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  1. I may be able to help you out. Check your egullet mail. David
  2. I can't see Palo Viejo, Ron Llave, Ron Granado or Ronrico being big hits in the US, but there might be a chance for the Don Q line including Don Q Limon; my wife prefers it to Bacardi Limon. David
  3. From the AP as reported in the Houston Chronicle Aug 23, 2006 Puerto Rican distillery to distribute its own rum in the US
  4. Drinkers shock at body in rum barrel From correspondents in Budapest 04may06 HUNGARIAN builders who drank their way to the bottom of a huge barrel of rum while renovating a house got a nasty surprise when a pickled corpse tumbled out of the empty barrel, a police magazine website reported. According to online magazine www.zsaru.hu, workers in Szeged in the south of Hungary tried to move the barrel after they had drained it, only to find it was surprisingly heavy and were shocked when the body of a naked man fell out. The website said that the body of the man had been shipped back from Jamaica 20 years ago by his wife in the barrel of rum in order to avoid the cost and paperwork of an official return. According to the website, workers said the rum in the 300-litre barrel had a "special taste" so they even decanted a few bottles of the liquor to take home. The wife has since died and the man was buried in a proper grave.
  5. Linda, Riserva Anejo is worth trying. It's Bacardi distillate aged by Trigo corp located a little west of San Juan. The two Barrilito rums are interesting; they soak nuts and berries in the rum for a unique flavor. Barrilito also uses un-aged Bacardi distillate. Don Q has re-released the regular Anejo blend of rums up to 6 y/o. Stop by Casa Don Q in Old San Juan and ask for samples of Don Q Anejo and Grand Anejo (3-13 y/o) to sample side-by-side. The Bacardi Reserva Limitada, a blend of rums aged *up to* 12 years and is sold at the Bacardi Visitor's Center. It was nice to try once but $50 is a lot to pay for such a young blend of rums. I remember that I thought this rum was very clean and had hints of vanilla and banana. Enjoy, David
  6. Industria Licorera de Bolivar 3 y/o Gold from Colombia. A friend of mine brought a small bottle of this back from a visit to Cartagena. The rum is very thin and has a very strange dark brownish gold color. It's not very good but I don't know if it's the worst rum ever. David
  7. I run hot water over a thick heavy old fashioned glass to warm it up before pouring the rum in. I like this method better than hand warming snifters as I used to do. David
  8. I agree. Pyrat Planters XO has been the worst bottle of sipping rums I've tried; it tastes too artificial. David
  9. If you didn't like the Appleton 21, give the Appleton Extra a go. I haven't tried the 21 but I love Appleton Extra. David
  10. No, rums can taste like tobacco, honey, and leather too. I was referring to the whiskey magazine wheel. David
  11. Actually, Cane might be a better choice.
  12. The whisky nosing wheel would relate to rum just fine if you change the "cereal" wedge to "sugar" and update the descriptors accordingly. David
  13. Here are some impressive (expensive) rums you might want to look into. I’ve never tried any of these expensive blends. Appleton Estate 21 Mt. Gay Tricentennial El Dorado 25 Bacardi Millennium British Royal Navy Imperial Rum Here are some great rums that are much cheaper. Appleton Estate Extra Mt. Gay Extra Old El Dorado 15 Cruzan Single Barrel Pampero Anniversario Santa Teresa 1796 (I haven’t tried this one yet) Angostura 1824 (I haven’t tried this one either) Rhum Barbancourt 15
  14. YES! Thank you for confirming my belief. I recently finished off a bottle of Havana Club 7 y/o and I thought there was a big difference in taste from the previous bottle. It just didn't taste as smooth and mature as I remembered. David
  15. CUBA: "Ultra-premium" addition to Havana Club stable 04 Jan 2006 Source: just-drinks.com editorial team Pernod Ricard has launched a “unique, ultra-premium rum” to add to its Havana Club stable. Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo, handcrafted from rare extra-aged rums, will be launched in the brand’s key European markets in late October and early November. The brand is to be targeted at ultra-premium spirits lovers, rum connoisseurs and cigar aficionados with a strong presence in duty-free outlets. Philippe Coutin, general manager of Havana Club International, said: “Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo is a product of which we are extraordinarily proud. As the worldwide leader of Cuban rums, we are spearheading the category by creating a new quality reference in the ultra-premium rum segment. Havana Club Máximo Extra Añejo is the perfect showcase for our unique know-how, genuine quality and rum ageing tradition. http://www.just-drinks.com/news_detail.asp?art=29628
  16. You might be surprised that, for a place claiming to be the rum capitol of the world, there are many rums I can’t find on the island. I’m stuck with a separate carry-on full of rum on flights back from visits in the States. My favorites from PR are Don Q Grand Anejo, Ron Del Barillito Three Star and Rieserva Aneja produced by Trigo. Some of my favorites are Ron Zacapa (of course), Cruzan Single Barrel and Estate Diamond, Appleton Extra, Mt. Gay Extra Old, Flor De Cana 7 y/o,Havana Club 7, and Westerhall Estate Grenada. Some rums that I have tried and not cared much for include a recently finished bottle of Pyrat Planters Reserve XO, Flor De Cana 12 and 18 (overaged?), Ron Varadero 5 y/o (Cuba), 10 Cane,St. James Extra Old, and Old Havana Brand 8 y/o (laugh). Topping the list of rums I’d like to try are El Dorado 15, Santa Teresa 1796, Real Martinique Agricoles, Pyrat Cask 23 (for kicks), Havana Club Cuban Barrel Proof, Appleton 21, some aged Trini rum (Angostura?)and Cadenhead from Australia. David
  17. Welcome to the Forum! I believe they did this so customs could verify that the bottle contained liquid. I was told this by a friend who picked up a couple bottles while in Columbia a few months ago. David
  18. When making Grog for guests I always ask if they want it like a pirate or on the rocks. David
  19. How about "Spiced sugarcane Spirit" David
  20. I haven't tried the Barbancourt White but the 15 y/o was an interesting rum. Even though Barbancourt isn't a true Agricole (sugar cane syrup distilled at a high proof), I dont think it would out do molasses based rum in most cocktails. Give it a shot but I think the esters might not get along with your mixers. David
  21. If you do not wish to register, click on over to Bug Me Not first. David
  22. This rum is a Cuban style rum from the Dominican Republic. Along with the younger rums, they make an 8 y/o and a 151 should be available soon. David
  23. That's great. Ed, do you know how I can get information about rum events in Puerto Rico? David
  24. I use a manual hand crank ice crusher. I bought it for around $30 at a kitchenware store. David
  25. My wife and I have been living in Puerto Rico for a little more than a year and a half and have yet been to the Barriltio plant. We're going out to explore the place Wednesday, I can't wait. David
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