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  1. Bump. For selfish reasons I thought I would reactivate this thread. What is happening in Leeds with the recession? Recently been to Anthony's in the Corn Exchange a couple of times and been underwhelmed I am sorry to say. Other than that not tried anything.
  2. Conrad Sound like a great holiday. I saw a program on the telly when Ainsley Harriot went to the West Side and had a lovely time cooking all sorts of interesting food like Cajun pork chops and Italian Bang Bang steak. Just delicious outside and you know that he has a great buzz about him so you can imagine what the buzz was like in the places he went to. Perhaps you can keep an eye out for it on BBC4? Anyway, I have to be honest, I have not been there so I can't offer much help. I do know that a lot of the great coffee shops over here come from the US so you might like to try Starbucks (as in Battlestar Galactica). Have a great time TLP
  3. No, I wish I had thought of it. It was given to me by my parter in crime, the Swordsman. The two of us have got up to quite a few adventures, shall we say, over the years, let me tell you. You're welcome. I hope so. Clearly I am not one of the best of the egullitariti in that my reviews only run to a couple of lines especially when I come back with positive reviews. It was good to go to some of the restaurants mentioned on here to give myself a visual reality. The problem with such a small town is that there are very few hidden gems but one always tries to fine the best buzz, the best cuisine, and most importantly, the best fun. I wanted to make a few comments about the wines we had but the problem for me is how to categorize where is old world and where is new world. There never seems to be an easy way. As for the Seafood Cafe, the food was hearty, well presented with no frills. Service was friendly and efficient. I got the feeling while everything was good, nothing was great and i felt that they were operating very much within themselves. But perhaps it is a tried and tested formula that works there so why change it. I will try. TLP
  4. Any new additions. I am still struggling to find something that I use more frequently than my suggestion at the top of page 2.
  5. Hello Just spent two weeks in St Ives and had to mention Saltwater. I am not sure how long they have been open, their website looks very new: http://www.saltwaterstives.co.uk/ The food was exceptional. Possibly one of the best meals out I have ever had. Lots of fresh fish, we had roast pollock and a seafood risotto which were both gorgeous. We ordered from a specials board which I think was mostly fish plus Cornish lamb. It is a very small restaurant, about 10 tables at most, and all the other dishes on the other tables looked equally excellent. The other places which we enjoyed were: Porthgwidden Cafe Porthminster Beach Cafe Fifteen in Newquay We were not so keen on Seafood Cafe TLP
  6. Thank you. Funnily enough I have been to a fair few of these a couple of years ago. Things haven't changed that much I guess. I tried Red Chilli but couldn't make my mind up about it. I think you need to go in a big group and try lots of things and went to Anthony's a while ago, want to go back just need to make a booking. What is the consensus on the Anthony's in the Victoria Quarter? I've always been a big fan of all the Aagraghs but not been to the one near the BBC. Perhaps that should be next. I think my last meal out in Leeds was at the one in City Square which has Bar and Grill in the title, next to Loch Fyne. Food was average, but it did have a good bar and the cocktails were very good. The fun, if slightly chavvy, atmosphere made for a good evening. Is Sous Le Nez any good any more? I recently tried Souk (is that what its called?) in Bradford. The best lamb chops I have ever had. Also went to Saffron which was tasty but nothing special. Where is doing the best curry at the moment, I had not heard of Kipling's, will have to give that a try. There are a few new ones along from the railway station as you approach Kirkstall Road, I don't know the name of the road. Are these any good? What about the noodle places which have opened up, any worth going to? Thanks again.
  7. Hi Jobs, moving house, one thing and another...you know the story Not eaten out in Leeds for a good long while. What's happening in Leeds and locally that is worth adding to the hit-list. TLP
  8. Hello Did anyone see the review of Anthony's in Leeds in the Inde on Sunday. Hinted that Anthony may be the saviour of British cooking. Cheers TLP
  9. Hi Gary It seemed to be half a grouse roasted and presented mostly off the bone. I am happy to be corrected, I couldn't exactly work out what the anatomy was. A very light gamey taste. It was served with sweet potato and pomegranate fruit "segments". The amuse before this was ?fried sweetcorn with nectarine sorbet. No, there was no chutney. It would have made a good addition. We had celery, grape and whole red pepper corns in a sort of salsa. It didn't really do a lot for me I have to be honest. The more I think about it the more I am convinced that the bread was totally wrong. Have you been to the Box Tree yet? R
  10. Hello We finally went to Anthony's in Leeds last night. Beautiful interior, linen and tableware. Gorgeously presented food. We had the langoustines and onion risotto to start then the rabbit and grouse. Desert was the cheeses served with their own bread. I don't think that I can add much more than has been said. The white onion risotto with parmesan air was fantastic. I felt that the main course helpings were a little on the slim side but as I have said they were beautifully presented and very tasty. Wines were a half bottle of a Sancerre and their Chateau Lagrange. Both recommended by Anthony senior and both excellent. My only quibble was with the cheeses. I think it was £7.95 each and for that you got 4 2cm^2 pieces of cheeses and their bread. I really didn't think that the bread worked that well with the cheese, there was just too much of it. More importantly I felt it was a very small amount of cheese for the money. This is Leeds, remember! A few drinks upstairs with Anthony snr to round off. Very good evening. Still uncertain whether it representes better value than No. 3 and the Calls. There is the Box Tree now too.
  11. Hi I'm off to Anthony's tonight Does anyone have any suggestions from the current menu, or any thoughts on wines? Cheers R
  12. Hello We're off tonight Does anyone have any suggestions from the current menu? What about thoughts on wine? Cheers R
  13. My understanding is that SImon Gueller is just about to open at the Box Tree at Ilkley. I am not positive when he is opening but I know it to be fairly soon.
  14. Here it is on Amazon, you can get it for £5.99 second hand although I can't understand why anyone would be selling their copy. Perhaps they got another as a present or something. BBQ Bible-click here Good luck TLP
  15. Hey I know its a bit non-foodie. Even so I suspect you all have a copy. Ainsley Harriott's Barbecue Bible by Ainsley Harriott the chef and TV personality It has over 120 recipes, two which stand out are "Chargrilled Pineapple Chicken Kiss-Kiss" on p. 59 and "Beef 'Bourguignon' Kebabs" on p.71. I can heartily recommend the book as a way to transform those summer BBQs...so get sizzling. A bit different I know but some of those lists needed a bit of spicing up. Be brave. TLP
  16. Thanks everyone I didn’t expect so many helpful suggestions and recipes. There is certainly a lot of fudge making to be done. Bit worried where I am going to put all the fudge I make!! I am going to have to find some boxes or something to put it all in. This can only result in a long evening of fudge packing.
  17. Looking at the Delia Smith recipie the photos in that seems to be exactly the right sort of texture that I was after. Thanks everyone Ron
  18. Hi Flossie Thanks very much. I'll have a look. So far most of the recipes I have some across seem to make the kind of fudge you get in tourist centres, you know the kind where there are sugar granules. I want something with more of the texture of cheese. The recipes I describe above gives the perfect texture but it doesn't set properly. I'll give these two a try. Thanks again Ron
  19. Hi Thanks for your ideas. I've tried a few of the sugar + butter + cream/milk recipes and also the one below which I got from a pastry chef at a fine dining restaurant in London. The simpler recipes I find a bit too "candyish" for petits fours whereas the one below I have not managed to get to work the way I would like it...its often far too soft...possibly because of the glucose? Glucose – 680g Caster sugar – 680g Double cream - .75pt Soft butter – 90g White choc – 454g Cook glucose, sugar and cream to 250 deg F Take off heat Add butter and stir in Add choc and stir in. Pour into cling film lined tray and refrigerate Basically I just mean something to offer with coffee when people come over for a bit to eat. I really mean things to add....I've tried rum and raisin obviously but would be interested in a few more unusual ideas. Thanks again. Ron
  20. Hi Does anyone have a good fudge recipe I have been playing about with various recipes for a while and not hit on the perfect one yet. Would prefer one using cream rather than condensed milk but that's not essential if it is nice. It is for something I can use as petit fours (belive it or not) so interesting additions would be most welcome. I have a sugar thermometer should anyone be interested. UK weights/volumes would be appreciated. Cheers Ron
  21. Hello Conor Have you thought about the two Wetherspoon's pubs in the city centre? The Lady Pleaser
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