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  1. Chef Roberto Donna was a bit underprepared for last nights production, but the show was entertaining never the less. I believe we would be suprised the second time around. A face off against Mario, would be a the ticket.
  2. I just returned from Barbados last week, and I went to ostins on friday, I ran into my old fish vender, Mr Haynes. He owns the Fish Net and grills Dophin, king fish etc. only on friday night and is open for business daily selling fish (Market). You will find a few stalls open nightly, but not much is happening. I was an Executive Chef in Barbados 94-97 living on the west side. I returned to my favorite Rum shop for dinner, Marshals ,which is located across from the cricket field on Holders Hill. You can order rum by the bottle, along with bottles of cokes, ice and a bowl of limes and enjoy a good Bajan meal. If you are on the east side, try the Alantis hotel, Especially on sunday, The place is true, Old Caribbean and Mr. Williams (owner) is always there as a gracious host. Don't forget the lunch trucks, one is by Sandy Lane and another is behind Super Center in Hole Town.
  3. I was in San Juan last week during the San Sebastian festival, a few weeks ago. We had a great lunch at El Jilarito on Calle del sol in Old San Juan. Try to get in the door before 1:00 pm on the weekends to beat the rush. A very popular option is La Bombonera,( more of a coffee house), on Calle San Francisco, Usually a wait, out the door, both places are very local and inexpensive.
  4. It seems like you are adjusting. Congrats, Next time you get invited to somebody's yard for a party, hopefully you will sample the local Moonshine " JohnCrow Botty" a real treat.
  5. Chocolate Rum ? Thats a must. Thank you all, with my wish list.
  6. I am heading to the Caribbean in Janurary for three weeks. Two weeks in Barbados, then taking a cruise from there to San Juan, Aruba, Dominica and St Thomas, back to Barbados. Their are Eight of us, and most don't usually bring back anything, so customs isn't a problem. I am looking for the best Rums ? Can anyone help me.
  7. Margaritaville is a good suggestion for a Cheeseburger in paradise and waterslide thru the dining room, (Not related to Buffets Margaritaville). There are a number of Restaurants along Gloucester Ave. that look interesting. The Half Moon resort is beautiful, and the Sugar mill Restaurant is good. Have fun !
  8. I also lived in Jamaica for two years! (1997-98) I only went to Kingston twice, comuting by air from Mo Bay. I suggest you do the same, when you want travel the island. The best fine dining is still reserved to the large resorts, due to the accessibility to imported product and large food and labor budgets, in house customs clerks, delivery trucks and kitchens headed by North Americans , European chefs, and some with Jamaican Chefs trained abroad. My first suggestion is a day pass at one of the all inclusive resorts. such as the two Grand Lido's , Couple's, Swept Away, or Sandals Negril. You will be eligable for a residental rate. The most popular all inclusive for locals is still Hedo ll, due to the large entertainment budget, local musical talent, wild Disco and watching the crazy American party animals. Some of these Resorts have a Jamaican Restaurant which are usually alot better than the local restaurants on the outside. All of them have a Jamaican Theme evening, With Local food and entertainment ,usually with some kind of Folk dance show, stilt walkers, fire eaters Etc. I wish I can give you a list of local restaurants worth trying, but I am drawing a blank. My second Suggestion is to hire a local cook, to do their" Ting". Two, three days a week and Invite guest to your house. Ten-Fifteen US dollars per day would make their day. Good luck in Jamaica, It will be an unforgetable experience.
  9. Free Martha

    Per Se

    The French Laundry has managed to piss off local winery marketing dept. and residents years ago, with their poor value perception, arrogance and reservation funny business. I figured that the restaurant just catered to "right" coast visitors.
  10. "Sonoma Saveurs" on a rainy tuesday A Bistro on the Sonoma has made my top five list. I had a wonderful lunch, including an appetizer of Foie Gras. The Foie Gras was poached in red wine and served with mixed bitter greens, grapes and toasted Pistachio nuts. A very generous portion ,so I was in heaven. We had a nice visit with with the proprietor Junny Gonzalez, Who is on hand working as a hostess on a daily basis. I met Junny several years ago when she and her husband were selling Foie Gras direct to restaurants. I asked how the controversy has effected the Restaurants Business, and if their is any correlation with the Napa Valley Wine Train, Which Exploded with business after their legal battles and controversy. She explained to me, that the Foie Gras operation is small family business and the Legal expenses are just overwelming. The Future does't look real good. Please give this restaurant a try. www.sonomasaveurs.com
  11. Restaurants could offer" small plates" as an option, also split plates for a small charge, or half portions on pasta courses. Half portions in general could really do damage on the guest check averages, Never the less the waiters salary. This is a real concept dilemma, but I guess they can always raise the beverage prices.
  12. I have a bumper crop of Acorn, Butternut and Delicata Squash. Last night I "Batali-ized" it in a scorching hot cast iron pan, finishing it with Olive oil , Balsamic vinegar sauteed onions and fresh basil. What should I do with it tonight ?
  13. I would like to make Naam bread at home, but can't seem master it without a tandoori oven. Can you help.
  14. I live west of Windsor. The Taco trucks on Sebastopol rd. are good as well.
  15. My favorite local ethnic restaurants. ( something influenced by the location). I tend to be frugal, frustrated and overly fussey, when it comes to fine dining restaurants , hence- I cook alot at home. Never the less, I do try to get out , to see what's happening. Pomposh(Indian) Hiro's Royal China Kirin Pepi's Jhanthong Banbua (Thai) Thai Taste 2 Do you have any suggestions, to add to my list ?
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