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  1. Jason - here are some of my recommendations. They're mostly downtown, as that's my 'hood and I've only lived here since May. Recommended: Martine - great tapas Cucina Toscana - good italian Squatters - good local brewpub Red Iguana - great authentic mexican Metropolitan - probably slc's best Hires - great burgers Ruth's Diner - fun breakfast spot Not Recommended: The New Yorker (more for the service, not the food - your mileage may vary) Cafe Pierpont - terrible mexican Faustina - not bad, but for the price Martine is 10x better Red Rocks Brewing - also not bad, just not as good as squatters
  2. I think the flames on Alton's mixer are just stickers, like these by Troy Lee: http://catalog.troyleedesigns.com/catalog/...hp?cPath=34_134 You should be able to find some at your local motorcycle or bicycle shop, or you can order them from the above link.
  3. I got the book for like $8 at a used book store last winter. I think the only thing I've made from it was the asparagus, pancetta, and rice soup. It was very easy, and really good. I'm going to have to try some more recipes after reading this thread, I'd kind of forgot about the book.
  4. Wow - I was suprised to see Socorro mentioned on here! I went to Tech for 6 long years (Math BS/Hydrology MS) and left in 2001. Martha's must have come a long way, because when they first opened I wasn't at all impressed. Sadly, the Coyote Moon Cafe closed a few years before I left - though it may have reopened. I think the couple that owned it had some kind of falling out. That was probably my favorite restaurant near school. El Sombrero is a pretty popular spot in town - it's cheap, but not all that great, though they have some good items. Another of my favorites is Don Juan's for really authentic New Mexican - it's across the street from the movie theater. Tell your son good luck and study hard - tech's got some rough classes. What's he studying? Zak
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