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  1. I MOST heartily recommend Los Potrillos, and not just 'cause they're around the corner from my house! Muy autentico y delicioso
  2. Well, if you're shopping in Columbia City, go to Bob's. He's got whole untrimmed briskets at a great price, and they're delicious. I corn mine.
  3. Kettel's Korner (or is is Corner?) on 4th Ave S, a couple of blocks North of Marginal is about the closest to the Midwestern Greasy Spoon of Memory I've found out here. Entirely tolerable Chicken-Fried Steak... and, hey, btw has anyone tried Mendi's Chamorro style restaurant and One Dollar Store in the former new Koba BBQ space? I have to say I'm deeply intrigued...
  4. We just bought a Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer (and a garbage disposer)from DBS, and have nothing but good to report, as well. (Although we weren't served by Elvis, alas!) They seem fine folk all around, and the prices are grrreat!
  5. Cesar's Ghost


    Ahh, the post of my dreams! Being dilatory and a sluggard, it was only yesterday that I made an acquaintance with the good Doctor's posts, and may I say that now I weep for the days spent without his expertise! Being a Michigan boy, the apple is a subject near and dear to my heart And, finally, being a dramaturg and a drunkard, Applejack has been an area of interest for me for quite some time, waxing or waning depending on the project or book in which I am immersed at the moment. Most recently this was upon rereading The Sun Also Rises and being intrigued by (is it?) Bill Gorton's proclamation that he has "just drunk [insert improbable number] Jack Rose cocktails." Needless to say, an investigation was in order. I began with my trusty copy of David Embury, and ended, inevitably, with eGullet's own Drinkboy. So, garden-variety Laird's applejack in hand, I mixed up a batch. I was about to put the insipidity of the resulting mess down to Lost Generation high spirits ...err, exuberance when I was struck with an inspiration: assuming that the Parisian barkkep would have substituted Calvados for the difficult-to-procure appleack, I reached for my bottle of Steve McCarthy's wonderful Clear Creek Apple Brandy and quickly had to lips a refreshing new favorite! So, I guess the point of this post is to call attention to that fine product (perhaps already addressed in the eau de vie thread?), and to urge consultation of Annie Proulx (yes, THAT Annie Proulx) & Lew Nichols' very useful book Sweet & Hard Cider: Making It, Using It, & Enjoying It . And yes, by all means let us encourage a revival of interest in this fine old American libation! Cheers! edited for spelling, to clean up a little formatting, and to apologize for my haste in posting now that I have seen that the Jack Rose is covered in Dr. Cocktail's book (of which I have just ordered a copy) and that Clear Creek is, in fact, mentioned on the eau de vie thread... Hope the Proulx reference helps, though...
  6. 4th, a block or so south of Filson's (and on the other side of the street) it's easy to miss. They do, indeed, have a fine and broad selection: 3 or 4 different Cachacas last time I looked, for instance.... and a nice collection of bourbons. They supply many of the restaurants. 12th Ave on Capitol Hill isn't too bad, and I've heard that when they open the new one to replace the Broadway Market location, it will be pretty comprehensive. Cin Chin
  7. AHHH! All becomes clear... You went to PFI the _wholesaler_, not the retail store. So, you were about 6 blocks too far south! Best of luck in your next sally. If you hit Uwajimaya, you've gone too far North...
  8. It sounds as though you were at the right place: the trick is that the entrance is all the way at the back (i.e. the far end from the street) of the parking lot! You'll know that you're in the right parking lot by seeing the thin and tall sign indicating Big John's P F I on the N. side of the lot. It's not a particularly big or noticeable sign... They're on 6th S, just below Airport Way (sort of in behind the Immigration building)...and it's not impossible to miss the turn... o, and they're closed on Sundays and Mondays. Good Luck, and Happy Shopping!
  9. PFI (aka Big John's) http://www.pacificfoodimporters.com/ is where I buy almost all of my chese these days. While not an upscale, full service kind of joint, they've got an amazing selection, knowledgeable salesfolk, and about the best prices in town. Good turnover, too, so you're guaranteed freshness. Mamster..."nasty circumstances?" Do tell! I was aggrieved by Cook's demise (and not least because I was holding a gift certificate in hand when I stopped by the shuttered door...)
  10. Big John's PFI (the retail arm of Pacific Food Importers) just south of the ID has a large selection from low to high price. For cooking, I'm a big fan of Sagra, a combo of (let me go get the can)... "select oils from Italy, Spain, Greece, and Tunisia." Packed in Italy. 19.95 for 3 liters. And the best cheese/meat case for the money in town!
  11. Cesar's Ghost

    Wine in a box

    A week or two ago at the Seward Park PCC they had a box that looked interesting ...I don't recall the name, but I seem to recall that it was a Pays D'oc...the buyer's write-up said that it was suprisingly good. I've been meaning to pick one up...I'll report back...
  12. if you don't mind hopping off 99 (I almost always take 99 for the view) downtown: Le Pichet.
  13. a hearty second for the Leschi Mart. 10% off if you buy 6 bottles (as opposed to a case). same for the PCC. I'm fond of the Metropolitan Market selection, if a little less so the prices... and if you buy wine on the web: Sams Liquor Warehouse (Full disclosure, I have a brother who works there (and one who just left), but it was my favorite back when I lived in Chicago long before they joined the team) They're a great spirits supplier as well; useful to those such as myself who fondly recall the non-state stores of more civilized states... Cheers!
  14. We've got a 4-year-old and an 18 month old and simply love another board favorite, the Seven Stars Peppers. It has gotten to the point that they have a bowl of wonton soup (Sarita(the 4 year old)'s favorite) going as soon as we walk in the door. They also have the delicious fresh fruit juices which are perennially popular. Watermelon is near the top of Sarita's list. And there's the crab tank to look at, as well. Shanghai Garden in the ID similarly recommends itself. Last summer when she was 3, Sarita and I had a very nice rather formal meal at The Alki Homestead in West Seattle. It was a "special event" as my wife and the baby were out of town, and we both had a great time.