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  1. Hi Everyone, I hope this isn't too off-topic. I'm hosting an online event on Friday, February 11th called Sugar High Fridays, where our theme will be puff pastry. You're all invited to make and write about a dessert made with puff pastry. The following day I'll write a round-up linking to everyone's delicious creations. You can either post your entry on your website, or you can send it to me and I'll host it on my food blog. More details about the event can be found here. I hope that many of you can join us; I'm always amazed at what people come up with! We usually have about 20-25 en
  2. Yes, it's much more of a modern bistro than an upscale restaurant. If I remember correctly, the restaurant is one large room with high ceilings, and very pink (or fuchsia). The tabletops are clear and transparent, and the cutlery is presented in a small shallow box. The menu is also quite large, probably over 70 dishes. If you do go, I'd be very interested to know what you thought about it. Cheers, Clement
  3. I dropped by Lee on my way home from work tonight. They're opening this evening and will be open for lunch starting Monday. The atmosphere is casual and well lit, and their menu is a la carte. They serve Middle-Eastern influenced dishes (as opposed to Susur's Pacific-Rim cuisine). From what I remember, most of their appetizers and mains are under $10 and $20 respectively. They also have several lunch/dinner for two preset menus. I didn't get a chance to see their dessert menu, but I was told that their pastry chef formerly worked at North 44. It definitely looks like a restaurant worth tr
  4. Nikolaou (629 Queen St. W) has a very large selection of ring molds, pans and tools. The Kitchen and Glass Place (840 Yonge St.) also carries a wide range of baking supplies. If you require large quantities or an odd size, Design & Realization in Quebec may be your best bet. Their prices are quite reasonable, even after shipping.
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