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  1. jdanton

    Per Se

    Private dining is easy to setup--you can reserve in advance of the two month requirement. Just go to the website and follow to the private dining area. There is now apparently a 50% deposit required, refundable upon request (or it can be applied to the check) There are two rooms--one that seats 10, and another one that seats from 20 to approximately 50.
  2. Just wanted to add, we did the tasting at Stella at the end of December, and while it wasn't super local, it was amazing.
  3. TFL and Per Se are using the only sustainably raised Kindai (sp) tuna, IIRC.
  4. I'll be cooking at my in-laws, but would be up for meeting for drinks somewhere nice, if they are open. I know Stella is open every day, except 12/25 and 1/1, and Super Bowl Sunday, if the Saints get there.
  5. Yeah, in the dressing you referenced tahini takes the place of oil.
  6. Also, it's good in sous vide--real garlic seems to develop an off taste in the bag, as well as overpowering everything.
  7. jdanton

    Spaghetti Squash

    I was the cook of the fritter, and the lamb dish (it was 52 deg--Percy). I really liked the way the spaghetti squash with the lamb came out. Even given budgetary concerns--the squash part was really cheap. The recipe was: 1 1/2 Spaghetti squash (probably 3-4 lbs raw) Olive Oil (I did use a nice oil for flavor) Juice of 1/2 lemon 3 tbsp white wine vinegar 4-5 slow roasted tomatoes (diced) *Sourced from my backyard 2-3 handfuls basil leaves crushed. 5-6 cloves roasted garlic 4 oz goat cheese *Due to the restrictions for this dinner, I used a local chevre--ideally I would have used feta Salt and
  8. I believe F.O GP = friends of Georges Perrier
  9. We attended last night, as much as we were hoping it was, BYOB was not available. We were able to select some nice wines for a reasonable price. I have to echo what dagordon said in his post, when charging $200/head, and having Guy Savoy lend his name (and presence) to the dinner, frankly I expect a lot more out of the meal. My fish wasn't overcooked, but the sauce was thin, and could have used more flavor. The scales on the fish were to be eaten (a special prep) which was fine, but I think I just prefer crispy skin in future. The lobster was very small, and the snow peas on the on the side we
  10. I thought they both came off badly. Ignoring the Dale incident, MC struck me as the kind of guy no one wants to work for--see Blais' comments. Anyway, that's why reality shows are lame at times--you never know who is getting the hero or the goat edit. I thought the last minute move to an outdoor banquet is lame and contrived. At least let the masters plan for it.
  11. This was personal preference, but I preferred Per Se to Le Bernardin. I shouldn't have done the full tasting at LB--I felt like it was too much, and the progression got too heavy in short order. The lobster with sauce gribiche (which is really a hollandaise) was very good, but was in the first half of the menu and fairly heavy. If I go back to LB it will be for the standard menu.
  12. Katie, we missed you last night, but had a classic martini and a au poire martini respectively and they both rocked. I also had the London shooter and loved it. If you go for nothing else, the crackers at the Oyster House rock.
  13. jdanton

    Going to Belgium!

    We just got back--had a great tour at Bosteels in Buggenhout.
  14. jdanton

    Per Se

    The couple of times I've been, I have to say no way. The last time they gave us the truffle popcorn, so we did have that..
  15. jdanton

    Per Se

    In January, a few of us were at a dinner, and proposed a weekend trip to New York to go dine at Per Se. Since we already had three couples, it was fairly easy to get two more and take advantage of the private dining option at Per Se. Now, it's not that hard to get a reservation, but previously it used to be a bit of a nightmare. Private dining allows you to skip the two month reservation rule, as long as you have 10 people. The private dining coordinator was a pleasure to deal with and took note of any special requirements our group had. Now onto the food--we started with the typical amuse bou
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