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  1. What foods do you dislike that are supposed to be delicious and "everyone" likes them?

    For me it is bone marrow.  Tastes like snot to me! 

    I imagine that the circle in which everybody is assumed to like bone marrow is an extremely narrow one. I mean, I like it fine, but even among eGullet members, I don't think there's any such assumption: and in the non-foodie world (at least in the US), marrow and the people who love it are looked on with some suspicion...

    Yes we are. My mom gave me the most uncomfortable sideways look the first time I brought home marrow bones when I was 13. (I have been cooking since a very early age)

  2. it might work for scallopine n stuff... but what about the good ol maillard ??

    your meat will lack flavor ?!... ?? 



    Quite right. Thats why sous vide cooked food is commonly seared after cooking . I cook mine to a slight bit lower than 160 to account for the high heat afterwards. Of course that was for a catering party, if you are eating it right away it doesn't really matter.

  3. [quote name= Another so-called tip is when many' date=' but thankfully not all, tv chefs who are using say a combination of basil and oregano in a dish will say: "but, hey, if you don't have any basil and oregano, just use whatever you like, it really doesn't matter." Well, yes it does. A dish that calls for rosemary could/probably would be ruined by substituting tarragon or sage. Sometimes it really does matter and sometimes it may not; the really good tv chefs take a few extra seconds to teach the audience. The bad ones just wing it.

    In some instances I agree with this, but I also think that using fresh herbs you have on hand produces a better flavor than using a dried version. Then again, I am a trained and experienced cook, I know what works and what doesn't. Those shows aren't really intended for people like me as the majority audience. So for the novices watching, the chef is certainly doing them a diservice by confusing them.

  4. My first job as a prep-cook working the brunch rush on weekend mornings during highschool. The owners were a married couple consisting of a lazy pothead in his mid to late forties and his troll of a wife who was one of those people known for their temper.

    The restaurant wasn't all that great, but I just wanted to get my foot in the door working at any restaurant.

    Most of the cooking was sone in an open kitchen. However I was in the back kitchen to baking biscuits, cooking off mass loads of sausage and bacon, and doing whatever I was told.

    All of the mishaps that I encountered were due to the owners inability to work any problem out for themselves. Their message delivery system to tell me they were running out of something like craked eggs or fruit salad was to yell through the half opened door between the kitchens. Of course, while they did this they never payed attention if I was even in the kitchen at the time. Often an order was yelled out while I was fetching something from storage, which they never bothered to repeat once I came back. The troll had one hell of a temper and her brainless husband was too busy watching nascar in his office to tell her it wasn't my fault.

    I didn't learn much about cooking at that job, but I did learn how to take unconstructive criticism very well. :biggrin:

  5. maybe the student count is down due to the lack of affordable and GOOD ulinary programs. As a young aspiring chef for the last couple of years I was told by nearly every experienced cook I talked to told me to stay away from the local accredited culinary school. I was told I was too advanced and it is too easy to learn on your own to need the school. Then again, how many 17 year olds had read McGee from cover to cover several times as well as Ma Gastrinome and countless others.

    Also I was well aware and had experienced several years in kitchens before I decided to pass on culinary school. Who knows, maybe us kids are just getting more ambitious.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I am in Dalas right now. The only place I have eaten so far was here at the mansion, a 5 course dinner lastnight. It was so good I can't even describe it. The Dishes were:

    -a roasted fig with thyme bacon goatcheese

    -Mansion Tortilla soup with chicken, avocado, and cheddae cheese

    -Warm Lobster Taco with yellow tomato salsa and Jicama salad

    -Yukon River Peking style salmon with Mu Shu vegetable crepe and Ginger Tempura Lobster Salad

    -Texas Prime Steak "Diane" with Queso Fresco potatoes, Griddled Asparagus and Chorizo Avocado Nacho

    -Mission Creme Brulee with Raspberry Sauce

    Thanks for all your help. I'm going to Lola for dinner tomorrow night.

  7. Hey. I thought I'd chime in because I use preserved lemons at work all of the time. The restaurant is an international bistro, but my boss is moroccan so we have a tajine on our menu, it just happens to come out of my station.

    We have several 2 1/2 foot tall baboo shaped jars in which we make preserved lemons. It usually takes about a month before they are okay for consumption. Then I slice up a whole lemon, not just the peel but the whole thing. I mix it with saffron, tomatoes, diced potatoes and carrots, diced onion, ginger, garlic, and cilantro. Then all of this is cooked down with white wine to make a thick sauce. I like to mash up some of the potatoes to thicken the sauce.

    The sauce is then served over a halved and roasted cornish hen that was rubbed with garlic and giner. Its one of my favorite dishes on our menu.

    Although I do like a lot of the dishes on our menu.

  8. Hey, i guess that does need some clarification. I am looking for mid-scale dining. Upscale casual if you will. When I was in Dallas last year, the only place I went was a vietnamese restaurant near the mansion. It was good, but not as good as the more authentic places here in Louisville. I will have a car and will probably be looking for both lunch and dinner. Thanks for all your help.

  9. hey, I am from Kentucky, but I will be going on a trip to Dallas early next month and I was wondering if anyone had some dinning suggestions for me. I will be attending a fundraiser at the MAnsion on Turtle Creek, held by chef Dean Fearing, so food will be taken care of for one day, but i gotta find my food for the two other days. Thanks.

  10. This has happened to me three separate times at three different restaurants in Wisconsin (granted, not the most expensive restaurants). I order a burger or steak and the waiter asks me how I want it, and I say "rare" and they tell me they are only allowed to do medium or above, or it's their policy not to serve rare meat. Why even ask me how I want it? If it has to be cooked that long then I'd rather have something else. Actually, thinking about it, it's kind of scary...do they know something about their meat that I don't?

    Some cities have laws passed keeping restaurants from serving meat that is cooked to an "unsafe". It's either that or a rash of paranoid owners.

  11. I wonder about some of the young kids starting culinary school these days without first working full time in a kitchen. Are they sure they're following their passion? Do they know what's in store for them, or have they been bamboozled by the glitz and glamour they see a select few chefs enjoying on The Food Network?

    I totally agree, thats why I am working in a restaurant before culinary school and I love it. Even as a prep-b#%ch,/dishwasher I love it.

  12. here is a question, why would anyone not want to use the 1:1 ratio? it's easy to remember and it works everytime. I'll admit, at work, I make roux by site instead of measuring, but that is because I make roux all the time and know the correct consistency by sight.

  13. This isn't every reference, just the ones I had on hand:

    You know i get paid

    Like caprese and with the basil

    Not goofy like darren or hazel

    Some call it salugi

    Some hot potato

    I'm an iron chef when I slice and dice

    We be grillin' cheese and flippin' flapjacks

    Then we will have no alternative but to serve you

    on a platter like Steak'Em

    With the cornbread stuffin' with the Blimpie Bluffin

    Mother fuckin' Yosi with the goddamn muffins

    Hey could you please pass me the peas

    Simmer in the pan 'cause, I ain't flashin'

    Serving MC's on a platter like baked Alaskan

    Known for my spiel like wheelie one wheel

    'Cause this is like having a delicious meal

    I am

    Adrock a.k.a sharp cheddar

    On a hot day sip on iced latte

    The truth is brutal your grandma's kugel

    Yo what the schnitzel we're back

    What the ponytail, I don't eat snail

    Yo what the parsley, parsley to the teeth

    Yo what the talafel you gotta get up awful

    While I'm politicin' at Murray's Cheese Shop

    Now pass the wok 'cause I'm cookin'

    Like a snow day for school with hot cocoa

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