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  1. It's nice to know there's someone out there in a similar boat. The jams sound great...maybe I could talk her into a rasberry filling in between layers...
  2. Thanks for the suggestions thus far... I'd lose the flourless layer if I could,and just go with lemon, but it's what she wants. I will take you up on making the confectioners icing with it and see what she decides then. She's already told me she hates buttercream... I may be stuck, it's just unfortunate for the guests...and I like the idea of killing the bride right now...slight rant to get it off my chest... I only have round cake pans, she wants square...has demanded square, so in addition to buying the ingredients, on multiple occassions for tastings...I've got to buy new pans... did I mention that my husband is officiating? he's not ordained, so we're paying for that too....you can do it online, and then purchase a license in the state (which I find pretty funny) to make a long story short, we're ending up helping a friend on a limited budget who's turned into bridezilla... It's a pickle...a big giant pickle... Next time, I'm picking up a gift off the registry Thanks again for all the help!
  3. I'm in need of some major advice/help. As a gift for friends, I've volunteered to bake their wedding cake. The decision has been made for a bottom layer of a flowerless chocolate cake and a top layer of a lemon cake. Here's the dilema...the bride is insisting on the good old confectioners icing..the kind you find on the grocery store cakes. Anyone out there have some good suggestions I can try out and have her taste? She's already nixed a white chocolate granache, and I've also done a really nice mascrapone with lemone curd... I just can't bare to do all of that work just to top it off with something so not right...not that the icing isn't perfectly fine by itself...but on top of these cakes, well... Any suggestions for recipes would be so appreciated~ AJ
  4. As a huge fan of baking...the Pie, Cake and Bread Bibles are incredibly reliable and great on food science...I read the first couple of hundred pages of each just completely enthralled. Glad someone brought up this topic...I forget what's out there in terms of great cook books!
  5. I've always enjoyed Gourmet, especially with Ruth at the head...she's great, and really down to earth. I still receive Bon Appetit, but could live without it. My mom continues to get me a subscription. The Photos are nice, but I find it difiicult to read, and rather boring. The recipes are pretty hit and miss, and frequently nothing in it appeals to my tastes. I love Cooks Illustrated and have two of the books. The style is blunt and easy to use. I find it great for opening up and cooking something that evening for dinner. I agree with everyone else though. I hate Chris Kimball...look at the man, do you really see him doing hard Vermont farm work? What a joke...it would be nice to see him replaced as editor. ..who ever said he's one kid who got beaten up in high school is right...he's big giant smarmy nerd. As for Martha Stewart Living, I've received the mag for years (once again thanks to Mom) and continually find the recipes either difficult to actually prepare, or unappealing once completed...not worth it and wish my mom would wipe it off my Christmas list. Interesting topic...good to hear everyone's views...I'll be picking a few of these the next time I'm at the book store. AJ
  6. Wow did I luck into finding this! thanks for the great recipes. I made a variety of mustards a few years ago as holiday gifts, and they were huge hits...You've all given me the inspiration to do it again this year. Mustard is perhaps one of my favorite things, and though I've found some interesting blends, I've never found one as good as the ones I made...wish I hadn't lost the recipes. Andie...I'll be sure to use yours! The salsa verde looks wonderful...now if I just wasn't married to a man allergic to the entire garlic/onion family...I'm printing it out so I can make it when he travels! Thanks! AJ
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