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  1. http://www.blancanewport.com/ BLANCA is very good A RESTAURANT (same location as THE ARCHES on PCH)
  2. russkar

    Bin 8945

    Not that I care, but on O/A, you said you spent $400. per couple! ← PLease ,note that i corrected the error immediately. What amaze's me is the # of people coming to the defense of Bin 8945. Trying to say something negative about my opinion. I just shared my experince as i have done with many other restaurants all over the world. ← I did not see your correction, and I'm sorry you thought I was being negative about your review. I was merely pointing out an inconsistency, which I would have done no matter what your review reflected. Perhaps you were overly-sensitive because so many others were critical of your post. I was not one of them. ← WELL SAID!!!
  3. We like MM for what it is which is a decent French Bistro with a wonderful Chef. But if we were going for more eclectic food it would be to Clae's (Hotel Laguna) for a more exotic experience at a similar price. Studio and Stonehill are a step below.
  4. The Best Oceanfront Laguna Dining is at Clae's (Hotel Laguna) with their new Chef (Todd). Call in advance to arrange a Tasting Menu if you like. $65- is a deal and the food is much better than Sapphire which has been inconsistent. Stonehill Tavern is overrated. Cafe Zoolu is fun but more casual.
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