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  1. I live in the area and I've never heard of it, though I'll admit to not being very "connected" food-wise. You might want to call Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream and ask if they know anything about it. It's locally owned so I'd guess if there's a big ice cream event around here, they'd know.
  2. As the summer season gets into swing, I thought we could use a thread for new finds and updates. Yesterday, I had a taste of France in Wellfleet. I had read about PB Boulangerie on chowhound and decided that we should stop on our way up to P'town. The smell when we walked through the door was like stepping into France. I have never had a pain au chocolat that tasted that good outside of France - and it was fresh out of the oven at 3:00 in the afternoon. We definitely plan to go back and try the Bistro side - this time we just got a snack. http://pbboulangeriebistro.com/
  3. DH is now working in NYC three days a week, and I tagged along with him this week. Last night, we went to Sookk for dinner based on this report and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't compare it to the other NYC spots, but it was so much better than the places around our house in CT that I don't know if I'll be able to go back to my old favorites. No need for photos from our dinner as everything we ordered was already documented here. We got the fried appetizer sampler, the green papaya salad, the beef sidewalk noodles, and the pumpkin curry. The noodles were the favorite, and the curry the least favorite, but we liked all of it. I think I'll be dreaming about those noodles. I was surprised at the ambience - I was expecting more of a "hole in the wall" when it's actually quite swanky for a thai place. I am pregnant and my tours of NYC include quite a few visits to the loo - the one at Sookk gets a prize for coolest, previously held by the NBA store.
  4. They're $4.99 a pound at several spots near me (on the Connecticut shoreline). We bought a couple and had lobster rolls for dinner last Sunday instead of our normal steaks or chicken on the grill.
  5. in a very non-sensical way, we called this dish "egg with a hole in the middle". I'm not sure if my sister and I made that up or my mom did. We grew up in the Detroit area and my mom is from Kentucky.
  6. Last Saturday, we went to the King and I Thai on Park St. in Hartford (near the West Hartford line). It was our second time there, and it was excellent. It fills up after about 7:00 on weekends so either go early or make a reservation.
  7. Magus - since moving to the east coast, I have discovered "Five Guys Burgers & Fries", which I think was discussed at some point earlier in this thread. They are doing something very close to what you are trying for, including the twice fried french fries. French fries are my favorite food and I have tried them all over, and Five Guys are some of the best I have eaten. They are in the process of opening restaurants in the Detroit area. I would recommend going there and observing their french fry making process. I am a mystery shopper, and have shopped one of their restaurants several times, which includes checking to make sure the fry process is being done correctly. There are several steps and they seem to have it down to a science.
  8. As I sat in the hospital eating my chicken salad sandwich on Sunday, I was thinking about all the wonderful things we were missing... hopefully we can make it next year. It looks like you all had a great time.
  9. They're not Christmas-specific, but I tried this gluten-free adaptation of Alice Medrich's brownie recipe and the results were outstanding. I used all brown rice flour, because I had it on hand and didn't want to go buy something else.
  10. We were on the Cape over Labor Day weekend. We hoped to dine at the Brewster Fish House on Monday but got there and discovered they were closed (duh for not calling ahead and checking). We ended up at Sesuit Harbor Cafe. I had a lobster roll - it was good and very generously sized, but had a bit too much mayo. My husband had fried scallops, which he enjoyed. It is BYO and it seemed like everyone but us had a cooler filled with beer and wine. One group brought their own tablecloth, a selection of wines, and real glass wne glasses. The location is lovely - right on the harbor as the name implies, with outdoor seating.
  11. I found them at Stop & Shop in Groton CT. They were in a special cardboard display rack next to the milk... they had a coupon attached to the display that gave you free milk if you bought a certain amount of cookies. They weren't quite as good as I remembered, but I still enjoyed the bit of nostalgia.
  12. I'm really liking the bacon and chili ideas. I don't eat bacon but I know my husband would love it.
  13. ditto what boagman said. You have a good thing going, don't mess with it right now when you've been through a rough patch. My nutritionist friend (the one who did "drive through") who visited your stand at the end of last season is already talking about getting one of your burgers in a couple of weeks. She works at the U of M cardiovascular center and limits saturated fat, but she's looking forward to one of your burgers. I am too - we'll be there for the Illinois game!
  14. I'm going to see Dorie Paging through my local newspaper, I noticed an article about the Old Lyme (CT) Midsummer Festival, where Dorie will be signing books and doing demos this Saturday. In case anyone else in the Northeast is interested in attending, here is the information: http://www.oldlymeartalliance.org/midsummer/events.php
  15. The Nigella cake is one of my go-to recipes. My husband requests it again and again - most recently about two weeks ago. It is a really damp cake, and it sinks in the middle, leaving room for lots of the frosting. The better the cocoa you use (I like valrhona), the better the cake will be - with Hershey's it's so-so, with good cocoa it's fabulous.
  16. I can't help with your search, but wanted to thank you for sharing your foodie map. I live in Mystic and travel to New Haven about 3 times a week right now for medical care, so I'm glad to have some new places to check out on my way back.
  17. You could also go for a gift certificate to Zingerman's and then she can choose the good vinegar or go with something else if she'd prefer.
  18. On20 looks fabulous, but alas we'll be in Hartford on Saturday, so it's a no-go. I'm thinking about trying a Thai place I found on Chowhound for lunch. Still trying to figure out dinner though.
  19. Any updated recommendations for Hartford? We're headed there to see the Impressionist show in a couple of weeks and I'd appreciate recommendations for both lunch and dinner.
  20. The rainbow jello is exactly what I thought of when I saw the title "groovy dessert".
  21. We ended up having our first lunch at Nuevo Leon on 18th St., which was mentioned in another thread and we absolutely loved it. It was cheap, good, and authentic. We were some of the few non-hispanics in the place and I always figure that's a good sign. For the lunch I asked about above, we ended up at Star of Siam because it was convenient. I think it fit the bill for that purpose - don't go out of your way to make it a special meal but if you want reasonably-priced Thai within a reasonable walking distance from Michigan Ave., it was pretty good. The atmosphere is nice too.
  22. We enjoyed our two nights at the American Club in Kohler very much. When we arrived on Sunday evening, it was so cold that we couldn't fathom going out again, so we ate at the Hearth & Plow in the hotel, which was fine. Monday night, we headed over to Il Ritrovo, and it lived up to expectations. We truly enjoyed our meal, from salad to house made tiramisu. It's amazing that a place like that ended up in Sheboygan Wisconsin!
  23. We're headed up to Chicago this weekend and I'm wondering if there are any recommendations for a Thai place that is closer to the Mag. Mile? Tac Quick is my backup plan. What about Star of Siam or Singha Thai?
  24. We are currently negotiating on a house that has an otherwise fabulous kitchen (including a 48" dual-fuel DCS range ) but no garbage disposal, because it is on a septic system. We investigated and found that we could install one as long as we didn't put fibrous things down it. I'm not sure what we'll end up doing if we get the house - it may be that we install it as a back-up system, but try to compost as much as possible. I did take note of the lack of garbage disposal, but it didn't affect our offer on the house because I know that it is a relatively minor thing to fix.
  25. Potbelly's is definitely my favorite chain sandwich place. I get a skinny turkey on wheat (skinny means that they slice out 1/3 of the bread), no oil, no mayo. My favorite part is the hot peppers. I like the fact that the sandwiches are a reasonable size, and the meat is definitely higher quality than Subway (about the same as Quizno's though).
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