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  1. wow i must only check here every 6 months or so , so i am floored by the news, what a bizarre and tragic turn of events
  2. not exactly local but i was shocked to hear today that Monk's in Whistler is now closed for good, times must be tough out there, i can only imagine post hst
  3. another gain wah fan here, i think it is quite decent for what it is, and find the service miles ahead of the average completely indifferent service at most hole-in-wall chinese restaurants, the owner in particular is always genuinely friendly and attentive
  4. i went to 5 guys and thought it was only good, and a bit overpriced as well
  5. wow what a list greyelf! as for save on, the owners wife was going to take it over but that was over a year ago, saw her and hubby at go fish a few weeks ago, and there was nothing happening
  6. i sure wish him the best, he's had alot of hard luck in this town
  7. stephos also has the 'quantity' factor , their portions are very generous for what you pay, and i gotta admit i do like their lamb shanks, for $10 it is amazing value
  8. i also wonder how any place that consistantly has a standing line-up (sophies) can be be considered under-rated, never been( nor have i ever had any desire) but i have also heard its quite over-rated
  9. I like classic old diners/greasy spoons as much as anyone but i have to disagree about the ovaltine, ya ok the decor is old school i'll give it that but the food is truly awful, i mean when the food is that bad the fact that it is cheap is meaningless, do you just go and grab a coffee and hang out?if so that i can understand
  10. i don't know, i didn't really hear them talk about the cuisine much at all, how about you Jamie, what are your thoughts on this?
  11. interesting, i was by delilahs today and there was a sign saying closed for renos and listed their web-site which also says that its only closed for renos
  12. u sushi on Denman (1184) papered over and it appears Kadoya will open up its next location there, challenging upstairs location there have been 2 or 3 places in there since Black Tuna ultimately died
  13. where exactly is japan house going to be? i've been searching but to no avail
  14. perhaps a bit late and maybe already mentioned, Mortons in Vancouver is now closed, i know Mortons is mentioned in previous post, but did not realize they were gone
  15. this maybe fairly old news, as i have moved out of the area, but i noticed yesterday that Guu With Garlic is now open for lunch
  16. went by thne place again today and its to be called tempest steakhouse @ 2470 main, supposed to open next week
  17. new steakhouse open on main @ broadway, i believe where guys and dolls poolhall was, didn't catch the name, anyone know anything about it?
  18. where do i find garlic aioli in Vancouver my old source has dried up
  19. ironically enough its called la taqueria
  20. the cannery to close end of march 2010
  21. i heard the entrance was fenced in because the homeless were taking a liking to it
  22. cause when its time to eat generally i'm starving and can't be bothered
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