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  1. ALMOST! Spring Roast with Cauliflower and Potato Mash (pressure cooker one pot meal):

    Spring is almost here ... http://t.co/5aIjMYlG2j

  2. Amen to that! RT @catlilycooks Pressure cooker fish is *not* mush when done properly!

  3. America's @TestKitchen taking pre-orders for upcoming Pressure Cooking tome http://t.co/GKpO1EwH Marketing spiel here: http://t.co/2vQKDokx

  4. And, here's the key to making delicious pressure cooked desserts!! http://t.co/2MirGgw0

  5. Another "do your friends a favor" tweet:Detailed pressure cooker reviews w/photos & descriptions of all safety features http://t.co/V8Mx8wqw

  6. Awwww.... our fresh chestnuts have little propeller hats! http://t.co/xVAAwAom

  7. Barbara’s Chunky Sweet Potato Soup: It’s never too hot for soup – this soup is the perfect antidote for the w... http://t.co/XPJECLIKqE

  8. Big pressure cooking feature on @phillydotcom w/6 recipes from @ideasinfood and @lornasss http://t.co/IzQWGkj2 Thanx 4 quotes @JoyManning!

  9. Book Review: Pressure Cooker by Australian Women's Weekly | hip pressure cooking - pressure cooker rwww.hippress... http://t.co/GBmrgI8N

  10. C'mon, we can take it. Tell us what you REALLY think of the new design. Here's what others said.. http://t.co/2Vbl3ezuXX

  11. Calulifower has never tasted better (shhh.. it's the orange) Spicy Citrus & Cauliflower Salad http://t.co/u0szMMLg

  12. Can't wait for quince. I want to find and EASIER way to make this marmalade - they are rock hard to cut!!! http://t.co/xqbe9uxf

  13. CHECK IT! @ruhlman's Fagor + accessories has a nice price http://t.co/prEiVTJr Just joined w/facebook & got a coupon for extra $20 off.

  14. Check out @lornasass ' Lamb Shanks & White Bean pressure cooker recipe (plus review of Pressured Perfect book) http://t.co/JPWJxeIZ

  15. Chestnut Roasting INTERVENTION: Pressure Cooker Crema di Marroni (the "Nutella" of Chestnuts!) http://t.co/zWntTiDF

  16. Chopping veggies: 5 minutes; Pressure cooking quinoa: 1 minute; A delicious healthy salad: timeless! http://t.co/I5jXJWX5FP

  17. Christmas Day, we're just having lasagna stuffed with this pressure cooked Ragu, of course! You? https://t.co/GrlNm9HSdP

  18. Clean, Cut and Pressure Cook Bok Choi: Time to eat more greens but how to prepare them? Here's our guide to clea... http://t.co/t4WumwEz

  19. Coffee pots and other lethal kitchen gadgets | Bill Hall - The News Tribune http://t.co/iVezDXfY0E via @thenewstribune

  20. Come over and we can pressure cook! RT @gmcguireinrome always been afraid to try ... dulce de leche in one easy step: http://t.co/wSiYAAcg

  21. Competitive intelligence reveals NON-FOOD GRADE materials in cheap pressure cooker! http://t.co/UXakE2Rd

  22. CONSUMER ALERT! Breville Fast Slow Cooker Gaket Recalled https://t.co/dQ1ic9ecQD https://t.co/Hp7CS4VpHx

  23. Cook up that BIRD! Pressure cook that Chicken 9 HIP ways! https://t.co/8o66QARhnh

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