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    Ikea food

    Did anyone mention the wholemeal crackers or cardamom crackers? I stock up on both of those each time I make it to Ikea. I love the cardamom crackers with a bit of curried chicken salad on top. Other items I buy frequently are the cloudberry jam, caviar, smoked salmon and gravlax(in the freezer case). I have the Elderberry syrup but I haven't found a good use for it yet besides cocktails.
  2. Last night I ate fried chicken with a corn muffin, followed by half a bag of sour patch kids. And today I'm devising a plan to continue the salt/sugar combination starting with goat cheese and fig preserves on crackers.
  3. I caught the mini-marathon; and my Tivo also picked up a single episode, from Singapore, airing last night. I never watched the show when it was new, so I'm glad I got to catch up on them. I think I remember seeing on the guide that there were going to be a few more episodes shown over the next week.
  4. I missed it too. I just checked my guide and it shows that this will be replayed 12/12 at 11:00 pm (EST) on the travel channel. Hope that helps.
  5. I LOVED the fruit wheats too My favorite flavor was the strawberry filled. Once in a while I still take some plain shredded wheat and add a ton of raisins to it to mimic the flavor of the rasin filled ones. I wish they still made that cereal
  6. I'm really enjoying this blog. I usually lurk but your blog has sparked more interest because we (my husband and I) will soon be moving to your neck of the woods - specifically Randolph. I am totally new to the area so anything that I can learn is really helpful. I've already read up on the American Grill, but are there any other recommendations that you have for the Randolph/Morristown area?
  7. I've been in once so far on a Friday night and the lines were pretty long. I think I prefer the original Pepes over the Fairfield one; theres something about the white clam pie that just isn't exactly the same as the original. Since this one has opened in Fairfield I feel as if the lines in New Haven spot are a little shorter than they used to be.
  8. I'm about to get married as well (June 9, 2007) So I went through the registry process already. I decided to register at Macy's, Crate and Barrel and Tiffany. Tiffany was only for silver and china, Crate and Barrel has great selection of kitchen gadgets, small appliances, glassware, dishware, etc. and Macy's filled in the blanks with some additional appliances, cutlery, and miscellaneous kitchen supplies. Crate and Barrel was the most fun for me, they have a huge variety of items and styles. I thought that at first I over-registered, however a lot of the registry programs now offer discounts for any left over items; so if we find ourselves missing that espresso machine or red tea kettle that we really wanted but didn't receive, we are able to buy it for ourselves at a discount after the wedding - which is definitely a plus (Macys and C&B offers this for us). A little off topic, but I had a friend make a suggestion for registering at Home Depot or Sears for the future husband; I thought that was a good idea but he still wasn't that interested in shopping even if it was for the purpose of creating his registry.
  9. I have not heard of that one. Is that who you decided to use for the wedding? I'm in the process of trying to find a caterer for a wedding in the city as well. Are there any threads on here dedicated to catering in NYC? It would be really helpful to find some first hand experiences with various caterers.
  10. I just went to the Costco nearby in Norwalk, CT and was eyeing the Churros however, I didn't try them today. Maybe next time around. I did notice the other items on the menu and nothing else was interesting but they did have the same as the other Costcos in the Northeast; chicken bake, pizza, hot dogs, etc. The samples were pretty good today too chicken, some beef (can't remember the name of it), pita with provolone, and an energy drink. And that was my lunch along with an asian pear from there.
  11. I love the 0% around here I buy it at either Wild Oats, Trader Joes, even Stew Leonards carries it - but the big supermarket Stop & Shop doesn't have it yet. So I have to make a trek to get it, but its worth it. It's a normal breakfast for me with either fruit or museli, its consistency and tang make it soooo good.
  12. I'm fortunate enough to work less than a min away from Pepperidge Farm HQ in Norwalk, CT; which also means that there is a Pepperidge Discount store nearby. But I don't frequent the store because I would devour any trace of Milano's; especially the double chocolate ones
  13. I have a GC for here as well for $125 and was thinking the same exact thing, omakase. Does anyone have an experience with it? I'm not expecting it to be one of the best places for sushi, but again it is a gift certificate, I've got to use it up somehow. I don't know if it would be honored at their other restaurants; the GC and stamp both say Blue Ribbon Sushi specifically.
  14. Do not be fooled! I can tell you first-hand that lobsters are nasty, loathsome creatures with no regard for anything. They eat everybody, even young lobsters, and will do battle with anything in their way. Nasty! Nasty! NASTY! The apparent endearment to these low-lifes is a constant source of amusment in these parts, especially to urchin divers who have to shoo them away while they hunt for urchins, themselves a pest to lobstermen up until about five years ago. I'm gathering a few pics and facts about our most famous crustacean which I will post in due time. From now on, do not shed a tear over the lobster. Here's a tip: try thinking of those fabulous old sci-fi movies with bizarro spiders and multi-clawed aliens as they bear down on the poor, defensless, japanese villagers... ... there now, see?! ← Well, THAT made it easy! Well, it's like our gulls. Lovely fliers, terrible pests. The locals refer to them as "rats with wings". I heard recently on my public radio station (which I support faithfully, btw) that when a lady lobster goes into heat she has to molt to mate, and she does so in the dominant male lobster's den. She molts, they do the nasty, she stays there the week(?) she needs to for her newer, larger shell to harden. She leaves, the next lady moves in. True, or just a good yarn? If true, that raises two other questions: - how the heck does the dominant male find time to go round beating up the other lobsters and maintaining his dominance, and - what do the males do for protection when they molt? ← I actually read about that as well, in The Secret Life of Lobsters: of the many things I've learned about lobsters from that book this was one of the interesting facts from it. As well as the rest of their mating habits. Great photos! Makes me want to go drive along the beaches here and all the way up through New England - rather than being stuck at work all day
  15. It is at home, I don't know the model off hand; but I can look to see. It may have been discontinued, because as I said ours is over 20 years old.
  16. We've had the same Traulsen for just over 20 years. And just replaced the gaskets on it for the first time a few months ago. The noise/heat isn't unbearable, I've lived with it long enough and never heard anyone complain about how loud it was, and the same goes for the heat it gives off. It may just depend on the model. Ours is a freezer/fridge combo w/drawers. There are two drawers below the fridge, and one below the freezer (ice maker/ice drawer). I would def. recommend them!
  17. I'm close enough to check it out sometime, but I've never heard of it, is it new? What type of food?
  18. I haven't been to it, but I've heard(from family and friends) that Simon Pearce is supposed to be good, as well as having interesting glassware. So give that a try Link: http://www.simonpearce.com/CSTM_restaurantsQuechee1.aspx
  19. I thought I'd bump this up to get some more opinons. I'm looking for a good restaurant to go to in November, pre-theatre and preferably on the West Side near the theater (45th btwn 7 & 8). We're going to see Dame Edna, so dinner would be great if it was an "upbeat" or fun dinner, but nothing totally out of the ordinary. Any ideas besides what's been posted on here already ?
  20. One of our favorite places is www.nodinesmokehouse.com We've ordered hot dogs, sausages, and Andouille ( which is very good, but very spicy!!). We've also tried a variety of their smoked meats, all of which was good. They also have a lot of other great products, and some that are a little bit different - Buffalo burgers, and so on.
  21. As far as the Pizza goes there's also Modern Pizza and I think some place called Sally's. If I'm in New Haven for Pizza I usually go to Modern, Pepe's is always ridiculously crowded as well as Pepe's "The Spot." If you're still hungry after pizza try coffe and pastries at Libby's, they also have gelato.
  22. On most of the short-haul flights that I take, I will avoid the food or bring something for myself. American is one of my prefferred carriers, but that does not mean I prefer any of their food, it is standard mush to me . On the long-haul flights generally on British Air I will tell them that I would prefer a Vegetarian meal, and sometimes I end up with something half-way decent compared to the normal meals that they will be serving on the flight. Generally all of the time that I fly, I am flying coach, so I don't expect anything great to begin with.
  23. I just went there Thursday night, and the salad was good. We ordered the special pie for the night which was a white pie with garlic, tomato, and basil plus we ordered a regular cheese pie with half grilled eggplant. The food was ok, I did like that the crust was so thin and chewy, but the sauce on the cheese pie was so-so. I was hoping for a little bit better pizza, maybe it was just an off night
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