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    incredible tasting menu early in the year, Highly disappointing 3 course last month
  2. for me both were unimpressive Edited by docsconz to fix formatting
  3. xyz123

    BLT Market

    I am happy for him that he is able to make as much $$$$$$$ as possible
  4. In My opinion the food at JG has better flavors ← Upon thinking more about it, my preference for Ducasse is really a matter of style. I'm generally not as into restaurants that tend to push the edge in terms of flavor combinations, as I am into harmony. I'd take Mozart over Stravinsky on most days, and Ducasse over Jean-Georges. However, I respect and enjoy both. I do believe Jean-Georges is operating at the top level, so my ADNY/Pe Se comments were contradictory. I've deleted them from my previous post. ← Sorry I ment JG is Better the Per Se not ADNY
  5. 1. Robuchon the small plates here are as good as any food i have had anywhere in the world 2. JG 3. Daniel, Bouley I have not been to Daniel in years, the tasting menu i had here a few weeks a go was excellent Bouleys tasting menu is excellent, but if Bouley is in the house and you ask him to cook for you its outstanding the other restaurants mentioned above(excluding Per Se) as good as they might be are not in the same league
  6. In My opinion the food at JG has better flavors
  7. xyz123


    Rosie, what is that dish that looks like clams and something, you wrote "clams with linguini" , what is going on there, salmon dish looks beautiful
  8. If they cant sell the reservation, would they call the restaurant and cancel or does the restaurant loose
  9. Jean Georges or Perry St for lunch. There is no better food for the money served anywhere in the city Robuchon for small plates and drinks for dinner Wd 50 was one of my favorite restaurants , my last meal there was horrible 3 of us ordered 14 dishes all poorly cooked/prepared/executed poorly plated, flavor and taste virtually none existing
  10. Robuchon Lunch, WD-50 Dinner Both of the restaurants are unlike any in the US Both Casual
  11. xyz123


    Sorry Curlz, took so long to respond, I believe if you are a regular they ask you if you would like the chef to cook for you, they asked me this after i had been there 6-7 times , alll i could say is that the food is nothing like the menu, its a lot more creative This was my menu a few months a go Poached Tomato with Mozzarella Ice cream Oysters with Avocado and Watermelon Salmon Tartare with Smoked Ice Cream Scallops with Yogurt-Black Olive Puree Cold Cherry Soup with Foie Gras Torchon and Hazulnts Potato Puree with Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, Poached Egg Tuna with Braised Black Sesame Seeds Duck with Caramelized Turnip, Fig Caviar Lemongrass Soup with Coconut Sorbet Black Olive Cake with Basil Ice Cream There is a different menu from a different date but I cant find it the food was truly amazing They had a wine diner there last week I think, anyone go
  12. xyz123


    I had a tasting menu here a few months a go that was amazing I'll try to look up my notes and post the menu, i wish i took pix the food was beautiful to lookat and wonderful to eat
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