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  1. any new recommendations? (sorry for the shameless bump)
  2. I've tried the search and come up short. I am in the market for a batch freezer and or ice cream maker that is able to produce some quality artisanal gelato. My online research has been lacking. From what I understand the products from Lello and Musso don't produce the proper consistency, and, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of products that specialize in gelato production. Does anyone have experience with making gelato at home? What are your recommendations for a quality machine in the $300-$800 u$d price rage? Also, are there any web communities of fellow gelato enthusiasts? thanks, mustpan
  3. Sorry for the short post, but, does anyone have a recipe for Argentine style morcilla that they can post? I have been searching all over the net but have had no luck. mustp
  4. Woody Brown's - 570-826-1914 382 E. Northampton Street, Wilkes-Barre - Old southern BBQ and fried chicken. I went for the first time 2 weeks ago and wasn't disappointed. It was refreshing to come to a locally owned BBQ shop in the wake of the chain restaurant invasion we are currently experiencing. A rack of ribs runs about $12 and there are numerous sides to choose from. (open wed-sun) Par 4 Cafe update - this business has since closed. but I hear that they we be re-opening under the original ownership after July 5th.
  5. hello ladies and gentlemen I figured I would add some of my favorite places to the list. Tony & Sons Diner 570-288-6612 708 Wyoming Ave, Kingston - this place has some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. The breakfast there is wonderful and talking to the owner/cook is an experience all in itself. Abes Hotdogs 570-824-8222 419 S Main St, Wilkes Barre - the first of the three abes in the wyoming valley (all by different owners I believe) and still the best. Par 4 Cafe - 570-829-3011 128 Parrish St., Wilkes-Barre - a small fine dining restaurant. it is under new ownership and I haven't been there since, but the previous owner ran a wonderful menu. Lower End Pizza 570-779-9186 462 W. State Street, Larksville - great pizza. †his place has the best pagach in NEPA (pagach is a potato & cheese pizza-like pie) definately worth a try. Hillside farms 570-675-1300 1 Tunkhannock Hwy, Dallas - homemade ice cream and fresh dairy milk. these should keep someone busy for a little while but I will add more as I think of them. -.
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