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  1. #pressurecooker hacks save lives, make water and froth cappuccino's, too! http://t.co/5jItYV6sY6
  2. ¡VIVA México! 7 Amazing Pressure Cooker Recipes to make for Cinco. http://t.co/8Qxcv7pXIZ

  3. 'fraid to miss amazing pressure cooker feats? Pressurecookerize your email with the hip newsletter http://t.co/RlAFSo73

  4. "Whoa! Never thought of this!!" @MyLastBite That's my fave comment - I strive to blow minds, not pressure cookers! ; )

  5. @catlilycooks @josordoni What happened to your Kuhn Rikons?

  6. @jbrewster Wow! Keep-up with the good cooking! Ciao, L

  7. @pmailkeey Try storing the tea in glass jar - maybe the mold came from the tea.

  8. @TheFoodLab The altitude setting it changes the temperature point at which the unit recognizes water as boiling. So, it wouldn't work. : (

  9. 1 rice:1 1/4 water, 18-20min OR 1/2 cooking time on package per @theveggiequeen RT @ilcorvopasta your water ratio and time for brown rice?

  10. 1-minute Golden Quinoa Pressure Cooker Pilaf - Quinoa Amarillas:

    This fluffy and spicy quinoa pilaf is pressure... http://t.co/334qUfNW

  11. 10 Top Pressure Cooker Recipes of the Year! ...and how they got there!:

    The most-clicked pressure cooker recipe... http://t.co/TT1EQFkk

  12. 10+ Pressure Cooker Breakfast Recipes! Right here: https://t.co/fV7AecXufk

  13. 16 Pressure Cooker Soups- make one tonight! http://t.co/U24LqDqp

  14. 20-minute Pressure Cooker Pork Chops and Cabbage!:

    This amazing dish has almost no prep work and is all cooked ... http://t.co/eBZweDpH

  15. 50+ Pressure Cooker Tips & Tricks! https://t.co/tOGC6OehSa

  16. 7 Amazing Mexican Pressure Cooker Recipes: 20-minute Pressure Cooker Tamales Frijoles – Re-fried beans Carnita... http://t.co/ECYZMHequn

  17. A good "starter" custard for your pressure cookery. Get this right, and move on to the caramels and brulees http://t.co/zsxTEiaL

  18. A popular cookware man. introduced their electric pressure cooker 8 years ago! NOT these 4! https://t.co/MPR9xD7oeN https://t.co/AkGCllHJ1n

  19. A quick recipe idea from reader, Diane Curry: "This is a quick, healthy dinner I make by chunking and browning ... http://t.co/Cc119UZ5

  20. Accessories are your pressure cooker's best friend - they increase the cooking methods (and levels). http://t.co/Bv48OmOS

  21. Add 1/2 cup more water and pressure cook for 20-22 minutes! RT@cookingquinoa http://t.co/FMoLPkYA Modify this to work with brown rice?

  22. Adding an electric pressure cooker to the kitchen arsenal? See our @instantpot coupon BIG discount & FREE shipping! http://t.co/DrpNwJLD

  23. Ahem! So... how big is YOUR pressure cooker? http://t.co/rjJzY0Y4iK

  24. All great guesses! It's not easy to stump twitter foodies - the last guessing game (http://t.co/6hMbkRwq) only lasted a few minutes!

  25. All my expert tips on choosing the right pressure cooker for the right person (or you : ) https://t.co/aNgsCfLM2c https://t.co/DMJSezchHF

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