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  1. Great topic.. I myself have been on Atkins since October 2003, I have lost 54 lbs and many inches. I eat believe me I eat. The vegetables are plentiful and cooked/flavored in many ways. I have never eaten so healthy. Heres one of my favorite recipes. It is an origanal (thought of by moi) so there are no copyright infringements to worry about. 4 chicken breast halves, I remove the skin, this is optional 1 medium onion diced Olive oil 2 tbsps beef stock powder. Beef soup base can also be used 1 cup of regular mayonaise. I use hellmanse 1 personal bad of pork rinds. Grind the pork rinds as you would to make bread crumbs. Saute the onion in olive oil until slightly blackened not burnt. Add onions and beef stock powder to mayonaise. Roll chicken breasts in the mayo mixture, then in the pork rinds. Bake at 350 degrees until done. this recipe has only 6 net carb grams for the entire recipe. Enjoy
  2. Now I've read it all. How in the world did that happen? Did you just come from laser surgery? Wait even if you did couldn't you feel the feathers. You don't have a cat do you?
  3. Hmm, speaking of pie crusts a little trick I learned along the way. When baking pie crust alone (no filling) to stop the bottoms from bubbling up line the pie crust bottom with dried beans. Remove beans before filling pie of course
  4. Roaches in a restaurant... nope I wouldn't go back. I absolutely hate those things. To be honest with you, I've seen so many things go on in a variety of restaurants, even so called 5 star that I don't even like eating in restaurants at all. I know how clean and sanitary I am and could never even phantom being any other way while cooking, but not everyone is like that.
  5. I do exactly that, one fella had pinenuts and fresh basil. Can any one guess what he was going home to make. He was impressed that I knew "Going home to make pesto are we?"I do agree that shoppers do buy alot of junk. Glad I'm not paying for their groceries. Or putting it in my body for that matter
  6. I have to agree that many packaging is hard to get into. But what I found weird and this has nothing to do with food. Was the bottle of bleach I purchased the other day. Not only did it have a plastic wrapper around the lid, but once I struggled to get that off, there was one of those paper thingys under the lid that I had to peel off. Why would they do that? Its not like people are going to consume bleach and one would have to worry about others putting something poisonous in there. Its already poisonous.
  7. I agree, its nappa cabbage in my eggrolls. Nice subtle tasts and not over powering, like regular green cabbage. Who puts green cabbage in eggrolls anyway?
  8. Gourmando Chef Micheal Wilson, he was 1 of the instructors at The College of New Caledonia in British Columbia, he was there for over 26 years. He unfortunately passed away a few years ago. He is sadly missed thats for sure. He trained in Scotland, Paris and Italy among many places. Since his death they have taken the Culinary Arts Program of the curriculum and now have a new instructor that teaches, everything regarding the hospitality industry except cooking. The restaurant at the college is still open, Chef Wilson was the founder of Kodiaks (Restaurant on campus). I left and came home to Ontario about 7 years ago. Stopped along the way and did some cooking in Edmonton and Calgary
  9. Compassrose, thats exactly what happened to me. I am a spicy lover to begin with, but when I cut out all sugars, refined carb and fruit. The want for spicy food intensified dramatically
  10. Heres another I know some don't know: What does emulsify mean? To emulsify means to combine two liquids that normally do not combine easily, such as oil and vinegar. Emulsifiers are contained in egg white, gelatine, skim milk and mustard. Mayonnaise is a mixture of oil and vinegar or lemon juice that is emulsified by the addition of egg yolk, which contains the emulsifier lecithin. This is done by slowly adding one ingredient to another while whisking rapidly. This will disperse and suspend one liquid throughout the other. The two liquids will soon separate unless a third ingredient is added--this is called a liaison or emulsifier, which stabilises the mixture.
  11. I haven't eaten sugar or refined white flour in almost 11 months.I cook/bake with many different flours but thats a whole other story. It takes a few weeks and it is all a matter of control but it can be done. Both sugar and refined carbs can trigger cravings and increase the insulin levels in your body. If you can get past the 1st few weeks the cravings almost disapear. Cravings can reappear, but there small and controlable Try replacing your sugar with splenda, unlike aspertine and all those other terrible sugar substitutes, splenda comes from sugar. There are alot of ways to satisfy those cravings without using sugar. Whip up some cream add sugar free jello. If you like chocolate add some cocoa to your cream. Basically all you have to do is eat like a diabetic. Food information for diabetics are all over the web, so information is right at your finger tips. I eat low carb myself. I do eat fruit, but only 2 servings a day. I actually just started incoporating fruit, after 11 months. I still stay away from the refined flours or anything made with them and sugar. I use hemp, oat, soy, vital wheat gluten, nut meal and protien isolate. I eat enough vegetables and salads to satisfy a small herd of cows and I prepare them in awide variety of ways. I relize that meat is carb free, but it is also high in saturated fats, so that is limited to serving sizes and I trim off all the unnnessisary fats. I use butter instead of margerine, not just because it taste 100% better, but also because of hydrogenation and trans fats. I also don't eat prepared deli meats or bacon because of the nitrogens. I have plenty of sliced meat in the fridge. I roast my own chicken, turkey, beef and pork and slice them up. After 11 months of eating this way, I have lost 44 lbs, many, many inches. The reynaud syndrom that I had in my feet and hands have disapeared as well as the arthritis in my left foot, I have not had heartburn, gas or bloating. No headache (and I use to get them all the time) bad choleterol levels have dropped. I sleep through the night and so much more. Fat is stored around the belly area when insulin levels spike, that fat is gone. I could go on and on. But this is not a book writing post. A little education and learning to prepare your old favorites in a new way takes some time, but it can be worth it in the end. I hope you conquer your food problems. I wish you the best of luck
  12. I have just recently started drinking green tea. Never thought about cooking with it. Very interesting. I purchased a container of tettle green tea today. really rather good. I filled my coffee perculator 1/3 of the way with water, filled the pot with ice. Placed 3 bags in the filter and made chilled green tea. I believe I'm addicted. I like it plain. Its was refreshing to say the least
  13. I believe your right. I saw the advertising on TV about a week ago. For some reason I thought they said CIA. My chef instructor while in school was a guest on the show. I remember thinking, wow what an excellent school... way back when. after seeing the commercial breifly Culinary Institute must of been what caught my attention. Either way, its about time they got such a prestiges school so close to home. Although George Brown is pretty good too.
  14. I too enjoy green tea, however I must caution people. I purchased a box of Triple Leaf Green tea. Boy was I in for a surprise.. that 3rd leaf was senna. You think regular green tea makes you have regular bathroom visits? Well as some may already know, senna does the same thing. Green tea w/ senna doesn't help the urinary track.. its more of a helpful bowel mover. Not fun when you've drank a few cups. I'll be sure to check the label next time before purchasing
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