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  1. I did a direct comparison today of the Pierre Herme recipe and the Francois Payard recipe. I used the Herme crust for both. Both were good and it was difficult to pick a winner. Most people (5 out of 7) preferred the Herme recipe. Payard: a bit less work, more intense lemony flavour (though the Herme tart was adequately lemony), much less butter Herme: a bit more work, great texture, looked nicer (though I did top it with a torched Italian meringue), a lot more butter I would make the Payard tart if I needed a quick lemon fix for myself but I would probably make the Herme tart if I were making the tart for friends or family.
  2. Thanks. I found the chilli powder there, but no maval. Have you tried House of Spice at Kensington Market ? The link has a listing of the stores there. ←
  3. There are a few Kashmiri recipes that I want to try and I need some Kashmiri red chillies and maval (cockscomb). Has anyone come across these in Toronto? I have found US mail order sources for the Kashmiri chillies, but I would prefer to buy it here, if possible. Thanks
  4. I made Opera cake for my brother's birthday this weekend.
  5. I just succumbed to the hype and bought a purple clay tea pot. My tea still tastes the same Does anyone else use a purple clay tea pot?
  6. I will set out on a quest to track down the ultimate biryani recipe this year. I would also like to master some of the breads in the Bread Baker's Apprentice.
  7. Actually, the next book which they are working on will focus on China. In a recent interview they said that they are working on a book which will cover the food of the outposts of the Chinese empire (or something to that effect).
  8. Hi Candy. Nice blog. How long are you in India?
  9. Alford and Duguid's new book was just released - "Mangoes & Curry Leaves". I just received my copy a few days ago (from Chapters). BTW, if anyone is interested, they will be speaking at Hart House (U of T) tomorrow night (December 5). Good Eating: Jeffery Alford and Naomi Duguid The event is free.
  10. FYI the new Alford/Duguid book on the Subcontinent is out: Mangoes & Curry Leaves: Culinary Travels Through the Great Subcontinent I just ordered my copy after I heard them on the radio (CBC) today. Has anyone picked this up yet? Any thoughts?
  11. I just checked out this thread for the first time - very impressive! I've ordered the book and can't wait to get started!
  12. I bought some quinces recently at the Valumart in the Manulife centre (Bay and Bloor)
  13. Does anyone know where to get fresh yeast (downtown)?
  14. Thanks Chefzadi. I look forward to reading your blog although I try to eat light during Ramadhan. I think that people get too caught up in eating (especially high fat foods) at this time. The lemons which I prepared (using your recipe) are ready now and I hope to try the Djedj bel Zitoun soon.
  15. I also tried the Epicurious recipe based on recommendations on this forum and I was very pleased with the result. It has replaced my old standard (Hershey's Chocolatetown Special Cake) - which I still really like and would make if I didn't have all the ingredients for the Epicurious cake.
  16. Now that the cold weather is upon us (well, some of us) share your favourite everyday soup recipe (i.e. not something that requires a lot of special preparation time). One of my favourites is Carrot and Cilantro soup from Chez Panisse Vegetables (contains potato, carrot, cilantro and is garnished with a jalapeno, cilantro, onion, lime salsa). I also like red lentil and lamb soup - very satisfying. What are your favourites?
  17. Has anyone tried Paula Red Apples before? I made a tarte aux pommes recently and used these in the filling. They were lovely - tart and fragrant. I had never heard of this variety but it is definitely one that I will seek out in future. http://atn-riae.agr.ca/applecanada/varieties_paulared-e.htm
  18. I prefer #4. I don't mind helping when I go to someone else's house, but when I have guests over I want them to just relax and do nothing else. Also, when they do offer to help, it takes more time to train the guest to do what needs to be done than to do it myself. I also worry about them distracting me from my last minute preparations (e.g. forgetting to add an ingredient). OK, or maybe I am just a control freak.
  19. must have been a nice bellyache u got from it..did u offer any to the guy?... ← No. Luckily I had a friend and a huge appetite on hand
  20. Luckily, there are no restrictions on importing mangosteens into Canada. There are always lots of mangosteens available for sale in Chinatown in Toronto. I once brought mangosteens into LAX (didn't know they were not allowed). It was a BIG bag of mangosteens. The customs officer let me sit and eat the fruit before passing through the customs area.
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