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  1. Okay after thinking about this more. I would still be perfectly happy in Northern Italy, but a good second choice would be Japan. Of course I would need a much thicker wallet being in Japan, either Tokyo or Kyoto. Alternating between Sushi, Soba and Tokyo's world cuisine.
  2. irodguy

    Hybrid 'Candy' Onion

    Forgot to mention doing a onion tart. Just make a pizza dough Cook your onions until translucent Remove most of the liquid from the cooked Onions Spread on the Pizza dough about 1/4 inch thick Top with Olives
  3. irodguy

    Hybrid 'Candy' Onion

    I purchased some of these last year at Central Market here in Plano. I used them for: Sweet onion relish for Pork Loin French Onion Soup. Yep they worked quite well. While I have not used this for Onion Salad, I have seen a similiar salad done with Vidalias Basically Onions and Tomatos with Blue Cheese, Lemon Juice and a hit of oil
  4. On very very rare occasion I will use a timer. I normally stay in the kitchen. When baking I cook by smell and texture, everything else I eyeball and use this handy dandy thing called a thermometer
  5. http://www.texasorganicgrowers.org/
  6. Willis, Texas (Larger Houston Area) "Camille's Cattle Company" Contact: Camille Bock Address: 10216 Bilnoski Rd., Willis, TX 77378 Phone: 936-344-6450 Email: rosebock at flex.net MapQuest Camille's Cattle Company is located in Willis, Texas which is approximately 70 miles north of Houston. We direct market not only wonderful grassfed beef and lamb free of any chemicals, drugs or hormones but also have a great mixed flock of free range chickens that give us and our customers the freshest eggs available. Our birds do not get their beaks clipped are never confined in small cages or packed into large confinement houses. They are protected at night from predators but are released each morning to open pastures where they hunt for bugs and seeds. We feed them a commercial non-medicated layer formula, whole corn and fresh water.
  7. irodguy

    Pork Chops

    I love them with EVOO & rosemary or Demi with Rosemary. The other really nice way is to encrust them in parmesean with a little rosemary.
  8. Yep the only problem is he need something built in. I had suggested that he go with table top cooking. Basically a couple of cookteks and a gas griddle. He wants something "built in" I finally talked him into going with Induction if he can find something built in and going with a nice built in propane grill outside. He simply does not want propane indoors due to the fact that unlike natural gas it can gather in one spot and blow up.
  9. Italy Emilia-Romagna I would eat gnochi friti with lardo and prosciutto a little Salumi. Little parmesean on the side.. Maybe some a nice chop with balsmica. Grilled fresh vegies with some nice 50 year old balsmica on it Wash it all down with some nice Lambrusco
  10. My uncle is building a rather large country home. He refuses to use Propane for fire reasons. Mainly because depending on time of year he may not be there for a month at a time. So the next best idea seems to be induction. Does anybody have a recommendation on manufacturer?
  11. irodguy

    Carne Asada

    Due to the high price of flank steak, I would go with Rib Eye. Just pound it out a little. Since Fajitas are in style the normal cuts are just to pricy for what you get.
  12. It depends on what kind of Japanese knives you are talking about. Chef's carries Shun and Global for instance. http://www.chefscatalog.com/store/catalog/...terId=cat000180 I would be that they will have a very nice discount on Shun at their semi-annual sale in late October.
  13. Recipes are a starting point. I read cookbooks for ideas. Then I take those ideas and make them mine.
  14. Of course on the other side of this, Dallas had a very heart healthy restaurant. It did not last long. The food simply was boring. Everything tasted ah like cereal pretty much. It was a good idea, but even people with heart conditions etc. want to eat food that taste good when they eat out. I never assume that any food I eat out is "healthy" But then again I also have a rule about not eating foods out that I can fix quickly, significantly better, significantly cheaper. But that's another thread.
  15. http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PA...&PROD_ID=707671 http://www.chefscatalog.com/store/catalog/...&showCrumb=true http://www.chefscatalog.com/store/catalog/...&showCrumb=true
  16. Hmm let's see you missed the extreme cheek pinching All though my grandmother did teach me to make both Matzo Balls and Gefilte fish from scratch, other than that she generally boiled things until they were about 5 steps past dead.
  17. irodguy

    What kind of oil?

    Pretty funny, the same show that got me to use goose fat. I had quite the hunt here in Dallas for it. I finally found it at a now defunct gourmet shop. I was quite good. Since then I have also gone the route of rendering my own duck fat. I don't really know about the convection. I have cooked my chickens both using convection and not and don't see an enormous difference. I mainly use convection to cook by multi layered potato dish.
  18. Live Shrimp in Chinese Sake at a very high end Chinese restaurant in India.
  19. I do a holiday party every year and invite 200 of my closest friends I basically cook for about 4 days the last three about 20 hours a day. I set up a website for people to bring there own signature dishes. I then setup tables or at least sides of tables by cuisine type. For instance on the Main table I had Japanse on one section, Chinese on the other and Texas "Bubba" on the rest of the table. Then on another table I had Greek, Italian, Indian etc. I encourage people to post their recipes on the website. Last year's website http://www.webwolvez.com/
  20. irodguy

    What kind of oil?

    Yum goose fat .... Yah that's what I am talking about a nice chicken with goose fat slathered all over it and some salt. Potatoes, mushrooms and carots.
  21. Yep used to drive From South to Northern Louisiana and back on the old roads before they build the big 4 lane highway. It was always great stopping in the little towns for crawfish. I used to drive like a nut from Dallas to get to Tunks in Alexandria before they closed. Stop for the night and then drive calm and collected to Lake Charles.
  22. irodguy

    Butter Fish

    I have had butter fish several times at a Masami here in Dallas. I will ask him for more info on it.
  23. irodguy

    What kind of oil?

    Oops I did forget to mention Grapeseed oil. It is available in better stores. I personally purchase liter bottles from the restaurant supply. The cost of Grapeseed oil compared to 75/25 makes its use rare though. 75/25 = $8 Per Gallon Grapeseed = $10 per liter
  24. irodguy

    What kind of oil?

    It really depends on the purpose. My most used oil is 75/25 Canola/EVOO. I get the taste of the Olive and the smoke point of the Canola, not to mention it's must less expensive. I use peanut or canola for deep frying, depending if I want the slight peanut taste or not. Walnut Oil or EVOO for salads depends on if it's a sweet or savory dressing. And of course Sesame for Chili Oil and for oriental cooking. I keep Japanese Chili Oil on hand to drizile over Seared Salmon and for Spicy Sushi Rolls, but that's another discussion.
  25. It really depends on how many times I have eaten at the restaurant and what kind it is. If it's a family owned place and the waiter is bad then I normally will tell the Manager. If it's one of the restaurants that I frequent, then the odds are I will get up go to the kitchen and rattle the chef’s cage. If it's my first time there I will normally just write it off. I won't say anything or go back. If it's a corporate place, then pretty much write off that location. While I am not there to act as a consultant, I don't want to see a family run business fail from hiring stupid kids. Not if the food is good anyhow.
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