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    Pedro Ximenez

    we pair a PX at work with icecream, the strong flav tends to get a bit to much if you add it to other rich desserts. i love px and have started using it in cocktails of late, works great in a sidecar vs the cointreau, or as a sweetner to a old fashioned vs the sugar.
  2. we use it in a foam on top of an apple daiquiri, lavender seems to go very well with apple and pears. also great with gin, the lav goes great with juniper and the other botanicals usually found nesting within. on that note would try an aviation with it, a little 'a la duffy' w his creme yvette i guess? if you could make a 'water' vs a syrup, maybe a tea? then it would be excellent in a martini, especiually a tanq 10 martini? bon chance
  3. well can confirm the kensingto aged has a great mellowness to it, the aing seems to take the sharp white spirit edge of it woithout effecting the actual taste to much, have started drinking the stuff as a wet martini (theres not enough vermouth being used in the world these days!) with a orange zest instead of a lemon, great drink, think it may become our volstead martini. if you can get your hands on a bottle, and raj of specialty drinks does it in the uk, then i would rally reccomend it, just for a change suspect embury was right...............
  4. bar will be called volstead, and the gins made by kensington, although i've heard recently that another brand is experimenting.......
  5. opening a bar in london next week and have managed to get my sticky little (actually short and stubby) fingers on some great gin, including a 1930's and 40's bottlings of london dry, one thing i have been trying to get for ages is some 'aged gin' embury raves about it in his drink, anyone have some good recipes? not afraid for some road testing - actually kind of looking forward to it but was wondering if someone could give me a head start? cheers
  6. for christs sake have a frickin beer!
  7. mojito is about as taxing as a seabreeze these days, for no real reason bloody mary's tend to piss me off the most, anything with archers, malibu, midori or baileys as a close second.....................
  8. thats funny i just bought a 1913 whiskey, are we quibbling over an 'e' again?
  9. yeah, shopuld have schecked the soft drinks link, thanks for the refresher, in the process of designing a bar/club in london which will be called 'volstead' and wanted to pick some americana style ingredients for the cocktail list - yes that was me thinking about booze again, pretty exciting as i get to find great old drinks with cool prohibition sounding names and try and make them palatable for our current fruity sweet palate. challenging but enjoyable. thanks for the help
  10. anyone know anything about this? how to make it? where to buy it from (in the uk)? thanks
  11. what a cop out. it being new years day and all i thought it the perfect opportunity to test a new idea, and i can only marvel at its success. hot buttered rum, followed by a nice bottle californian red and risotto but the key was the hot buttered rum happy new year
  12. the worst rum i've ever tried was an agricole from mauritious, not green parrot ort parrot bay but there younger newer agricole. it tasted like burnt rubber initially then left a lasting taste of fish. never tasted anything like it, its almost worth trying for interests sake, although remember drinking it in front of the rep at the time and trying incredibly hard not to spit the thing back out again.
  13. friend of mine bought a bottle back from st lucia for me, anyone know anything about it? its a damn fine rum.
  14. i had a 1792 'solera' bacardi which was from mexico, not sure on where the date comes from - and it didn't last long which is usually a good sign
  15. amusingly malacca (although the spellings quite different) means something fairly offensive in greek
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