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  1. Please join us for the 2nd Annual Long Island Wine Classic, designed as a kick-off event for the 2004 Hampton Classic. Sponsored by the Wine Spectator, the event will celebrate Long Island’s wine, produce, seafood and poultry in a beautiful setting under the VIP tents at the Hampton Classic. GRAND TASTING: $175 The Grand Tasting will take place from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. The late afternoon ticketed event will offer guests the opportunity to taste world-class wines from all of the Long Island Wine Council’s 30 wineries. Taste by varietal or barrel samples and other specialty wines from the indi
  2. This past weekend I happened to be at a wedding in Montecito. My mom and I, both avid cooks, and Julia fans both heard the news that morning from the newspaper, while staying at the Montecito Inn, miles from her home. That morning we reminisced about her and how she had influenced our cooking... however when i really went into my period of mourning was actually at the wedding itself (please don't tell the bride and groom, close family friends). The wedding was at Rose Story Farm, the beautiful Rose Garden that Julia has asked her ashes be spread over as it was one of her favorite places. (ab
  3. are they serious...? he's an ACTOR....
  4. also try www.groovycandies.com they have gift boxes with all the candies from each generation...there is one of the 60's, 70's etc...check out the site for more info..could be a great gift for you to give him....
  5. had a fun night in brooklyn fri night....walked across the brooklyn bridge....headed to grimmaldis but ditched the line at and opted for take out..took it down by the water and sat and watched the skyline..then went to the brooklyn ice cream factory...fun...they only have about 6 or 8 flavors--we had chocolate chunk and strawberry --others are vanilla, chocolate, chocolate choc chunk...all the simple ones... but they use excellent chocolate and its just the right sweetness..a fun summer night activity for all you new yorkers...
  6. mmmm...the thought of that acme bread brings back such memories when i was at berkeley...that raisin cinnamon bread is heavenly....i havent found anything even close to it in new york....and yes the rustic as well....who said that man cant eat on bread alone?
  7. i love that place..and yes it is tiny but i happened to be there one saturday afternoon where the owner was there and had a nice conversation with him about his time in venezuela and how he wanted to bring arepas to ny...he is planning on opening more or expanding... ps the one with the guacamole was my favorite...a fun food experience for those who havent been..definitely go ..and make sure you sit at the bar so you can watch them make them....
  8. i have seen it in grocery stores that have South African products...supposedly there is some loyal south african following?... sorry i cant help with an exact place, but hope that gets you a little warmer in your search (its pretty disgusting though, very yeasty tasting....but to each his own!!!)
  9. I just came from a lunch celebration at grammercy tavern (another topic altogether) however walking back to my office I stopped at Shake Shack..the danny meyer hot dog and frozen custard "shack" in the park....even after a great meal at grammercy, i couldnt resist trying a frozen custard...but was too stuffed for the hot dogs.. also my dog would love the pooch-ie...ice cream with a dog biscuit but today's sweltering heat would not allow me to make it to my office's freezer.... what do others think? any suggestions for next time???
  10. cupcake250

    Per Se

    any thoughts on the per se review in wednesday's Sun??? cupcake
  11. Wolfgang Puck's Postrio--i think on Post Street has an amazing brunch..the ravioli with quail eggs are not to be missed....
  12. I second Citizen Cake in San Fran..off Van Ness..had a beautiful bday cake made there for my boyfriend...
  13. cupcake250


    if anyone has the King Arthur Cookbook, they have a great biscuit recipe
  14. try New York Cake Supply... www.nycake.com
  15. yes Yank Sing is the one everyone knows and pretty good, however I prefer ones a little more authentic, and actually IN CHINATOWN...yank sing is in the heart of the financial area...however their custard buns for dessert, dumplings and bao are worth the trip alone ..there is also a little take out place right next door which i would recommend....you can try their signature favorites as a little snack and then try Asian Gardens..I think on Jackson St...for a more authentic meal...happy eating--however note that it gets very crowded, especially on sundays when many chinese families are out havin
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