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  1. I was looking for something similar last year for my birthday and I ended up at Bua on St. Marks Place, which worked out well. The staff there is helpful and drinks are very reasonable. It can get crowded on a Friday night, but they'll set aside a table/section of the bar for you--the only thing is that you have to be there by 9 or 10 to claim it.
  2. How's the food at Zerza? Or Le Souk? I hear they have dancing on weekends.
  3. I'm in the opposite camp from Raji...I just started taking bellydance classes and I'd like to see a pro to get some inspiration. Anyone have recommendations for a place with good food and bellydancing?
  4. I'm very pleased to report that my wine made it home safely! I was too nervous to put it in my bag with the rest of my clothes, so I packed a separate suitcase of wine sealed into freezer bags and wrapped in lots of bubble wrap. I was told by the American ticket agent who checked me in that they no longer identify bags as fragile with stickers - I don't know if this is just the policy at American, or if I wasn't persuasive enough. Thanks for all of your suggestions!
  5. I'm actually not in wine country anymore - I may be able to scour the wine stores in Sacramento for some sort of packing container, but does anyone have any tips for protecting the bottles with more readily available materials?
  6. I am finishing up a vacation in California, flying back to New York on Saturday. I picked up six bottles of wine while touring the Santa Ynez Valley that I was planning on carrying onboard with me in a handy cardboard box with a handle. Due to the new TSA regulations, I can't carry any liquids on board now. Does anyone have any advice for packing wine in checked luggage? Is this just a terrible idea? Thanks in advance.
  7. I just saw on the Breadline blog that they will now be open for lunch on Saturdays from 11am - 3pm. Hooray!
  8. FYI - Kickball season is starting up, and Irish Times sponsors divisions that play most weeknights, I believe. On those nights, the bar will be overrun with rowdy teams in brightly colored t-shirts playing flip-cup and other drinking games, from about 7:30 until closing. Consider yourselves warned.
  9. And now Tunks and chefs from Ceiba, TenPenh, and DC Coast have taken it off for a beefcake calendar sent to "loyal customers." Reliable Source Did anyone receive one of these?
  10. I had dinner on Friday night at Firefly with my father, who was visiting from California for the weekend. This was my first trip to Firefly, and after reading so many great things about it here, I was very excited. The food did not disappoint--I loved the pea soup and lamb minute steak and dad was very happy with the roast chicken--but my one complaint was the noise level. We were seated in the front room not far from the bar, which was packed, and we could hardly hear each other. Is this the usual scene at Firefly? I would happily go back with friends to start an evening out, but I would probably think twice about choosing Firefly for dinner with someone I wanted to catch up with. Perhaps I need to try it again mid-week or request a table in the back room.
  11. I love the Sconset at Jetties on Foxhall road--hummus, sprouts, avocado, and muenster on multigrain bread...mmm. Jetties' Thanksgiving sandwich (I can't remember its proper name) also looks good, with warm turkey, stuffing, and cranberries, but I haven't been able to tear myself away from the Sconset the few times I've been there.
  12. How about Colorado Kitchen for either brunch or dinner? Homemade donuts or burgers should please ethnic-phobes.
  13. I had dinner last night at Straits of Malaya on 18th Street, and I loved it. The roofdeck is a great spot, and we ate very well for less than $30/person (that includes a drink or two each, as well). They encourage you to order family-style, so the group of five I was with got to sample quite a few different dishes. My favorites were the five-spice roll appetizer and the curried eggplant entree. Service was friendly, and it was a great way to spend a Sunday night.
  14. I like the sidecars at Bistro Bis and Poste. I haven't tried Palena's, though.
  15. How about Reeves Bakery downtown? They did a giraffe cake for a baby shower I went to recently, and they seemed capable of lots of kinds of decorations.
  16. Heritage India in Dupont has a great happy hour from 5-7 daily: $4 martinis and house wines, $2.50 beers, and half-price Indian tapas. You can easily get a meal's worth of food and a couple of drinks for less than $20. I also like having margaritas on the patio at Rosemary's Thyme, which are half-price during happy hour (5-7:30, I believe). They have cheap food specials as well, which are perfectly fine for a neighborhood place, but not as memorable as their margaritas.
  17. The burrito cart historians in my office tell me that the current guy is not the original ex-lawyer, but he uses the original recipes, which were bequeathed to him after the lawyer's retirement from the burrito cart business.
  18. There's also a burrito cart at 15th and K that I've been to a few times and found to be pretty good (even by my Californian standards). The guy has a great array of hot sauces for customizing your burrito. It's on the west side of McPherson Square, in front of the CVS on K Street. Most days he has a line down the block.
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