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  1. So...I'm trying to plan a date and we're meeting in Lynnwood and Mill Creek area. I'm planning on going to Picnic Point Park to walk around but I need a dinner place. Anyone have any good recommendations?
  2. Here's my report on my food tour along with pictures: http://foodiebytes.blogspot.com/2011/07/epic-food-tour-of-seattles-capital-hill.html Basically, I went to about 9 places over the course of 4 hours: 1. Minimus/Maximus at the Issaquah market 2. Guanacos Tacos for pupusas 3. Pai's Food Truck 4. Dante's Inferno Dogs 5. Marination Station 6. Molly Moon's 7. Bluebird 8. Old School Frozen Custard 9. Po Dog My verdict - I think Molly Moon's is still very good - Bluebird was nice but I didn't like their digs. I still adore Marination Station/Mobile - I could eat like 10 spam sliders from there. I think the owner was there too and she was very impressed on our food tour. But the surprise for me was Po Dog - first time going. Their fried pickles was nice, but their egg roll hot dog is an insane dog that would be the perfect drunk food ever.
  3. So after doing some research, I think I've decided to focus mostly on the Capitol Hill area near Cal Anderson park. It's easy to walk to a ton of places. So here's my new plan for tomorrow: Maximum/Minimus - Issaquah Farmer's Market (I have to pick up someone down there anyway so I'll start there) Pai's (Cal Park) Molly Moon's Marination Station Buanaco's Tacos Pupuseria Po Dogs Blue Bird Quinn's Any place around Cal Anderson park you'd recommend?
  4. So I've always wanted to do a day long, restaurant-hopping food tour to get all the little neat bites of Seattle (aside: I always wish Bite of Seattle was like that but instead it's a showcase of the food booths that make the festival rounds around WA). So - where would you go? Remember - we're not eating a full meal at any of these places. So far in my mind I have: 1. Marination Mobile 2. Where Ya At 3. Elliott's for Oysters 4. Molly Moon's 5. Tavolata for pasta happy hour 6. Paseo 7. Salumi (but not open on weekends) 8. Il Corvo Pasta (but not open on weekends) 9. Builtburger 10. Lunchbox Lab for something silly - milkshake or app Thanks!
  5. Hey guys! I've watched too much Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, especially the Maine episode where he catches Lobster and eats it fresh. That got me to think about doing my own lobster boil. The problem is that I've never bought lobster in my life. So where's a good place to go in Seattle for it? How much is a good price these days? Has anyone done a boil before? I want to do something like a crawfish boil where it has potatoes, sausage (is it andouille?), corn, shrimp, and clams, but I don't know whether I need to get some sort of seasoning for the water for Lobster. Any help? I love doing food projects like this (some people have house projects, I try making new dishes) but I have no clue where to start
  6. When you say chicharron de carne, is that an actual chicharron or some derivative dish? I came back from NYC and while walking down a street fair, I came across this chicharron vendor. I've been wanting this for 3 years but you really can't find this in the places I've been. If this is an actual chicharron, I'm going there NOW! I only had one bite of it (mostly because I gorged on some of the best BBQ I've ever had and I'm from Texas). I miss my chicharron
  7. Inspired by the two food tours we have in Seattle and by the fact there are a bunch of little restaurants with one or two dishes I want to try, I've been toying with the idea of taking a bunch of my friends and doing my own food tour. This would be basically restaurant hopping and trying one dish from each place. Ideally, we'd try to hit like 6-7 places in the same day. Has anyone tried this? I think it would only work in casual places. I think sit down restaurants would get pissed at us taking a table and eating one dish and leaving. So far on my list: 1. Mac and Cheese from the Cheese place in Pike's Place 2. Pirosky Pirosky 3. Clam Chowder from Pike's 4. Sandwich from Paseo 5. Anything from Salumi 6. Dumplings from a place in the U District (friend has the name) 7. Japanese street food place (new restaurant seen in Daily Candy a month ago) 8. Fried Chicken from Ezell's 9. The donut shop in Pike's 10. Ice cream from Molly Moo's in Wallingford Suggestions?
  8. Are there any decent cantonese places in Redmond? I'm not too picky, I just want some relatively authentic stuff. About Sushi, any good places near Redmond? Thanks guys! Oh about Carolina BBQ, I'm ok with that. I wasn't too impressed by that. I'm from Texas so I'm more of a Texas BBQ guy.
  9. Hi everyone! I've just moved from the Durham, NC area to Redmond (guess who I work for...) and I need some restaurant recommendations. I've searched the boards for the last two hours and I have a ton of great restaurants but I can't seem to find the cantonese restaurants. Can someone tell me the good ones on the east side, preferably near Redmond? I'm also looking for the best and most famous seafood restaurants in Seattle. My parents are here and I want to show them great seafood. Thanks!
  10. I've been here for two years and I'm amazed at the food quality in this area, meaning Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. Try foster's market in Durham (and Chapel Hill). It's a nice place for brunch. In Brightleaf, there's Mt. Fuji which is decent but their half price sushi night on Thursdays after 9pm is always packed. Pops is also a great place and is in that area. Nana's, Four Square, Magnolia Grill, Parizade, Grasshopper, George's Garage, are all staples. I heard the Federal, a bar in the Brightleaf area, has some good hamburgers. I like Saladelia and there's a new Thai place next to it called Twisted Noodle that is pretty good. In Chapel Hill, I love Weathervane inside A Southern Season (which is one of the neatest stores in the area). Their chorizo and shrimp grits is a masterpiece. There's a soul food place in Chapel Hill called Mama Dip's that's good. Spice Street next to Southern Season is also great. In Raleigh, Angus Barn is great, but I've never been (I'm going this Wednesday, any tips?). I don't know of others but that's because I haven't spent much time. Like I said, there's some great restaurants in this area, which surprised me to no end.
  11. Bullocks on Hillsborough is ok. It's a staple around here, but it's not my favorite although you must try their hush puppies.
  12. There's also Grasshopper, George's Garage (they have good, but expensive sushi), Vin Rouge, and i think one more. Nearby, there's Parizade and Verde (it's the next to ninth street). Any of those are good choices, but they're not as cheap as Bullocks.
  13. I heard George's has good sushi...really.
  14. Hmm...how odd...two posts about places to try in Durham and they're literally next door to me! This is too cool! I'm going to try this tomorrow.
  15. I'm new to the area, coming from the DC/VA/MD board. I live next door to 9th street so I really should try grasshopper. I hope they'll let me take out their vietnamese sandwiches. Grilled pork vietnamese sandwiches are to die for.
  16. Does anyone know of any great restaurants in the DC/NOVA area that don't break the bank? I"m talking about meals that are less than $15 a person, excluding alcohol. One of my favorites is Mark's Duck House. All I really need is rice, deep fried squid, and BBQ pork. (I'm cantonese btw) :) I'm just tired of paying $30-40 a person in DC and get decent food.
  17. I'm not a native DC person. I lived in Fairfax for the last 3 years and I've tried a bunch of those restaurants. I hate Firefly because it's not worth the money. Foods good, just not worth it. The only place I've been to that's great is Cafe Atlantico. It's expensive, but it's one of the few places in DC that will blow you away. And when I spend $40 a person, I expect to be blown away by the food. I might just be a food crank though...
  18. oh....man....if you find blue bell let me know. I've been craving that stuff for the last 7 years since I left Texas. Blue Bell beats anything. I have fond memories of my late aunt having gallons of Blue Bell Vanilla in her fridge. If you can't find it, I think Edy's isn't that bad. Not Blue Bell though.
  19. awww poor guy... i really wanted to see the other dishes... but yeah morimoto is really good...
  20. I'm watching the Morimoto v. Donna battle (more interesting to us DCers since Donna runs Galileo). I just saw Morimoto start to make tofu and just before he started to add this clear liquid, he sort of blessed himself...almost making a cross. What was that?
  21. So, is the Fairfax one not a good representation of what Wegmans is? I think I should try to hit the Dulles one as well...
  22. I went twice this weekend. The first day was for dinner Friday and I was very impressed. It's amazing compared to the crappy safeway around the corner that I've been going to the last few years. I wonder if it's deserted now :) Anyways, the prepared foods looked good and hope to go there more often. The wine selection was interesting, but pales in comparison to total wine's selection. Produce was quite impressive, from the many mushrooms (and the truffles in a locked container) to the apples. Meat was amazing. I can't wait to splurge and buy a bone-in rib roast...mmm....meat. I went this afternoon (sunday) with my cousins, one of whom is an excellent chef and food conisseur. All of us come from Houston which has HEBs and the flagship Central Market. I've never been, but my cousins say it's quite stunning with a selection better than Whole Foods. They critiqued the place, comparing to Central Market, and I think I have a better perspective. Other than the food stalls, it's essentially a normal grocery store. The rest of the store wasn't much to care for. The bakery was pretty good as well as the fish and meat. The cheese area, however, was a bit disappointing since although they have tons of cheeses, they were fairly ordinary. There were few foreign cheeses like Mexican (she loves real mexican food). I think whole foods beat them there. Overall, they liked it but it was nothing compared to Central Market. I have to trust them since I've never been, but for now I'm extremely happy to have something else other than Safeway. However, i hope the crowds die down. I can't see myself doing my regular shopping due to the crowds and stuff. I think I'm just going to go there for prepared food, seafood if I want (though the Korean stores sometimes have better prices), cheese (they surely beat safeway), and great meat. All other stuff I might as well go to Safeway. Btw can someone explain to me how a grocery store chain gets #1 on the Fortune 100's best place to work list? That's incredible!
  23. I went to Buck's with my cousin over the weekend. We got there atound 7 and it was crowded, so we decided to eat at the bar. Just 15 minutes later the bar was packed and many, many people were there. Eating at the bar was a bit odd for me since I've never done it, but the two bartenders were very attentive (I think more so than waiters) and were very nice and friendly. The food was a little disappointing though. We both had the wild mushroom soup, which took a while to come out. When we got it, it had a HUGE wine taste that covered anything else in the bowl. It tasted like they either rushed the soup out or just didn't cook down the alcohol a little. My cousin had the shrimp stew which tasted very nice. It was light and savory. I had the steak as the poster above me had, but i found mine to be really salty. Almost too salty to enjoy. The saving point was that the fries were not salty and the combination was heavenly, but i didn't have enough fries. All in all, it was a bit disappointing.
  24. It is opening February 13. See link below: http://www.wegmans.com/news/flash/fairfaxG...home&dt=fairfax ← WOOHOO!!!!!! NO MORE STUPID SAFEWAY! I live around the corner from the store :)
  25. Also, some dishes are usually eaten without forks and by hand. Some of the "thokes", as they call it, are eaten with your hand.
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