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  1. http://www.cuisinesolutions.com/ has a tasty lamb chop
  2. South Side 815 http://www.southside815.com/home.asp
  3. FunJohnny, the Cosmo was outed by Ocean Spray in ads from the 50s to the 70s. The drink we know today starts out when Absolut Citron appeared. (Which is still the best way to make one IMO.) Dale DeGroff popularized it at the the Rainbow Room in NY in the 90s. Carrie and her friends did the rest. Monica was just swallowing the leader(s). A big piece of unremarable pizza is hardly idiosyncratic. There's definitely a connection between it and the first 2 unique DC foods that I think of - wings from Yum's saturated with mambo sauce and Ben's. The constant is booze.
  4. meatwad


    Those sprouts are heatsinks to the hot Pho. I'm always dumping them into the bowl at the end for a Sriracha & Hoisin sauced "haystack".
  5. Damn Don! The Nectarines have always rocked the double windsor.
  6. They do have a new chef since all... that (above). Frank Belosic is serving cicadas and Thin Mint Parfaits on the the first page of his Google search. I'll confirm he's that kinda serving Brownie troop 5593 nice guy, don't know jack about his food.
  7. the white tune (never even seen it before) was exquisite... It's a marketing misnomer. The "white tuna" being served in DC sushi joints is almost certainly Escolar. Don't eat too much. I guessed another misnamed finner, Chilean Sea Bass, when I had some at Tono. There is a young chef beind the bar at Tono named Hiroki. I'm going back to sit in front of him. He used to work with Morimoto. Kaz was interesting but I've had better fish at lesser places. Must be the closing time hours I checked in at... The trend where any joint with a rice cooker is setting up a "sushi bar" in the dustiest back corner. Bad, bad, bad. Find the fish.
  8. Decorate it right, or run ads in the tourist rags, use vacuum cooking method and BAM! Old Town eatery. It's not you. Southside The Royal Ecco Bertucci's Five Guys Are all places I'd drop in. Ecco could stand some more consistency. Old Town & Del Ray are starved. Over more into Del Ray RT's isn't bad. The Chiralagua Deli across from Mr. Wash is interesting takeout. Especially if you don't know Spanish. Mandarin Inn on Mt. Vernon, same block as Giorgio's, sells a killer hot & sour soup. Get it to go. The restaurant stinks like a moist hobo and nothing else I've had there is good. I've had some good food at Bombay Curry Company. I cannot remember the name but a platter of chilies with bits of chicken punished me in a good way.
  9. Back when there was one Neisha Thai, the food was good and the service charmingly inept. As they expanded the food and the service intersected at mediocrity. I'm sure they'll thrive but I'm not going back. Is the other ethnic food in DC as comparatively bad as the Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese? I'm just plaing the fool? This tripping to the urban planning cautionary tale, a.k.a. Springfield, for Vietnamese sucks. I'll be standing on 14th waiting for a good Injera to punch me in the face. Until then I just don't know...
  10. We have a local lei dude. He's in the biz, works at Fahrenheit. http://www.therealleiman.com/
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