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  1. THanks for the link to the site (and the name clarification chris!) The menu looks great, and I can see that I'd have a hard time ordering, just based on the fact that I'd like to try like, the entire Left column. I might try to swing by there over the weekend to check it out. If so, I'll report back.....
  2. Has anyone tried this sandwich shop in Inman Square, Cambridge MA??? The food section had a story on it yesterday, and the pics of the sandwiches looked great.....
  3. Sounds like a great trip, rental car and all! I recently learned of Schwartz's on a business trip to Montreal - it truly is a slice of heaven (no pun intended). I wrote about my visit to Schwartz's on my blog: http://whenindoubtreboot.blogspot.com/2006...artzs-deli.html I haven't had the pleasure of trying poutine..........yet.........
  4. Will you get to go back to the Beachcomber? That is a fun place. I haven't been for about 8 yrs, but the last time we were there, we ate dinner and stayed to hear the live music afterwards....I remember the food being good, typical, Cape Cod fare. Fat Guy wrote: For dinner, we returned to Bob’s Sub & Cone. Please don’t tell Bob, but Bob’s Sub & Cone was not our first choice. First, we went to the Beachcomber restaurant, which as the name suggests is at the beach, but I assigned no credibility to the claim that our wait for a table would only be “25 to 35 minutes.” There were a zillion people there and the hostess who gave us the information didn’t seem to have a clue.
  5. There is also a place on Washington St in West Roxbury, called Viva Mi Arepa, and they serve Venezuelan food, arepas and empanadas. While the food is substantial in flavor, it tends to also be heavy on the grease. We get food from there every once in a while.....
  6. There are 2 places we get mexican from - both are low key places, not fancy at all, with relatively low prices. The first is called Yucatan Tacos in Roslindale, on Centre St close to the West Roxbury and JP border. Their catch phrase is "Mexican food made by Mexicans". I really enjoy the food from there - their refrieds are pretty damn good. I also enjoy the chili rellenos - great eggy batter with oozing cheese - what could be better?? The second place is in JP, also on Centre St and it is called Tacos el Charro. The food there is pretty good, and the portions are big.
  7. Just watched Part 1 of the Finale last night and I am just so PISSED that they sent DAve home. Sure, he F'd up and missed a dish, but it was CLEAR that his flavors were much BIGGER and BETTER than that BITCH Tiffani. GO HAROLD!
  8. 10 Hours! Holy Crap. Well, Tiffany's freak out and the extreme drunkeness of most of the contestants makes a lot more sense to me now. Anyone catch what they were drinking? Looked like some sort of sparkling wine; but, I didn't recognize the label. ~Erik ← They were drinking Sophia, by Copolla. It is a Blanc de Blanc style sparkling wine. Delicious and inexpensive (15-20$ per bottle)
  9. So glad that Stephen was next to go. I just couldn't stomach his big head any more. I would sit there yelling at the TV each week. That being said, I'm now on a mission to have Tiffani gone - not based on her cooking, because she looks like she can cook, but on her attitude, which is terrible. She swarms with negativity. Part of being a Top Chef (I think) is being able to be respected, something I think Tiffani lacks.
  10. I agree! Harold said, hey all I had to do with this was hang back and cook, and the judges were fine with that. Maybe the judge's animosity was due to the fact that Harold was on the winning team?
  11. Every week I watch, I can't stand Stephen more and more. Did you hear how he spoke back to the judges regarding the patrons at his restautant: "They all LOVED it".....ah, no, sorry Stephen, the all DIDN'T love it. Ugh, get over yourself... On another note, I loved how Harold planned his sandwich for the challenge - he vocalized that he had been to the restaurant a million and one times and he knew exactly the style of sammie to make. It paid off! I really loved the concept of Dave's sandwich - the grape ape. It looked delicious.
  12. I am so glad that everyone seems to not be able to stand Stephen. I see him and I want to punch him in the face. His ego is as big as a planet. I absolutely loved that he was in the bottom 3 last week. And I really can't stand Tiffany either. Too bad she had immunity the week of the Team challange, or she would have been eliminated based on attitude alone. I am really enjoying the show. I hope Lee Ann wins. It seems like she has a good cooking sense about her. I am also watching Next Food Network star - right now I'm liking Reggie. Read about it in my blog: www.whenindoubtreboot.blogspot.com
  13. Thanks for the re-cap! My husband and I have been to the Jazz Fest many times and so I am glad to hear that there is some sense of semi-normalty in NOLA...Hang in, and keep writing.
  14. Your homemade bagels are an inspiration. I actually am placing an order at King Arthurs in the near future (was planning on doing it yesterday and never got around to it) so I am going to add the Sir Lancelot High Gluten Flour on the order. How much baking soda did you add to the boiling water? Thanks, and happy birthday... Sharon
  15. Ogunquit is a bit too far to go for dinner for us. I have heard great things about Arrows and not so great things about Arrows. The fact that it gets the attention of many merits a visit. I would, however, happily suffer the hour and half drive NORTH to Primo outside Rockland. I hear it's amazing. ← Primo looks interesting as well. I have only been to Arrows once. My brother was married there 2 Septembers ago. It was a lovely affair. The grounds are beautiful, and the food was great. Thanks for your blog. Your shots are wonderful.
  16. This is a great blog. I live in Boston, so Maine is a natural vacation spot for us. JohnnyD, have you ever been to Arrows?
  17. great blog - wish I had contacted you before my trip this past May to Edinburgh! I spent the last week of May there on business. I thought the food was good. Had a great Indian meal one night at the Calvary Club. One of my favorite meals was at The Shore in Leith. Do you know of it Adam?
  18. Hi there - the book looks wonderful. I have had many great dining experiences with my parents. They often refer to me, 6 months old, sitting in the high chair at the local chinese food place, chomping on a spare rib. We continue to share food experiences, now with my 3 yr old and 8 month old chomping on the spare ribs - it's wonderful. My dad recently won, at an auction, a day in the kitchen with Michael Schlow of Radius, in Boston. I will join him there. If there was one thing that we should concentrate on or take away with us, what should it be?
  19. Comfort me! Great tips, thanks so much. My son loves cream cheese on anything.....and he also loves blue cheese and craisins. I'll definitely try the "red ants on a snowy log". Thanks! Sharon
  20. yeah, the camp is from 9am - 1pm at a Temple. My son, Max, currently goes to pre-school there 2 mornings a week, so it's a natural progression. Thanks for the tips about the frozen bread. That is an excellent idea, as well as the frozen juice-boxes! I guess in the upcoming weeks I'll have to get him to eat things other than salami and hot dogs for lunch!
  21. hmmm, the sheet says: Please pack a Kosher dairy lunch with a drink (no meat, poultry or shellfish). Please provide non-perishable foodstuffs. I'll send his lunch in a lunch-pack with ice-packs I guess. He'll eat PB+J, and he loves chees and cottage cheese and yogurt etc. He's not too keen on tuna yet. It's unfortunate b/c his favorite thing to eat for lunch or snack is Hebre National salami or bologna! Thanks Fat Guy!
  22. I need some ideas please. I need to send my son with a kosher dairy (nonperishable!) lunch each day to camp. Mind you, he's 3 yrs old....if anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sharon
  23. THanks so much for the tips everyone. I'll have to report back after I return! Cheers all! Sharon
  24. Super! Thanks for the info. If Monday May 23rd is a local holiday, are shops still open etc?
  25. I'll be going on Sunday May 22 to Edinburgh for a business trip, returning to the US on Sat May 28th. I'll have my evenings free to eat and drink. Any suggestions???? Thanks in advance, Sausy Girl
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