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  1. We will be Outside of Bangor for a week-looking for various ethnic-or not-great restaurants. Also in Portsmouth NH on the way back home. ANy favorites??
  2. We are coming into DC by train on Monday evening around 6pm-staying at the JW Marriot. Don't know the area at all. Would like a recommendation for dinner-close by and no more than $40 a person for dinner. Open to anything--just really good food, relaxed atmosphere. Thank you!
  3. Looking for a reasonably priced restuarant for diner this evening in the Red Bank or Asbury Park, NJ area. Any suggestions?
  4. Special dessert for graduation bbque I need to make something spectacular-which will feed a large group -for a graduation party tomorrow--Not Chocolate! All my special cakes, etc are chocolate-that's what my family insists on. I can make a great blueberry or peach pie-but I need to feed more. Any ideas?
  5. In desperate need of good Chinese delivery in the far west 40"s. Any ideas?
  6. I now spend long days at 46th & 12th-lunch is usually delivery or a very quick walk. Can you give me some ideas that are close and/or deliver? Would love to find great Chinese (particularly dumplings), Thai, sushi (not too expensive), good salads and perhaps a bakery. Will be in your debt!
  7. On Park Ave right across from the Stagehouse/Tavern there is a new bar-can't even tell its name-sign simply says-Bar, Food, Music, Love. I went in-no one there-but it is very interesting-couches , little tables and chairs-no drink menu or food menu and they don't know when the music will start (according to the bartender). Anyone know anything about it?
  8. Chinese style baby backs I have a rack of baby backs and want to make them for tomorrow night-NYE. Would you share a favorite recipe? Thanks!
  9. I made the cranberry/orange/coconut cookies that everyone has raved about-the dough never really went togethter in one mass-and when I made the cookies they were difficult to get into a round ball-they never flattened-just stayed vry high---However-they tasted fantastic! Any ideas about why it happened.
  10. We are going for Dim Sum on Sunday. These two restaurants seem to be the ones mentioned most in the area (Union/Middlesex Cty). Would you share your thoughts on these to help us decide? Thanks in advance!
  11. We are having a small 60th birthday party for my sister at Spice Market. We will be picking out the menu for everyone. Would you share your favorites with me as well anything you would avoid? Thanks so much!
  12. We had been at David Drakes recently and wanted to try somewhere new. I had heard from a friend that Rats had recently gotten a very bad review.
  13. A dinner anywhere for my husband and me is what we are being given as a return for a big favor. So now what? What would your three top choices be in New Jersey for a special dinner? Please don't include Rats or David Drakes. Thanks for the help!
  14. The Tavern, part of the Stagehouse in Scotch Plains. HAs a lovely patio area and a long bar. You can eat there as well.
  15. Help!!! I need to make chicken for tomorrow night and none of my usual recipes sound good to me. I need something very easy-not sauteing all 30 pieces! Do you have something T&T and delicious??
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