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  1. I'm sure that it would taste great, but you are right, the consistancy might suffer. Maybe if you used Whip It? ← It's funny that you asked that. I love, love, love this recipe. I tried it this past weekend using real vanilla pudding and it was very good. It tasted like Paula's version. I also tried it with real whipped cream. The texture was a bit different, but it was still good.
  2. I make my own, too!! Yum! I use frozen fruit, soymilk and ground flax seeds!
  3. Wow!Thank you for posting these pics! I am going to France (Paris) next month. What I am looking forward to most? The desserts!!
  4. Hey Dragonfly Desserts, How are things coming along? I hope all is well.
  5. You guys are making me hungry!!!
  6. Ok, here are just a few... Colette Peters - Cakes to Dream On I dont own this book, but I have heard lots of great things about it. This is her latest book. She also has a few other books that might be better suited for a beginner. Colette Peters - The Art of Cake Decorating Whimsical Bakehouse Toba Garrett - The Well Decorated Cake International Book of Sugarcraft This is an older book, but it contains lots of techniques. Other cake artists... Debbie Brown Lindy Smith You can also check out www.cakecentral.com. Good luck.
  7. For decorating, is there a certain style that you are drawn to? Are you interested in learning more about baking or are you looking for more of a collection of good recipes? Are you able to visit either your local library or bookstore before making a purchase? Sometimes that helps b/c it allows you to see exactly what you are going to get before ordering. Of course, they may not have as good of a selection as Amazon, but it will allow you to preview the book.
  8. Oh, my goodness! I am so glad that I came across this thread. I baked a very similar recipe TWICE and received the same results!! I am sitting here searching for answers on what the heck I did wrong. I guess I will bake it again using a brand new pack of flour!
  9. Here's a thread that may also help you. Click Here Here's another Click Here
  10. I was going to ask the same thing. I saw them on Amazon.
  11. That looks delicious!! I came across that the other day in my book. I opted to make the regular NY cheesecake b/c my husband was begging for cheesecake. I was VERY satisfied with the regular one. Now that I've seen the rave reviews for the lemon one, I am going to make that one next!!!
  12. I admire those of you have the guts to go forward with your dreams, whatever it may be. One thing that I have noticed about this site, is that you will get a first-hand view into the world of the food industry. There's no sugar-coating, which can be a good thing. Take this information as part of research. You are equipped with information, good and bad. It's something else to have under your belt going forward. I, for one, have always dreamed (since I was a child) of owning my own business.....not sure just what or if it will ever happen. This site has been instrumental if I were to ever prepare myself for becoming an entrepreneur (in any business). It has given me a diferent look at things. It hasnt shattered my dreams. If anything, it has made me more aware of some of things I need to do for myself, things I might not have thought about otherwise. The reality is that being a business owner of many businesses, (food related and non-food related), you can experience some of the things that Pam mentioned in her post. Being a business owner of any business is going to be hard work period. And the reality is that the business can fail, but at the same time it can also succeed. Life is about chances. You win some. You lose some. And if things dont work out, as you already know, you wont be the first or the last. You pick yourself up and keep going. I think it is a MUST to go into this with as much research as possible, an open and realistic mind, and a backup plan for all things involved. I am sure your mom is making sure of that. Just think, if we didnt have entrepreneurs, we wouldnt have been graced with some of the businesses and job opportunities that are available today. Be sure to let us know how things go.
  13. Here's a thread that may be helpful............ Campfire Girl
  14. I had an experience this past weekend. I made a butter cake using a method where I folded the whipped whites into the batter. The cake was delicious when I made it. I frosted it and put it in the refrigerator overnight. I allowed it to come to room temperature before eating. It just did not taste the same. It wasnt as moist as it was initially. And I used a little simple syrup. I have made this same cake in the past. Last time, I did not refrigerate it at all and did not run into this problem. This is what has led me on the hunt to find the perfect (yellow) butter cake. Now that I think about it, I am going to try that cake again. Part of the problem could have come from the icing. The buttercream inside the cake (IMBC w/ white chocolate added to it) was still cold and firm and had not come to room temperature, even after being out at room temperature for a while. Perhaps, that could have had an effect on why my cake didnt quite come to room temperature even after being out for a while. I dunno.
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