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  1. Yep I have gotten very hi tech with my home grocery list. I load them in on my computer and then link them to my cell phone which is also a pda.

    I then go to the grocery store on the way home.... and pretty much forget to look at it and purchase whatever suits my fancy at the time :laugh:

    The only time I really do pay attention to list is when I have a catering list. Then I go armed with purchase orders and use them as a check list even if I have no account at the store in question.

  2. Next week Saturday 10/23 & Sunday the 24th is the Chef's catalog sale an event not to be missed!

    The sale is at their new location 4121 Pinnacle Point Dr Dallas TX 75211. From Dallas & Ft Worth, exit Cockrell Hill Rd. go South turn left on Pinnacle Point Dr.

  3. Many restaurants let breaded meats sit in the walk in over night. In practice one to two hours in your fridge should be fine.

    The only reason for a freeze is when doing things like a Potato encrusted chicken/fish etc. Many moons ago in a country far far away when I worked as a chef we used to do a herb potato encrusted chicken. We would throw them into the freezer over night. We would prepare them by a stint in the deep fryer and then into the oven.

  4. The simple fact is an employee can walk out at any time for any reason.

    It sounds like you are already in the "rumors" position. In this case I would

    1) Tell the employees yes the rumor is true.

    2) Tell them that you are planning on having a big party and or bonuses for everybody when the deal is done. When all else fails bribery works :wink:

  5. All good points. Just one added point:

    Make sure you have good coverage on your egg wash. It's typical that people will break a single egg and call it egg wash. You need enough to thoroughly cover your meat ... If you don't have egg wash coverage your breading will not stick properly.

    The other issue is people who leave to much flour on after the initial flour dredging. Make sure you have good flour coverage, but not clumps of flour. This will again lead to food becoming "de-breaded"

  6. Oops left out a couple of things.

    Let's not forget the original Steak and Ale. That's right the very first one on Lemon.

    And an honrable mention for other chains spread from Dallas. Like Black Eyed Pea. All though personally I liked there other chain Dixie House much better, where you could get a piece of prufrock pie (think that's how it was spelled). Profock was the name of the holding company and everybody at the time wanted a "piece of the pie"

    I fully agree on the original Kirby's. When I was in Highschool if you wanted to really impress the girls that's where you would take them.

  7. Okay a few of the classic places that were left off.

    Andrews - Where else could you get a caviar burger?

    Fujiya - One of the first "real" sushi bars on Coit & 635

    San Francisco Rose - Dallas first fern bar.

    Jamies - The inventor of the "fancy burger" and I would argue the most single import restaurant in the US burger scene. It's where Larry Levine got the idea for Chilis. He and a friend of mine had a club in the same Medallion center. He "cloned" them and came up with Chilis.

    Left out Chinese

    The Joy Inn on North West Highway. Probably the first kind of real Chinese in Dallas.

    Vincents Seafood. Again one of the originals

    Goldfinger - Again a really cool place in the mid 70s

  8. That may have been Kaphan's. They served steak and seafood. But it could also have been Bud Bigelow's. They were also known for steak. (As was just about every restaurant back then.) They just also happened to have lobster in the tank as I alluded to above.

    It seems like any "serious" restaurant here back in the 60s and 70s had to have good steak. :biggrin:

    Yep quite interesting the change all over Texas. Growing up in Dallas we had the standard Steak Houses and really one Chinese place by Bachman Lake near the airport. What a difference in 30 years or so.

  9. It was Uncle Tai's. Exactly. Thanks,

    Really good food, although really expensive.


    Yep Uncle Tai's they just closed up the Dallas Galleria location a couple of weeks ago. Evidently they are now focusing on their South Florida locations. It was truly great Chinese before there was such a thing in Texas. That was indeed a different era. Probably part of the reason they closed, now you can get better Chinese in many areas.

  10. There used to be a high end Japanese place off Westheimer as I remember with a pond in the middle with fish swimming. Last time I was there must have been mid to late 70s or so.

    Yep I remember Alfred's well. My father used to take me there when he had jobs in Houston. Also remember some Steak place near the dome as I remember, but think that was early 70s so got me one the name :rolleyes:

  11. Interesting enough when I took a class from Chef Jake he now makes Roux with OO and Flour and a little butter. I have started doing the same thing using 75/25 Oil / butter. Works fine and makes for a slightly less caloric dish :raz:

  12. Ooops somehow did not see creamy sauce ...

    Okay one more then. It's good but I think it a little bit of a waste of really high quality Salmon.

    2 3 large Cloves Fresh Minced Garlic

    pinch of Salt

    1/3 Cup Parmesan


    Coat the Fish and either Sauté or Broil

    1 Large Can Evaporated Milk or Non Fat Half and Half

    10 Garlic Cloves

    Cook on Low heat for about 30 minutes until the Garlic is soft

    Add 1/4 Cup Parsley

    1 T Oregano


    Serve over Pasta

  13. Personally I love to do seared salmon over cucumber salad

    Sear the Salmon

    Cucumber Salad

    Slice Cucumbers thin


    1 T Mayo full or light

    1/2 cup Rice Vinegar

    1 t toasted sesame

    sweeten to taste

    Serve the Salmon on the Cucumbers topped with Caviar and drizzled with Chili Oil

    or for a more creamy style dish a little sweet

    Rub Salmon with Orange Marmalade Grill or Broil etc.

    1 Can of Condensed Skin Milk

    Orange Zest

    1/4 cup Orange Juice

    1 t Corn Starch

    Mix 1/2 cup liquid with corn starch (make a slurry)

    Mix all the wet ingredients to low boil and then slow to a simmer until proper thickness

    Serves nicely with wild rice or couscous

  14. I'd go to Australia: they seem to have every cuisine in the world.

    There is also a certain comfort level language wise in being stuck in an English speaking country.

    That's one of the reasons that I love going to the UK. Interesting stuff and they speak English. It's just so much easier than me trying to speak a word here and word there of Italian or Portuguese etc. I still bring that point up to my parents in fact. My mother and grandmother would speak Portuguese to one another, so she did not want to teach us kids the language so she could keep secrets. My father and mother spoke French, so again same issue. So my mother did not teach us kids any language in fact kind of dissuaded us from learning them. I really wish she would have at least taught me Italian. So now at the ripe age of 46 I am considering taking conversational Italian :laugh:

  15. Yep I had suggested CNG. There are several places in the area that will refill tanks. He still did not like that idea. It's the whole house in the country thing. Even though he does have ranch hands there at least 3 times a week, he does not want any "gas" in or around the house.

    I have been trying to talk him into a nice Grill island for his back yard which overlooks a 20 acre lake he had built. I suggested he put it away from the house if he has "issues" We will see how that works. His wife now has the "no gas" thing in her mind as well.

    Of course personally since land is not an issue I would have built a much larger commercial style kitchen. :rolleyes: But then again it's not my money :laugh:

  16. I find it interesting how many people have mentioned India. How many people who mentioned it have been there? While the people are truly among the nicest most hospitable I have ever met, it was just way to much of a difference from Western culture.

    Also while I love Indian food it got to be way to much after a month. Lunch was great every day, and the hotel had a wonderful Chinese restaurant for those days that I did not feel like eating Southern Indian food. Breakfast was quite the other matter :shock: after two weeks I had to switch to eating a mango and then going to work. The curry in the hash browns was just to much :raz:

    On the other hand Miso for breakfast in Japan rocks, as does assorted meats in Italy.

  17. You need to file a report after you go. I have been talking to a grower out by my uncle's ranch in east Texas. Evidently organic ranching and farming is becoming more popular. Ranchers are starting to see the economics in this. Even my uncle has gong out and purchased a small flock of Gunnies Hens to deal with the crickets rather than using poison.

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