I am looking for the powdered sugar type, but some are way too sweet. Some are so off tasting. I would like a nice balance. But, no cream cheese and sour cream plz. Anyone have a favorite? Have an all cocoa one that I like. Any feedback on an all cocoa frosting vs. all chocolate?
  15. If the method is not specified in the recipe, I always assume 1C AP flour weighs 5oz/145 grams. ← What do you come up w/ Cake Flour? Thanks Patrick...appreciate it!
  16. That's funny you mention Peter Reinhart, he was my Bread Instructor at CCA. In school you get weights, I am used to weights. On my second $$scale. Wish all the formulas are in weights. But, you come across wonderful old recipes, that you would like to convert. You know..that's what I have been doing....scaling my own recipes, and jotting down the results. Just want it to be simple.
  17. You know.......for 1 cup I measured as I would.......lightly scooping flour into a measuring cup, then sweep A/P came out 5 oz. In RLB-- A/P lightly spooned: 4.25 oz dip and sweep: 5 oz. So, looks like I am off. If I don't dip the entire cup into flour and sweep. And, I don't use a spoon to add to the cup, I use a scooper(maybe filling it twice) Sorry to be so confusing.....and If I am making any sense. Which do everyone follow..the lightly spooned OR dip and sweep?
  18. Okay.....Thanks Patrick..... I am using it for Flour and sugar mainly. I will stick w/ RLB. Again, Thanks Choux & Patrick.
  19. Trying to convert my recipes to weights. RLB- has her numbers, and Gourmet Sleuth has their numbers...but they all seem to be different. Bo Friberg seems to have different numbers too. Who do I follow....HELP! Cups to ounces
  20. Hi Pam, Thanks...I've looked at their site before. Plus don't like windows, just a plain white, maybe even kraft box. Yes, tried everything local. Still searching...thanks for the effort.
  21. I am having a hard time finding bakery boxes that are rectangular, as opposed to square. Cupcakes (a dozen) look better placed neatly in a rectangular box. I've looked everywhere..........any leads? Stock preferred, but, would be interested in custom made. Preferably West Coast based.
  22. In her book "Just a Bite' (butterfly cupcakes) same recipe, but calls for: 1 egg yolk & 1 egg
  23. Sorry, wrong recipe..I think it was an Epicurious one or recipezaar
  24. Hmmmm......not all. Vanilla Butter Cake -Fine Cooking, sugar is less than flour 1 1/2 cups- 2 3/4 cups, using the two stage
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