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  1. foodexile


    A wonderful review, as usual. I will say that I am a bit puzzled by your emphasis on Urena moving to the borroughs. Those neighborhoods are not inherently laboratories for lower market cuisine. First of all, there is plenty of that happening in almost all neighborhoods of Manhattan. Secondly, even I, a Manhattan resident with a bit of boroughphobia, recognize that there are restaurants - notably along the F train in Brooklyn - doing some serious work. Think Tempo, Applewood, 360, Grocery, etc.
  2. Sorry for the Murry's error. I guess the cheese shop here threw me off.
  3. Best Everyday Restaurant (i.e. cheap and easy): Peanut. I know, I know... but I love it. Especially the Cheese Fries. Best All-around Restaurant (cost doesn't matter): Bluestem. Best Italian: Lidia's. It's the best place for lunch during the week at the bar. Best Barbeque: Fiorella's. Because they have good veg. options Best Chinese: I don't know enough. I like Andy's Wok, which probably means I know nothing. Best Ice Cream: Murray's! Best Cheeseburger Winstead's (I guess...) Most Want To Vist: Tonic, American under (relatively) new chef Best restaurant on the Kansas side: 40 Sardines
  4. foodexile


    The review is online. But I must be stupid. I can't see the stars.
  5. I think Cru is the least molecular. Urena sounds amazing.
  6. I truly admire Lomonaco. But I wish something more ambitious were going in the space. alas... I wish him luck.
  7. I am unable to write reviews like many of you. So this will be a bare-bones writeup. Room was packed on a Friday night and only started to empty out around 11, as we finished up. Meal lasted a good 2 1/2 hours. The server, who was great (I only wish I remembered her name - I think it was Dena), apologized for the slow pacing, but I thought it was perfect. Like I said, I had contacted Chef Colby and friends ahead of time, and he set us up with a great menu. I have some of it written up, some of it from memory. May be a few errors. Amuse: - Chilled Soba with Abalone Mushroom. - Salsify V
  8. foodexile


    I'm sure the pressure is on already for a tasting menu. But with all that kitchen talent, I will add to the annoyance and beg for one. Thanks.
  9. My family and I had a tremendous dinner last night. 3 of us are vegetarians, and Chef Colby and the service staff did a magnificent job in accomodating us. We all did the tasting. perhaps a more detailed report later...
  10. foodexile


    From what I understand, they are still concoting a tasting. I have heard, however, that the amount of food one gets currently is nearly the same amout as a traditional tasting.
  11. Bluestem is KC's best restaurant. But 1924 is equally important - serving high-quality, ingredient-focused food in a beautiful downtown setting. I hope the restaurant keeps thriving.
  12. foodexile


    What type of menu? Prix Fixe?
  13. I've only eaten at Zin. It's a very good restaurant - nice room, nice menu, good execution (the portions can be enormous, though). Never have done the 5-course menu But have you considered bluestem?
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