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  1. Hi there. A good mag available in Catalunya is "Cuina". Then you have the Peñín magazine, Vinos de España, Vinos & Restaurantes sometimes features interesting lesser-known restaurants, etc.Good websites for foodies:www.afuegolento.comhttp://www.verema.com/enjoy!
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to let everyone know that La Casa del Temple has closed, as the chef Angel Leon has left. It is no longer a restaurant, which is a huge pity as it had become our favorite gourmet haunt in Toledo.
  3. I have to share with you all of you gourmet gulleteers a really great place a friend of ours took us to last week: Taberneros on the Calle Santiago n. 9 in the Opera neighborhood (kind of hard to find). The wine list is out of this world, our waiter (not even an "official" sommelier) was highly knowledgable about both Spanish wine and Californian wine, and very friendly. The head chef at this stylish place is Japanese and the tapas, while quite Spanish and Mediterranean, are much more creative and imaginative than your average tapas joint. The ingredients and presentation are exquisite. The on
  4. Hotel Tips- A great value 4 star is the Palacio San Martin, located right next to the Monastery downtown in a quiet square. Bauza is very trendy and good value for money, too, in the Goya neighborhood. The Habitat Hotel group have just opened up a new hotel here in Madrid (same group as the Neri in Barcelona), called Hotel de las Letras, I think, haven't been there yet, but love the Neri. I particularly dislike the Tryp Victoria in the Plaza Santa Ana, very gloomy bedrooms, beware. If you want to splash out one night, our favorite 5* is the pretty Santo Mauro, with a great restaurant and excel
  5. There is a great book on Portuguese cooking called "Gastronomia e Vinho Verde" by Helio Loureiro, a famous chef based in Porto. (in Portuguese) Also, the new Arzak book (I have lonly leafed through it at the book shop, but it looks great). (in Spanish, but if it's not available in English now I am sure it will be soon) There is a book in English, by no means "cutting edge", called "Cooking in Spain" by Janet Mendel. I like it a sit has a good Spanish-English food glossary and plenty of traditional recipes with a bit of history behind them. A good starter book on simple, solid dishes.
  6. I love Salmorejo from Spain and Sopa Fria de Melão (Cold Melon Soup) from Portugal, particularly nice with smoked bacon (bacon fumado). Salmorejo is similar enough to Gazpacho, the other famous cold Andalusian cold soup. However, the Salmorejo (which hails from the beautiful Moorish town of Cordoba) does not contain cucumber or peppers, and it has the additional ham and egg, which Gazpacho does not. The cold melon soup, though, has got to be my number one!
  7. Hi There! I can make a few comments on: - Jean Luc Figueras - very classic, a bit boring in my view. Nothing like El Bulli in terms of creativity - Alkemia- (Alkimia)- very hot right now. Friends of ours were there recently and were delighted by Jordi's flare and modesty. He has the talent of a genius, but not the arrogance. Good choice. - Moo- a friend dined there last week, loved it. Very trendy. - Gaig- haven't been there - Abac- in the catty culinary scene, some have said that Abac has fallen out of favor, but then again I have heard wonderful things from winemaker friends of ours. I wou
  8. Would anyone like to contribute recipes of typical Argentine dishes for a new food and wine events website? We have launched a website called www.cellartastings.com which is an online gourmet calendar of events worldwide. We are creating new sections for food by country and would love if we could include recipes for Argentina. Email gen@cellartastings.com if you would like to contribute your recipes for Argentine food, thanks!
  9. There is a great Asturian Ciderhouse in our neighborhood of Madrid called "Casa Mingo". The only thing they serve there is roast chicken (they have a huge spit) and their bottled cider. They don't do wine or coffee, you go for chicken and cider y ya esta. It's a great place with old time waiters, big Cider barrels inside, and tables outside to enjoy the warm summer nights. The closest metro is Principoe Pio, and it is on the Paseo de la Florida street, a 15 minute walk downhill form the Royal Palace. All taxi drivers in Madrid know Casa Mingo, fabulous place.
  10. We are researching new wine routes to include in our wine tours portfolio, and recently visited the Priorat region of Spain. We met a lot of interesting visionaries in the area including Rene Barbier of Clos Mogador, Carles Pastrana of Clos de l'Obac and the director of Boix. We are creating new routes to the Priorat and would be interested to know which Priorat wines are popular and which wineries would be appealing for people to visit. Thanks for all of your comments, Genevieve McCarthy, Cellar Tours www.cellartours.com
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