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  1. Thank you, Canteen it is. That was my initial first choice anyway. I was considering Gitane for my late night endeavour and I did look at nopa. Any feedback on Gitane? I would like to avoid the whole cab thing if possible.
  2. I will be in San Francisco, staying in the Union Square/Market Street area and was looking for a really fabulous place for lunch AND a great late late night eats. I am on foot, with a very tight schedule (have an appt at 1pm) for lunch. I love to try new and interesting things, but mostly I want to see fresh ingredients prepared beautifully and with imagination. Would love any suggestions. So far, I am considering One Market and Canteen for lunch. Thanks in advance. Linda
  3. The menu for LCS is amazing. I will try to fit the restaurant in somehow....
  4. Thank you both for your comments. Nickloman, I am checking out all the recommendations on your list to see if I can work them into our route. CalumC, thank you for the travel tip. Anything that makes navigating the area easier is much appreciated. Also, if there is nothing truly good in Bromsgrove, it probably won't matter that much as jet lag will no doubt be kicking in...
  5. I am heading to England in April for a canal holiday and am hoping to get some culinary recommendations. The route we are taking is known as The Avon Ring and my major stopping points are Bromsgrove, Stratford (2 nights), Evesham, Tewksbury and Worcester. We also have one night in London and are staying in the area of Grosvenor Square/Hyde Park. Any suggestions for good places to eat in the cities and towns along our route? I am an adventurous eater and a professional cook, but I am not rich, so budget breakers are out of the question. In London, I was eyeing up Hereford Road as a possibility. Good choice? Or are there better to be had in the area I am staying in? Any and all help would be appreciated. This is not my first trip to England (In fact, I lived in York for four years a couple decades ago) but it is the first time I want to go with a culinary focus. I have done some reading through the last year on this boards, but instead of answering questions, I find myself even more confused about where to eat... Cheers and thanks in advance! Linda
  6. Not sure about victoria, but I know that Les Amis de Fromage carries a few Irish Cheeses. Also, there is a butcher in N.Van has some British food products (maybe some Irish thrown in there.) Any particular cheese you are looking for?
  7. Thank you for the resounding reccomendations! If we go, I will be sure to report...
  8. I had a look at the menu, looks great. I suspect it is a little close to where my parents are located. Is Van Isle near where the Blue Peter and Jespersen's Boats are located??
  9. Thanks Ducky... by right at the end, do you mean past theroad that leads to Port Sidney? Its been awhile since I was in Sidney last, so I can't really picture exactly where you are talking about.
  10. Question for those who may be in the know ~ is there somewhere good to dine out in Sidney by the Sea? We are heading to the island for a familial visit, but would love to get in a nice night for the two of us. We are staying at the Cedarwood, right near the anacortes ferry, and would like to go somewhere within a ten minute driving radius. Any suggestions? Thank You!
  11. I picked some up at opus or Loomis Art Supply stores. Cheap too.
  12. How depressing. Someone brought the paper to my desk this morning. That was the first I heard of it. He also pointed out the great shot of the Wonder Bread bag on the counter, unscathed by the fire.....
  13. I had a (very sweet and dear) friend go for me this morning. She was there around 8, said she had to fight off the hordes, and was able to score me a basket of sungolds and a handful of tomatoes ~ shortly to be sliced, placed between two slices of toasted home-made rosemary garlic bread along with some thinly sliced crispy golden smoked bacon from oyama and savoured...
  14. I was just interrogating someone this weekend about him. Too bad I have class from 8-1 on Thursdays....
  15. I think maybe half the students are like that. The other half are regular people like me who have scrimped and saved and gone into massive debt so that they can go to school. Unfortunately, I do see a mindset from some students that they are better than everyone else (to the point where they don't think its necessary to wash their own dishes~pet peeve of mine). The takeover by AI is still in the early stages and I think it has not been an easy transition. I was informed a mere two weeks before I started that the course I had signed up for had completely changed and I very nearly bolted then.
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