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  1. When did Bruni last review GT?
  2. When was the "glory days" of GT? And didn't Michael Anthony come from another well-known restaurant? (Meaning, isn't he a good chef?) I looked at the menu online and personally it seems a little tired and there's nothing jumping out that makes me want to go and eat there. Is GT failing due to the concept? Or it is time to scrap the idea and start anew?
  3. Gastro888

    Dinner! 2007

    You live in Athens?! So lucky!!! Please share with us how to make a proper avgolemono! Cheers!
  4. Admin: posts moved from old Gramercy Topic here. ::bump:: Did anyone else read this? Alan Richman reviews Gramercy Tavern. (ouch!) I've never been to Gramercy so I'd be curious to hear what others think of his review and of Gramercy as well. I wonder if all the focus on the Modern and EMP caused his other restaurants to suffer?
  5. I like you, Gastro888. (But if I were going to teach him about the afterlife, I would also have to consider whether there was a reincarnated soul living in the bunny, and how that might affect my karma. ) ← Ah but see that's why I said AFTERLIFE and not karma! If you feel bad, I'm sure you can chant before you prep the protein, I mean, Fluffy. 'Sides, you can claim karma for all the times it soiled your house!
  6. Just curious, ever thought of making your own air-cured Chinese bacon for one of your meals? That would be a great things to have at your porky part!
  7. I've made jap chae with my friend who's Korean. What we usually do is cook the noodles in boiling water until they're done (few minutes) and then we toss them in whatever meat and veggies we have on hand for the dish. And she uses alot of sesame oil!
  8. I swear, those puff pastries look like they were store bought. It looks so professional! Anyone have any pork belly hints? I'm going to try this one more time.
  9. Gastro888

    Il Buco

    It looks like a good date restaurant - the inside's all romantic and cozy. I've not eaten there, only been inside to deal with the chef. From what I've been told the chef is rather talented.
  10. Eat the bunny. It's driving you nuts and making a mess. 'Sides a roasted bunny with some potatoes is a very nice dish. Think of it as a good opportunity to teach your son about the afterlife.
  11. What's the yellow powder on top of the Korean mochi cakes? Is it malt rice powder?
  12. Gastro888

    best maple syrup

    Really? Wow, those guys would do great in the greenmarkets. Or heck, even sell those syrups online.
  13. Pork belly is my waterloo. I made the pork belly. Nope, I didn't take pictures. It didn't look "right" to me. I tasted it and the fat was fine. However, the meat part of the belly was kinda squeaky in my teeth, if that makes any sense. It didn't have any of that melt in your mouth goodness that I think it should've had. I was told that it tasted fine and like what mom makes but me personally I wasn't blown away. Any tips on how to cook this? My mom never made Hung Shao Rou so I've no clue.
  14. Oh Ah Leung Goh, let's not teach him the ghetto fabulous ways of the village! Bad enough there's already so many people doing stuff like this, we don't need another person doing it! Also remember he's in NYC. The dim sum ladies here are so surly which means they're prone to ignore you, ridicule you or make a smart ass remark. I get around this a few ways: being super polite and nice, being knowledgeable or being a smart ass with a bigger mouth.
  15. LOL! I prefer "Choy neh dah soh gah!" (literally: It's stupid to listen to you! But I would say it's more like, "Who cares what you think?")
  16. I forgot to add miso mayo! I know it's not low cal but if you take Kewpie mayo and some shiro miso you'll get a really tasty dip! 1:1 ratio, or to taste.
  17. Since your biscuits went over so well, why not try making chicken & biscuits or a chicken pot pie without the bottom crust? That lends itself to large quantities and the seniors get the bready stuff that they seem to like. (But who doesn't like bready stuff?)
  18. Gastro888

    best maple syrup

    I love maple syrup from Montreal. Unfortunately, there's no name on the label - I just pick it up at Atwater market! I love the taste of maple syrup from Montreal!
  19. LOL! Good one, Dejah Jeh. Problem is that here in NYC the waitstaff will snap back and say, *tsk* "Ghang lah!" (Of course!) I had one go ballistic on me when I asked for the black sesame rolls. She was ranting that there weren't any and why was I asking? I just looked at her and asked if that was necessary.
  20. LOL! Considering how poorly my last experiment came out I think I'm overcompensating. We'll see how it's received at dinner tonight.
  21. Which restaurant do you go to? That might be part of the problem. I hope you're not going to Jin Fong! Come out to Flushing for the best dim sum. (I know, I know...I'm biased. Flushing's got the best dim sum, though!) Here's something that might help: Ask if they speak Cantonese: "Neh gong Guongdong wah?" Then ask are those freshly fried: "Goh dee hai mah sun seen jah gah?" They'll either respond: "Hai" - means yes "M'hai" -means no Or they'll just look at you like you have three heads. Which might happen given the lovely customer service in most Chinatowns! ETA: I'm giving you the simplified Cantonese - the not so formal, every day verbage. This is the "get you by" Cantonese. For the more formal and proper way of speaking I would ask Ah Leung Goh or the other elders.
  22. I dunno...I don't want to make my own hoisin sauce or oyster sauce!
  23. I am attempting to make pork belly again tonight. Heaven help me. I was inspired by Grace Young's recipe for Hung Shao Rou in the latest issue of Sauver magazine. I love this dish, even though I really don't have any clue about it. I see it all the time at the "rice box" places here in NYC and in Maryland. What's not to like? Fatty pork in a slightly sweet and salt sauce. YUM! So last night I followed the recipe as best as I could considering I only had about 5 oz of pork belly. I sliced the belly into 1/4" x 1/2" slices and then: -Placed the slices into a pot of light salted water -Brought it to a boil, kept it at a boil for two minutes -Drained it and set it aside Then I stir fried some ginger coins in oil for a minute with a scallion, added the pork, then some rice wine, then mushroom soy sauce and then added about a cup or so of water along with 3 pieces of bing tong. I simmered this for two hours and then I let it cool overnight. It's chilling in the fridge as we speak. Tonight I'll skim the fat and then continue cooking it by simmering the pork on the stove for another two hours or so and hope that it tastes somewhat normal. I'll let you know what the verdict is. I might add peeled and almost cooked potatoes towards the end. I don't want to add raw potatoes as I'd have to add more liquid and I don't want to use fully cooked potatoes b/c I'm afraid they might not absorb the flavor and they might fall apart and get mushy.
  24. No, I bought the pre-made ones from the market. It was such a pain to separate each layer that in the future, I'm just going to make the wrappers myself. ← Really?! How do you make your own wrappers? Please do post a pictoral when you do! Good luck!
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