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  1. They do have carts that come around. There were probably 20-25 dishes to choose from. We tried seven or eight things. We got there shortly after they opened and were the first people there so they may have more things available later in the morning. We went back for dinner this weekend and were not as impressed by the dinner as the dim sum. We tried the bbq duck/pork combination, pan-fried scallops in soy sauce and the oysters with ginger and green onion hot plate. Everything was rather mediocre...
  2. My wife and I tried a new (to us) dim sum place in Arlington called Jade last Sunday. It's at 2420 E. Arkansas just west of the 360 where Thanh Thanh used to be. It wasn't spectacular but as good as anyplace I've been to in the Metroplex. The usual mix of chicken feet, shrimp dumplings, chow fun stuffed with shrimp, beef balls, pork bbq bao, etc. Unfortunately we were there too early to get BBQ pork or duck. They also serve lunch and dinner and the menu looks promising.
  3. Hi, y'all--We have a couple of very good bakeries here in Grapevine. Main Street Bread Baking Company at 316 S. Main. Owned by a trio of French people (It's popularly known as "The French Bakery"), they have a wide selection of French breads and pastries along with breakfast and lunch items. The other is the Breadhaus at 700 West Dallas Road. They have a variety of daily and specialty breads and excellent lemon bars and other sweets. Their Granny Smith Apple Cake and Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie are both yummy!
  4. My two favorites in Dallas are Snuffer's on Greenville and Uptown on Fairmount. My wife prefers Snuffer's and I prefer Uptown. On our birthdays we get to choose any restaurant in the area to go to and last year she chose Snuffer's! Looking forward to other burger suggestions.
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