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  1. Hi Pan, You're right about what you said about Sayur Lodeh. A friend of mine, a Malay girl from Singapore, used to make this Sayur Lodeh with quite a bit of fine pureed udang kering (dried shrimps). So we kind of ate her Sayur Lodeh (curry) as the main dish, with rice. Sometimes, the kuah (sauce) was so thick, we used the Sayur Lodeh (& sauce) on some soft chow mein type of noodles (yellow noodles), garnished it with broken up pieces of kropok (shrimp crackers), fresh lettuce, fried shallots, fresh sliced red chilies, a wedge of limau kesturi (kalamansi lime), and ate it "Indian Mee Rebus" (Blanched Indian Noodles) ..style So I guess, I had her version of Sayur Lodeh in mind..
  2. hi Everybody! I joined egullet quite some time back, but I'm afraid I have not been very active in the forums - long story?!! ...Anyway, in regards to Pan's question - "What are your favorite Malaysian curries? ...I have a few Malaysian curry recipes on my website. There's the typical Malaysian 'Chicken Curry' - the kind that goes great with Roti Canai... And there's quite a few other Malaysian curries & 'sort-of' curries on the site. On the website, under 'Indian Food' - there's curry recipes for: - Mutton Korma (or Kurma) - Fish Head Curry - Pineapple Shrimp Curry - Fish Molee - Lamb Cashew Korma (or Kurma) - Coconut Crab Curry and a typical Vegetable Curry cooked at home in Malaysia. Under 'Eurasian Food' - there's recipes for: - Devil Curry (This is a Portuguese-Eurasian style of Devil Curry) - Pork Vindaloo - Prawn Bostador - Granny's Meatball Curry (I named this because this is my 'comfort' curry my granny used to cook when when I was a kid) - Ham Hock Curry (I think my dad 'invented' this curry ...cos I don't know anyone else who cooks it..!!) - Curry Feng - Curry Puffs (a curry-filled snack) Under 'Nyonya Food' - there's a recipe for - Chicken Kapitan. Also, there are 'sort-of' curries (especially if you make it more saucy) under 'Malay Food' - Beef Rendang, Ayam Masak Merah and Sayur Lodeh. And in all the pages, you'll find the recipe for a typical Malaysian Chicken Curry as well as a typical Malaysian Fish Curry that's cooked at home. Cheers - Pam (Packo)
  3. Packo

    favorite buffet dishes

    Make a 'gado-gado' style vegetable dish. It's simple to make - and holds up well. Boil peeled potatoes cut into 1 inch pieces (just done and not mushy). Blanch green beans, cauliflower florets, cabbage (or zucchini) and carrots in hot boiling water (just done, with a little crunch). Shock in iced water. Drain well. Deep fry tofu cakes until golden brown. (You can also buy them deep-fried). Cut each tofu cake into bite-size cubes. In your serving dish, mix or 'layer' the boiled potatoes and blanched veggies. Top with deep-fried tofu. Buy 'satay' peanut sauce or make your own (I've a recipe if you like). When it is time to serve :- 1) You can pour the peanut sauce (quite generously) over the whole dish. 2) You can set aside a gravy-boat with the peanut sauce in it - for your guests to help themselves. 3) You can layer the potatoes and vegetables, adding a thin peanut sauce layer between the veggies. Have a great party!
  4. Packo

    Banana Leaves

    You can wrap the following with banana leaves, securing with tooth-picks:- 1) season a whole fish with your favorite spices/marinade - grill on a bbq 2) season/marinate fish fillets or fish steaks - steam (or grill) 3) season/marinate thinly sliced chicken cutlets, turkey or pork - steam (or grill) 3) season vegetables - steam (or grill) You can also:- 1) make little square 'baskets' 'pinning' the sides with tooth-picks (cut to size) - use them to steam egg custards or mini quiches. 2) use them to line serving platters for an exotic look, especially when serving grilled foods - like satays or kebabs (..even grilled chicken looks more appetizing!) 3) cut them to size and use as 'place-mats' for an island look (you can can throw them out, no clean-up) 4) line your whole table (instead of newspapers) - when you have a shrimp, crab or crawfish boil! Wish I lived close to you.. I would love to get my hands on some fresh banana leaves!!
  5. tryska, Check out my website www.malaysianfood.net The Beef Rendang recipe I have is very US-friendly... ingredients are easily available. ENJOY!
  6. Ooops! Forgot to give you the link... It's www.malaysianfood.net
  7. Markk - check out my website www.malaysianfood.net It's all about Malaysian food!
  8. Check out my website for Malaysian satay recipe!
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