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  1. WHERE HAVE ALL THE SZECHUAN PEPPERCORNS GONE!!! We ate at Royersford tonight, and while it was delicious it was TOTALLY LACKING IN THE PEPPERCORNS!!! WTF!!! Also, not nearly hot enough. get it together, please. We loved that place, and downtown sounds like at headache!
  2. We had the same experience this past weekend. We've been to Royersford when Han was there, and we have become big big fans of his restaurants/amazing chefs! Peeking in the door Saturday around 6 pm revealed a dining room about a third full with no food on the tables, a number of people waiting to be seated and no one at the front of the house. A waitress was seen, but she appeared oblivious/overwhelmed/unable to help. That was our cue to come back another time rather that risk a painful experience. We called Sunday evening around 6pm, and Han answered the phone. I asked about tonight and about the Monday festive meals. he said they were crazy busy, not to come in and that the festive meals were sold out through November. He said it's been crazy crazy crazy! I told him we are so glad he is busy, and that we'll see him some other night. While I am bummed he is too busy, I do hope he is able to handle the crowds. My wife insists this mania will blow over, and we will be able to enjoy the company of Han and his cuisine. BTW, we walked up to DSGarden, which was as good as ever, and we scored some free Durian with the kitchen staff there! Weird stuff.
  3. Just got back from a week in Manhattan. We had some great meals, Yasuda, DiFara, Peasant, and a few others, but the FOOD CARTS were a great bargain and fun to track some of them down. Here's a link to a list of some supposedly good ones: http://streetvendor.org/vendys/finalists
  4. Certainly not the best BBQ, but I am encouraged to see the Phoebe's BBQ on Umbria in Manayunk/Roxborough turning out a nice brisket, beans and coleslaw on a first visit yesterday. Walked in to find a nice clean space with the scent of smoke and toasting chile peppers. I asked about the wonderufl smell of chiles, and the owner told me they make their own sauce, startin with the taosted chiles and other spices. That is nice to hear. My son needed a quick bite before a game, and this was easy parking and on our way. He ordered a brisket sandwich with sides of beans and cole slaw. The brisket looked good, though a bit dry, had a nice amount of smoke. Unfortunately they put sauce on the brisket after slicing. Will definitely ask them to hold on put on the side next time. Beans were excellent, large firm beans with a nice BBQ sauce, chile flavors and not particularly sweet. Cole Slaw was freshly made, shredded cabbage and carrots, some mayo. This was a bit bland, in heed of more sour, salt and sweet. Still, fresh tasting and went well with the other item. The owner was very friendly, enthusiastic about the food and smoking process, and eh told me they'd diliver to us in Lafayette Hill. Again, not the best, but a solid good spot and better than many, e.g. Tommy Gunn's and the like. Worth supporting, imho.
  5. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! The wine was WARM?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? :angry: Read my post above, somewhere. When we went, the red wine came icy cold. It was explained to us, I kid you not, that the wine gets warm from being stored near the oven. Each morning they chill the wine to get it to the proper temperature!! Good pizza, but the restaurant lacks the vibe/feel/comfort I like when eating my pizza. Compare any number of places in the 5 boroughs or Trenton or even Tacconelli's or Alfred's just over the Walt Whitman Bridge. They have soul, not a pretentious facade. That's what it takes, I guess to get enough people in there.
  6. I couldn't believe they didn't have fresh tomato and fresh mozzarella together on a pizza
  7. I am going to give Stella a makeup test. Date to be determined.
  8. The edges weren't even cooked enough, and the 'upskirt' view revealed a very pale bottom and very little charring. While that may suffice for some 'upskirts', that is not what I am looking for in a pizza. Especially from someone who, presumably, knows better. I've had better from my own oven, cooking at 500-550F.
  9. The pizza was undercooked, and the dough was not hearty enough to stand up to that heat. Lacked any real texture or flavor. Kind of like Pillsbury Pop'N Fresh dough. Well actually not quite that bad, lol. Way too light of a crust to make my grade. Compare to Tottanno's, DiFara, Motorino and Keste there is no resemblance. As for the wine, my wife ordered a glass of Pinot Noir. It arrived chilled! We laughed, thinking of the chilled wine in some of our South Philly mom and pop places, but had to ask. Well, the answer surprised and shocked us both. We wished we hadn't asked. The explanation and apology we received was that the wine is stored near the oven, and that they chill the red wine each am to bring it up to a reasonable temperature. For real, this is what we were told. No one could have made that one up. We were offerred a new glass from a new bottle which was at at proper temperature. That being said, I will be back, I want Stella to be great. I am a pizza addict!
  10. Not good enough yet. They need a cool spot to store the wine.
  11. My hopes and thoughts are similar. Tottonno's, Lombardi's, Johns, Grimaldi's, Motorino, Una Pizza Naploitina, etc. etc. Not easy to do it right. I am very concerned by the repoted lack of a pizziolo. Kinda like the with the Phillies, I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
  12. Looks and sounds great. I think it's time we got a Belgian waffle truck in Philly. They have one in Manhattan.
  13. I tried Kebab Cafe this afternoon after some fly fishing on the Pickering Creek. I had the Koubideh platter with the Shirazi salad. Excellent, excellent excellent. I give the place an A for the food and I don't mind the casual/fast food look. I hope they do a good business because I am often passing by there. Beats the hell out of the 'C' food at the Persian Grill in Lafayette Hill, imho. We live right around the corner from that place, and we just are not impressed. I have heard good things about the Persian place in Chestnut Hill, Shundeez. Why is it that the restaurants worth eating at close to Lafayette Hill can be counted on the fingers of one hand(Blackfish) ?
  14. That looks and sounds really good. My wife and I have been eyeing that place for some time. Now we will be in for sure. Love all Indian food, north/south/east/west.
  15. sunra


    If he was a big guy, then that was Sam who turned us on to Fuji over 10 years ago. He used to have the whole sushi bar reserved EVERY Thursday for himself and his friends. Sam know his food and drink, and we've had a few side spitting feasts with him a Fuji over the years. Great guy, and he is fun to eat, drink and discuss with. We love Fuji, Matt and, now, Jessie!
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