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  1. Thank you ThatGrrl and Claudia for the links. Just saw the Beruit show, and I am again amazed at AB's insight. I am also very sad for those left behind to face whatever is in store.
  2. megnuts.com's archives are by month/year. When would the Tony b-day party account have appeared?
  3. Certain of us have a realistic per diem (50+) but maybe others in group do not. Also willing to cab but not crazy-far; not unlike you, if you had to go out of town for a conference.
  4. Will be attending conference at Convention Center in Philly next Mon-Tues. Ideally, dinner at mid-range veggie-friendly (Italian, Asian) place - for smallish group of 6. Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Reid has his recipe on his site, onokinegrindz.com.
  6. I totally agree w/ Jan about that annoying rice commercial! I keep looking for signs of illness or infirmity-- like crutches because her leg is broken?
  7. adorable menu. usually get fish tacos at this place in Mill valley few blocks from whole foods but this could be a new adventure, thanks!!!! ← Actually, fish. is a few miles south of Mill Valley. It's off Harbor Drive, past Mollie Stone Market in Sausalito. It's a VERY casual place, seating is at picnic tables inside and out. If you're in the mood for Japanese, Sushi Ran further south is one of the best in the Bay Area.
  8. I agree Steingarten can use a course on tableware usage! Don't they have such classes(for children yes), but dahling, with his association w/Vogue...surely a private tutor ... My question really is, Chef Trevino is associated to what eating establishment? They really should establish the challenger's credentials/resume at the start...
  9. Jennie Low is at best mediocre. Walk 1/2 block to Piazza d'Angelo for a nice relaxing lunch...
  10. gouramanda

    Soupish, anyone?

    Found this recipe source through another forum: http://www.sacramentophcs.com/recipes.htm
  11. gouramanda

    Pork Belly

    Quickest way is Jeff Smith's (Frugal Gourmet- I know!) Three Ancient Cuisines -- Crispy Roast Pork which comes out like the roasted pig in chinese deli's. Marinate w/ mein see sauce, soy, salt, sugar, garlic and ginger on meat side only for an hour. Pierce skin w/all over (easier when skin is oven warmed 10 mins) and roast skin side up on middle rack at 350 for 1-1/2 hr. Pierce skin 3-4 times. If needed, broil for a few mins to brown, but you probably won't need to. Garnish w/green onions. Good luck and have fun!
  12. Does anyone have a recipe for the Portuguese stew/soup called Soupish? All I remember is alot of beef, simmer for hours and add mint at the end.
  13. It was a good week! Bistro Jeanty (Yountville - terrific as always) Benissimo (Corte Madera) Yet Wah (San Rafael)
  14. I've heard that both are owned by Ann Harris.
  15. Harris' Steakhouse is also in SF on VanNess Av.
  16. First post, so who knows where it'll end up! I checked out the Sandra Lee backribs show and found her recipe. It calls for only an hour(!) of simmering... but usually her recipes sound dreadful and don't actually save time.
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