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  1. LynDel

    I need your help.

    I really enjoy the street foods of Brazil. Pastels and coxinhas. In the Boson area, the Brazilian bakeries still sell these items and do well. I don't have any of their recipes, but this website should give you some ideas. http://www.cookbrazil.com/ and click on Party Foods http://www.cookbrazil.com/pastel.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuisine_of_Brazil interesting reading And Northeast Brazil, Bahia, has seafood based street foods, but I don't have any information I can post electronically. Maybe you can check some Brazilian cookbooks or other websites.
  2. Chicken pot pie french fries always ice cream okra because we've been having trouble finding good quality fresh ones in Boston (go figure)
  3. Probably doesn't help you, but in the Boston area, I generally have to go to a Brazilian or Spanish grocery. I can't seem to find them on the shelves in my larger supermarkets.
  4. I can't begin to write all that I've learned from the internet in terms of cooking and eating. This site itself has been invaluable! Being able to locate foodie books at my public library, ordering ethnic and regional food from a website. Endless how to cook and what to cook recipe sites The convenience of restaurants websites and having information (menus, pricing, accessibility, hours) before I get there. All good stuff.
  5. Not a huge theme park, but we like to visit Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Fresh squeezed lemonade, fried clams and the "Pier French Fries." We took a picture of ourselves eating this box of french fries. The fried clams are overpriced but we consider it a splurge. It seems wonderful to eat fried clams in the ocean breeze. My husband will usually treat himself to some fried dough. We sometimes take home a box of homemade candy from one of the shops.
  6. This is such an interesting discussion topic. I was kind of thinking the same thing as I was trying to rearrange my bookshelf. The fact that I have quite a number of cookbooks, yet I don't make a lot of recipes out of them. I got excited about having the Emeril cookbooks, but have realized that I enjoyed reading through them but probably won't make most of the recipes. I think I need to improve my grocery list coordination with the recipe list? I need to change our basic items on hand list to better match the recipes I want to make. Then at other times, some of the things I would like to make are a little more expensive, though that is not always the case.
  7. I love it when a menu is online. I can see the type of menu and the price range, it helps me to decide if it's a place I want to go to. In this circumstance, I don't make any real decisions on what to order until I'm actually there. In a new place I like to see the daily special or wait and see what I'm in the mood to eat. So I very rarely encounter a situation where I saw a particular menu item and can't order it once I arrive. The other situation is if I'm ordering a takeout lunch while I'm at work, it's even more convenient to have the menu online.
  8. LynDel


    I never cared for yogurt all that much until someone told me to try Stonyfield's whole milk yogurt. I don't know if it would taste too sweet for you, but I usually don't care for the sour/tang of most yogurts. And I've discovered I have to hunt around a couple of different grocery stores to find it on the shelf. Today I had the whole milk french vanilla with some fresh blueberries I added to it. I know the whole milk has more fat/calories than other brands, but I tell myself it's still better than eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's?
  9. LynDel

    Gas Prices

    Our simple response (at this point) is to decrease our dining out. We had started decreasing since our heating bills increased during the winter anyway. I really enjoyed reading some of the detailed responses regarding economics and whatnot. But we are cooking more at home and our grocery list has become more interesting and diverse. Along with a slight increase in internet / mail order vs. driving to stores. We are fortunate to be located in an area with some good neighborhood and local places to eat at. We do not necessarily have to drive to dine out.
  10. My friends, who are diehard Dunkin' Donuts fans, claim they don't like their coffee very strong. I don't mind drinking their hazelnut flavored coffee, in a pinch, but I'm not a fan of their stuff.
  11. Oh, I forgot. When I visited Brazil, some street fairs would sell pineapples on a stick. It was a cored, cleaned half pineapple on a stick, like an apple.
  12. Nothing really creative here. Teriyaki beef and/or chicken on a stick. Or beef and vegetable kabobs. shrimp (too expensive?) Marshmallows, I always think of roasting marshmallows.
  13. My husband loves the chicken bake and I always get the Italian sausage. I enjoy the frozen yogurt and the berry smoothie. I don't often get the berries on top of the ice cream.
  14. I realize that my list is very strange.... I laughed out loud at Fat Guy's salad response though! Pasta, if I'm at work and can't make it, it can range from the Stouffer's mac n' cheese I can microwave at work to the take out spaghetti and deep fried chicken cutlet from the pizza joint across the street. Ice cream as long as it's not frozen yogurt or low fat Sushi Sometimes salty and crunchy snacks. A latte beverage of some sorts Coca-Cola (I gave up alcohol quite a few years ago)
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