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  1. jelly


    Yes, this very nice location is Robertson's former greenhouse. I like Cake but, after several dinners years ago, tired of the limited menu. Maybe I should try it again.
  2. I'm most looking forward to Townsend Wentz's A Mano byob in Fairmount. Couer also looks interesting.
  3. Disappointing. With all of the new French bistros that have opened since the closing of Pif, I had high hopes for a replacement. None so far.
  4. jelly

    Modo Mio

    It's only gone up to $32. Four of us were there Saturday night and it's still terrific. Can't remember every course, but someone had an octopus app that he loved, I had steak with anchovy butter and a fried egg (wonderful), there was also a delicious tuna, etc. etc. We go every few weeks and have never been disappointed. The couple with us rarely leave the suburbs and they thought the trip well worth while, and can't wait to return. Yes, it's still as good as ever. I wonder why they keep their price so low, but I'm not complaining.
  5. jelly

    Modo Mio

    I want to preface this by saying that I love Modo Mio and will continue to go often. I do have a question about the service, however, and was wondering if someone here has an answer. Last week was our fourth visit. Food was wonderful as usual, service was a little confused. On our last two visits we were brought food that wasn't ours. No big deal, but last time I was given a fig bruschetta when I had ordered the salad with figs. The waitress looked at it and insisted that was the way they do the salad, asking if I would like some greens added. I have had this salad there before and that definitely wasn't it. It was the bruschetta described on the menu. Fine, I ate it anyway and it was good. My question is this: why is the staff always different every time we go. Granted the first few visits were about a month apart each but last weekend's visited followed the previous by only two weeks. Everyone had changed, from hostess to servers. Since the chef/owner is a nice guy, I'm wondering why the quick staff turnover. BTW, all visits were on weekends -- either a Friday or a Saturday night. Anyone know?
  6. Is the whole place Pif-night, or just the back room as he'd originally planned? Also, is there that great French music he used to have a Pif? I'm guessing the experience can't be duplicated, much as I wish it could.
  7. Don't know about the syrah but a few years ago there was a great Chairman's Selection deal on the Cosentino "the Poet". I bought lots of it and wish I had bought still more.
  8. Good point. If they are going to provide new glasses for each wine, etc., I agree that the charge would not be excessive. I hadn't thought of it in terms of wine pairing.
  9. jelly

    Modo Mio

    I finally got a weekend reservation! Any suggestions as to what to order? Anyone been recently? Thanks. ← One more try. Thanks.
  10. With Ansill doing byob on Tuesday nights and on their Pif nights (no corkage fee -- and only a $15 corkage fee on all other nights), Gayle doing byob on Thursday nights (no corkage fee) , Sovalo and many other licensed restaurants doing byob with no corkage fee on certain nights.... This Monday night $20 pp corkage fee seems excessive. It will be interesting to see how many people go for it. I really don't think the per person part of it is all that generous. How many people drink more than one bottle (and on a Monday night!)?
  11. jelly

    Modo Mio

    I finally got a weekend reservation! Any suggestions as to what to order? Anyone been recently? Thanks.
  12. Great! Do you know if this applies to the entire restaurant? I know that originally he was just going to have the Pif night in the back room and when I asked if he would have the wonderful French music he didn't think that was possible. If it's the entire restaurant, that would be a different story. Thanks.
  13. So how was the first Pif night? Sorry I had to miss it.
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