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  1. thanks for the prompt responses. Deliad if you do get the recipe from your mom could you please post it. I have been given a fair idea of what goes into it but given that I have never eaten it nor ever seen it, I have a hard time divining consistency, proportions etc.
  2. Hi all, I am looking for a recipe to make panjiri. Any out there? I was advised to eat a little with lunch and dinner after delivery because of its restorative properties.
  3. thank you for such detailed replies.
  4. I'd really appreciate it if someone had a ready answer.
  5. Cold drinks that I can only dream about in New York City: The concoction Ralli's just outside New Market in Calcutta makes with crushed ice, pista-badam syrup, and rabdi served in a little earthenware cup is sublime as is their thandai syrup which I make do with here. Kesar Falooda from Shiv Sagar (Vile Parle) for which I have not found a substitute yet.
  6. My grandmother toasts her dals before she uses it to make sambar and thogayal (in the case of dal based ones) as well as before putting it into ghee to garnish it on poriyals. (cabbage, beans). I recollect her saying that she did it as part of her general practice because she was not sure how old the dals were and it being India and humid there was great potential for spoilage. Another aunt of mine tells me it helps digestion... My two bits into the untried waters of egullet forums... I am new here and look forward to enjoying and learning and contributing to the forum and getting to know new people.
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