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  1. Hope it's not too late to join and that you haven't done all the recipes yet!
  2. Mignardise, I would definately be interested in trying both recipes! I have to say out of all the ones I have tried the KA is the best one, but I am always willing to try something new.
  3. Just had to say that Thai Tea ice-cream sounds awesome! Let us know how it turns out!
  4. sorry if I'm asking something that has already been answered (I've tried to read ALL the post but I only get so long at the computer before my baby demands my attention! ) but: Does anyone know if there is a difference between using Lard or using Shortening in your pie dough? Is one surperior over the other when making a pie crust?
  5. glad to see I'm not alone here on this one, but RICE...... I can NEVER make it properly! I always over cook it. I always have the dried over cooked very close to burnt but not quite rice bottom. (though I have to say that my Brother-in-Law LOVES that part, so at least with him I'm a culinary GOD )
  6. What a great thread! Got me thinking about how I like my pie dough. Flaky is definately an element I like, but I have to say I really appreciate a "tender" crust. I'm a novice at pie dough, so I was wondering= Does a flaky crust equal a tender crust? And if not what is needed for a more tender crust?
  7. Finally have a moment to post! I have to say the flavour and texture of the cake was wonderful!! The only thing is, is I believe I overbaked it. I checked the cake at 25 minutes (I didn't use a toothpick- I'm kicking myself now!) just did the finger touch, and it didn't spring back. So I gave it five more minutes- same thing. Five more minutes- springs back! I take it out of the oven and it seems heavenly! Then it cools..... and I notice immediately that its VERY firm and know that is over-baked and going to be dry! But that will not stop me!! I am going to make this cake again and use a toothpick to check when its done. (even dry it tasted SO good that the whole cake is gone! This finding the perfect white cake is BAD! ) Mktye- I noticed that the recipe didn't mention sifting too. Figured to be safe and sifted. Thanks all the help!! I adding scale to my wish list - trying to think of a reason (ie birthday -too far away- mom's day -just past and got an upright mixer- ) to ask for one!! Ack!! Hope flour comparison question doesn't cause you to go out of your way and do an actual comparison test!! Though I have to admit I can already see you posting results! But seriously, thanks again for all the help. Oh! Forgot to ask you. What kind of scale do you use?
  8. Okay, I have just put my KA cake in the oven. I am very optimistic that it will turn out quite light!(I'm a bit fanatical at this point about trying to find a 'light' cake! ) I can already tell the difference from this batter (using cake flour) and the other cakes I tried while using AP flour. This batter is MUCH lighter. Figure the end result will be as well. While I was making this cake a couple of questions came up. Before this cake, I had never used cake flour-I wasn't sure if I was supposed to sift it or not. I figured sifting would help with making for a lighter cake, so I did sift it. Also, when a cake calls for two cups sifted flour does that mean to measure out two cups and then sift it or is it two cups AFTER sifting? For this cake I measured after I had sifted. I noticed while I was measuring out my Vanilla that it was a bit cloudy. I had never noticed this before. Anyone know why this would be? Got me wondering if vanilla could go bad. Okay, last question. Is there a real measurable difference between cake flours? I have seen Softsilk mentioned numerous times as being the choice brand. I went to my local grocery store which did not have Softsilk. I'm in Canada, is it even available here? Thanks for putting up with me! I know that my questions give away the fact that I am a VERY novice baker , but I do love baking and have always done it for fun (and stress relief). Thanks again. Kate **Just checked on the cake-looking good! Five more minutes to go!
  9. I used frozen egg whites when I tried the rich white cake recipe. Would that make a difference? I plan on making the KA elegant white cake this weekend. I'm pretty hopeful that itwill be the texture and density I'm looking for. Especially since I have the proper flour! Mktye thank you again for all your help and info! (I'm in awe of all the cakes you've made!)
  10. assume that my sister will check to see if it's powder sugar instead of baking soda in the container for making icing for my birthday cake!!! It was the fluffiest frosting ever and the cake looked SO pretty..........and everyone ate a few bites (while looking at each other and not saying anything!!) until we just couldn't help but spit it out and laugh. Happened over ten years ago, and we still have a good laugh about it.
  11. Wow was I excited when I saw this thread! I had been on my own quest for the best white cake (with-out much luck!) when I found eGullet aka Heaven! So far I have found that the few cakes I've been able to make taste very similar. However, I've been a bit dissapointed in the density of them. They all seem a little heavy. Do I admit that I'm hoping to find a recipe that makes a lighter cake similar to that of a cake mix? I was wondering if out of all the recipes tested was there one that stood out as being light? Unfortunately I do not have time to try all the recipes (two kids, one five months old- Doesn't allow for alot of baking time- She's actually starting to lose it while I'm trying to write this post! While my oldest is bugging me to show her the Smilie Faces) Also, is cake flour an absolute and would that be the problem to having cakes that are a bit denser? ( Did try omitting 2Tbs of all purpose per cup and adding 2Tbs cornstarch) Any info and advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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